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    The BAC Jet Provost is a British jet trainer aircraft that was in use with the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1955 to 1993. It was originally developed by Hunting Percival, and later produced by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC).

    This classic British jet trainer is fully animated with tool tips for all animated VC parts. It is fully Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack/SP2 compliant.

    The package includes:

    • Fully animated VC with smooth 3D gauges, mouse interaction and tooltips
    • High quality, fully animated 3D models with single or dual pilot configuration
    • Realistic Flight Dynamics made by a real Hunter and T.4 pilot
    • Decca Nav and Com radios are adapted for simulator use
    • Two variants included: XS186 and a T.4 with beacons
    • Three liveries included: grey with dayglo bands and classic red and white (XS186, XM413 & XM461)
    • High Resolution DDS Textures (4096 x 4096) with Normal and Specular texture maps
    • Alternate resized texture set 2048 and 1024
    • 4096 repaint template for exterior model (Fuse, Wings and Canopy in PSD format)
    • Custom Sound Package from the real XS186
    • Frame rate friendly 3D model ideal for Virtual Reality headsets 
    • PDF manual included

    About the XS186
    The Jet Provost XS186 was delivered to the RAF on 18th February 1964. She arrived at RAF Manby in Lincolnshire with another Mk4 JP, XS209. They were the first two ‘up-engined’ Mk4 versions of the Jet Provost to arrive at the College of Air Warfare. 

    The real XS186 is still in service as a "ground runner. A dedicated crew of volunteers is working hard to keep it's history alive. They really inspired me to make my rendition of the XS186. She now got a permit to roam the virtual skies. The XS186 restoration group have been a great source of material and information, when creating this iconic British jet trainer. Restoring and maintaining old jets is very expensive, and your contribution welcome. You can support the work of the XS186 restoration group here:

    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали SIM-MECH - JET PROVOST T.4 XS186 P3DV4/V5 simMarket предоставлет право на бесплатный апгрейд. Приобретите этот продукт по нулевой ставке. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack/SP2

    Free disk space of 1.43 GB is required


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    I really like older aircraft, especially the kind that are obscure or hard to locate. This BAC T4 is a fine collectors piece as well as a fun plane to fly. It doesn’t have eye popping visuals, and even seems a little dated, but it’s not bad by any means. Where it counts it nails it. Obviously I’ve never been in a real one and didn’t even know it existed until I saw it on sale here, but I get the distinct impression of careful flight dynamics coding. It is a forgiving trainer that will not impress the speed freaks. Slow to climb but very forgiving to fly. I’ve only maxed the speed out at about 330 GS around FL250. On average it cruises just over 200gs. But it is agile for sure. I like flying this slow bird. The engine audio sounds great if you turn the volume up a bit. Based on use with Win10 i7 3.3ghz 16gb ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU. On average graphics settings med hi to high. Runs very smooth.


    Just love it! To start with, great price(£9). Fantastic to have such an under-represented aircraft in the FSX world. Its runs beautifully, even on my very modest PC. Good startup sounds. VC is great, with steam gauges all the way! Just a couple of livery's, but thats fine. Get this aircraft, get yorself to RAF Cranwell, and get flying! Robo.


    A great of a historic basic trainer. clearly a labor of love.


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