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    In this Volume called Cargo Air, you are a recent pilot graduate that have been just hired by Cargo Air Corporation to be a beginner cargo pilot. You will start in the smallest airplane in the fleet, and after completion of the missions you will be promoted to the next airplane in the fleet, until you get to the BIG ONE the Boeing 747.

    All 10 fun missions are fun and challenging. All missions are Advance Missions and you will have to use the FSX ATC to get to the destination airport and land . These missions are fun to fly and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete, at the normal rate, and include a reward after you complete the mission.

    NOTE: when you choose SFSXM Cargo Air in the Category, you may have to click in the Title area to get the missions in the right order. See the example below. 

    Mission list:

    1 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    2 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    3 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    4 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    5 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    6 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    7 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    8 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    9 - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced
    Last Flight - SFSXM Cargo Air Advanced

    *** The missions on this Volume are more challenging and some missions require more flying experience, like the use of the Air traffic Control (ATC)and ILS landing experience. But they are fun and not impossible to complete like other missions. They also include more scenery and some animation to make the experience more real.


    • Flight Simulator X with Acceleration Pack installed
    • Operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista. (32 and 64 Bit)  (For XP you can do a manual install)
    • Computer processor 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or more
    • Memory 1 gigabyte (GB) or more of RAM
    • 1 gigabyte (GB) available hard disk space
    • DirectX 9 (or later version)-compatible video card 128 MB or more video RAM.
    • Sound card, speakers, or headset
    • Keyboard and mouse or compatible game controller.


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    This mission pack comes with a folder of programme files for manual installation, which is very good! The missions also have rewards - another plus! There is a cargo manifest (load sheet) for each flight (an elegant touch!). The aircraft aren't loaded accordingly, however, so it is mainly eye candy. Unfortunately the quality of the pack is marred by several errors: - The required flight plan is missing for flight #1, and two non-relevant flight plans are included in the pack. - The paths (in the .flt file) for all flight plans are incorrect (they point to the mission creator's own setup). - There is some sloppy spelling and punctuation. - The final sound file, and its accompanying caption, are transposed between flights #6 and #7. - In two of the missions (Honduras-Mexico and JFK-Gander), the cruising altitude in the flight plan and in the mission file do not tally, so the mission will not end unless you change one of them. Also, the altitude is set as AGL, which will result in it not triggering if you fly over high terrain (the Honduras mission). - For flight #9, the altitudes on approach are set as AMSL, which means they will not trigger and therefore the mission won't end. - In the Honduras mission, the "AirportLandingTrigger" is set for another airport than your destination (MGTK instead of MMUN), which will prevent the mission from ending. - The Mission Compass will not always indicate the take off runway that you are given by ATC. This means that you may have to taxi first to the Mission Pointer (to trigger the next mission step), and then return to the runway given by ATC. - Two of the missions load as Free Flights. If you remove the four SimObjects (ground vehicles) at the beginning of the .xml file, and the corresponding "ObjectActivationActions", the missions will work! Had it not been for the multiple errors, this pack could have been worth its prize. As it stands, however, you should get it only if you are prepared to, and know how to, spend time repair all the glitches.

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