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    Powered by a 1200hp engine and a 4 or 5-bladed propeller, the PC-12 can easily operate out of short, unprepared strips as well as paved runways, while Its superb engineering ensures a smooth flight even in adverse weather conditions. Versatile by design, the PC-12 can be configured for use an executive transport, commuter, cargo carrier or even air ambulance. Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation, the SWS PC-12/47 aspires to be our best and most varied turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date!


    High quality model of the aircraft’s exterior with many custom animations:

    • 4 and 5-bladed propeller.

    • Trailing link landing gear.

    • Nose wheel steering with free castering.

    • Engine bypass flap and springs (connecting to landing gear).

    • Custom flap and actuator animations.

    • Trim tabs.

    • Animated de-icing boots.

    • Prop beta/reverse.

    • Propeller vortices.

    • Preflight: engine cowling, fuel filter compartment, tail compartment.

    • Horizontal stabilator trim.

    • Covers with strips reacting to wind speed, direction and inclined parking.

    Three different cabin configurations with -again- many custom animations:

    • Exits.
    • Window shades.
    • Tray tables (executive cabin).
    • Seat armrests and tilting.
    • Toilet door, light, flushing (executive cabin).
    • Drawers -gravity affected (executive cabin).
    • Passengers, luggage (executive and commuter cabin).
    • Cargo crates (cargo cabin).
    • Operator-specific items.


    13 total liveries, with nine custom and one white livery in different interior configurations:

    • Fly7 OH-JEM (4-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-JEM (4-bladed, cargo).
    • Tradewind N881TW (4-bladed, commuter).
    • Fly7 HB-FVA (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-DEN (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-FUK (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-PBL (5-bladed, executive).
    • Safari Wings (5-bladed, executive).
    • Safari Wings (5-bladed, commuter).
    • White SX-WET (4-bladed, white executive template).
    • White SX-BOX (4-bladed, white cargo template).
    • White 5B-WET (5-bladed, white executive template).
    • White SX-SWS5 (5-bladed, white commuter template).


    The SWS team were flown in the PC-12 and then spent a week training in the PC-12 simulator at the Fly7 Training Center, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Being ableto experience first-hand how the real aircraft handles, we strived to recreate it as closely as MSFS allows. Some highlights of the flight model include:

    • Engine torque effect on yaw.
    • Correct handling response.
    • Exceptional stability in inclement weather.
    • Realistic flap deployment timings, lift and drag effects, including crosswind limitations.
    • Nose down approach attitude, correctly reproduced down to flaps 30 (MSFS limitation at 40).
    • Custom nose wheel steering with free-castering operation when differential brakes are used.
    • Fast engine response to pilot input.
    • Manual override control.
    • Correct propeller beta and reverse operation.
    • Custom ITT simulation including altitude limiting.


    Numerous custom systems are included with the SWS PC-12.

    • Custom EFIS50.
    • Revue Thommen DC20 Chronometer.
    • Custom aileron-rudder interconnect system.
    • Custom yaw damper.
    • Stick shaker and pusher.
    • Environmental Control System.
    • Cabin Pressurisation Control System.
    • Usable circuit breakers.
    • Compatibility with PMS50 GTN, TDS GTNXi and Sky4Sim tablet. Included with our installer and can be downloaded separately from the "FREE EXTRAS" tab.


    The SWS PC-12 contains more than 2800 authentic sounds recorded from multiple real aircraft to realistically represent the aircraft inside and out:

    • Different sounds for 4 and 5-bladed propellers.
    • Authentic engine sounds.
    • Gear and flap actuators.
    • Air conditioning.
    • Aircraft electromechanical sounds such as pumps, inverters.
    • Exits.
    • Aural warnings and avionic sounds.
    • Audible switches, levers, doors, windows - if it moves, it can be heard!.
    • Many ambient sounds.

