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    Three airports in the lively Rheinland and that in a package promises variety and lots of fun!

    Over 24 million passengers a year, the A380 can be handled here, the third largest airport in Germany and two Runways make the Dusseldorf airport.

    For the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the airport is an important international hub and is located in the north of Dusseldorf. The runways have a length of 3000m or 2700m and are therefore suitable for large aircraft. An A380 can also be operated here at a special gate.

    With impressive 3800m the longest Lahnebahn of the Cologne/Bonn airport is prepared for everything that can fly. The six largest airport does not have to hide, because it is also the third largest cargo airport in Germany.

    In total there are three runways at the airport. A small runway with 1860m for smaller planes and a cross track with 2450m, where the landing approach over the bergisches land and at the other runways along the Rhine leads along.

    The Moenchengladbach Airport is an airport for regional transport and serves to relieve the major airport Dusseldorf. The runway has a length of 1440m, the actual landing length is limited to 1200m.

    For regional air traffic sufficient landings are not possible by larger jets. General aviation is to be found here. From gliders, over helicopters, up to multi-engine machines can be found here. The airport has a control zone with two ILS and DVOR/DME approach procedure.

    Fly charter to relieve Dusseldorf Airport or visit this magnificent airport with your little machine on the outskirts of Mönchengladbach.

    - Contain all airport buildings
    - SODE or Static Jetways
    - Safegate Docking signs at all gates
    - Excellent night effects
    - Dynamic Lights
    - Realistic runway and taxiway lighting
    - Numerous scenery effects
    - Animated ground traffic
    - Animated 3D people
    - Configurator

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    Prepar3D V5
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    2.8 GHz CPU
    2 GB RAM
    256 MB video card (512 MB recommended)


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