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     Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770, 4GB minimum

     Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel i5-4460

     8GB RAM

     Windows 10

     3.97GB of Hard Drive space


     Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GTX 970, 4GB minimum

     Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel i5-8400

     16GB RAM

     Windows 10

     3.97GB of Hard Drive space


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    The plane looks very nice, inside and out. But I think it's a shame that the new NG version with the glass cockpit and screens wasn't created. This would give the PC-12 a uniquely great flying experience. This old version has been around since FSX. ​


    The plane is great. Its quality is what we've come to expect from SWS. Are there bugs? Yes. Some things do not work and are planned for future updates, such as weather radar. But everything that is critical to flying this plane works. This bird requires a learning curve for stable flights, particularly on takeoff and landing. Newcomers should read the manual and learn the plane before jumping in and blasting to the skies. Textures are great, and frame performance is great. This plane is fun to fly, as it challenges you, and I cannot wait to see whats in store. Will update review as updates come through and the plane sees further development. Highly recommend for those wanting to fly a unique bird!


    Update Review 22.12.2023: Since my purchase several updates have been released and this aircraft is still bad. Graphics: As stated in another review already graphics are not really state of the art. I feel the dashboard is a bit low resolution, looking at the interior seats (pilot and copilot) polygons could be increased, considering how much better other 3rd party aircrafts look like. Flight model: The flight model at take off is just horrible. The aircraft is not controllable at all. I have purchased a shit ton of 3rd party aircrafts from bush planes, turboprobs, jets, military, huge aircrafts, helicopters, everything good!!! I have been flying all of them, and believe me the physics of the PC-12 are complete trash for the takeoff. When in the air the physics are ok, I feel like a bit too stable and slow in reaction, like you would expect from a much bigger plane as a 747. avionics / navigation: It is still not possible to use AP while using GPS source. Once you click on "CDI" GPS is shown for a second and then it switchs back to VLOC. The AP won't follow your route. I have never experienced this weid failure in any of my hundrets of aircrafts. Totally annoying. Cabin pressure: When flying the TBM 850 the identical system for the cabin pressure is being used. No issues at all, everything works well. In the PC-12 all the time warnings, annoying beep tones which will never stop, and if you fly 50 feets above 30.000 feets altitude you can ALT+F4 because the beep tone won't ever stop, even not if you decrease altitude. This aicrafts needs some major updates by devs who know what they do. It is just unflyable and absolutely not enjoyable at all! I could write more stuff to fix, but my time is limited. 1 star for this kind of a meme. Also, instead of implementing a tablet where you need a subscription, SWS should have implemented a normal tablet as in any other 3rd party aircraft. I wont subscribe to this nonsense just because this single aircraft requires it. This was a very bad move from SWS. Completey regret I have purchased this mod unfortunately.


    Adaptation to the plane behaviors is required, hence expect some interesting and exciting learnings - and it seems future enhancements are planned, so more experiences to come!


    Is that really simworks studios ? Textures are just bad, cabin is horrible, rivets are flat, wheels are square ish, same for the fuselage. They teamed up with Sky4Sim EFB... it's not fitted well with the tablet size, but also the Sky4Sim is just terrible, not intuitive, glitchy, it could be so much better, like any 3rd party planes that has a default EFB is much better than this, which also require to be running a background app, and any feature that has a little meaning, require a subscription... 2 stars for the flight model and cockpit panel... I purchased it without hesitation because I'm used to their incredible Kodiak... regrets. I'm hopeful for updates Dec 11th 2023


    I've been flying the PC-12 professionally for about 4 years, and I'm truly impressed with how accurately SWS was able to recreate my favorite airplane! Incredible attention to detail, functionality, and it's only going to get better with future updates. Thank you SWS for your hard work!!


    Very early build for full price. Changing VLOC1 to GPS doesn't work. Max. altitude of 30.000 ft can not be reached. The plane goes into stall above 27.000-28.000 feet. Sounds are very similar to the Kodiak. Also very quiet / literally no sounds from the cockpit view. More details for sounds needed ( tyres, suspension, wings... ) Visually a solid work, compared to the TBM 850 the PC-12 can not compete in terms of quality and detail. Tablet is not working yet. (date 08.12.2023) Over time with the required work to put into this aircraft, I assume this can be a solid 3rd party mod.
    This Pilatus PC-12 is superbly made and looks great in all areas. I haven't been able to fly this plane yet because I haven't installed MSFS yet, but it's on my wish list. It is a great shame that the cockpit is not equipped with the new flat screens, as was installed in the original PC-12 for several years. Unfortunately, many great functions cannot be used.


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