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    • State of the art replica of the aircraft.
    • This package covers the entirely DC-9 family, Seven based different models: DC-9: 10, 10F, 21, 30, 33F, 41 and 51
    • Fully Native models to it's respective Flight Simulator (Seven per flight simulator).
    • Dynamic Shine.
    • Perfectly simulated loss of hydraulic pressure. (Elevators, spoilers, landing gear and flaps will block without hydraulic pressure)
    • Main Door, service door, cargo door, forward stairs, rear stairs (except 10 version) and cockpit windows accurately modeled and animated.
    • Horizontal stabilizer movement based on real aircraft system logic and real data.
    • Fully operational 3 positions landing lights. (retracted, extended off and extended on)
    • Aileron and Elevator actuated by aerodynamic movement of the control tab.
    • Every detail of the aircraft is accurate modeled, and are no part of the textures without affecting the frame rates.
    • Ground power receptacle and front stairs visible.
    • 3D modeled and/or animated FAN BLADES, PITOTs, Static probe, Static ports
    • Moving whipers (2 Speeds)
    • Accurately modeled and Animated thurst reversers.

    Parking Mode

    • Catering Truck, Belt Loader, Baggage Train, Loader (In "F" version) Fuel Truck and Pushback (FS9 Version)

    Ground Support

    • GPU and Air Starter unit (accurately modeled) interacts with the aircraft systems
    • Animated Ground personnel.

    Maintenance Mode

    • Engines, LG Doors, Wx Radar

    Flight Dynamics

    • Flight Dynamics tested by real airline pilots and in many real world comparisions.
    • The flight dynamics are based also in the senzation in many hours on the real flight simulator.
    • The wing airfoil profile is based completely in the Douglas wing airfoil DSMA-357/433 -A
    • Totally reliable on flight manuals, performance and climb.
    • Perfectly simulated weight and Balance in accordance with the weight and Balance Manual
    • Hi Definition Photoreal 32Bit Textures.

    Virtual Cockpit

    • Virtual cockpit fully functional and animated.
    • Nearly every knob and switch is operational, you can perform a complete flight within the VC.
    • Photoreal retouched and digitalized Hi-Def Textures on the Virtual Cockpit.
    • Two different layouts available in accordance with the type of the aircraft.
    • Two Colors available: The Original Aqua-Blue and Grey.
    • Fully Detailed and clickeable with endless details, features and effects.
    • Moving whipers (2 speedS)
    • Accurately modelled and animated captain and First Officer windowS and it's mechanisms.
    • Animated Flight deck door.
    • Every switch, handle or Knob is modelled in 3D.
    • Cabin lightning.
    • Animated Main/Service exit doors and front stairs.
    • Spectacular night lighting.
    • Flood panel lights FX.
    • Reflecting-transparent windows.
    • Clickable and movable Sunshine screens.
    • Hundreds of animation almost every part of the VC that could move, will do!!!


    • Full Engine sound package recorded during engine run test, outside and inside of the aicraft.
    • Fully Digitalized sound enviroment


    • Two different panel layouts available in accordance with the type of the aircraft.
    • Two Colors available: The Original Aqua-Blue and Grey.
    • CAPTAIN and First Officer Panels
    • Fully operational Pedestal.
    • Fully operational Overhead Panel

    Air Conditioning and pressurization

    • Full simulated air conditioning system
    • Cockpit and Cabin temperature control.
    • Full simulated Pressurization system.
    • AUTO and Manual Mode


    • Fully operational fuel system
    • Booster Fuel Pumps
    • Crossfeed


    • 2 NAV Radios
    • 2 VHF Radios
    • 1 or 2 ADF Depending of the model.
    • s Mode Transponder


    • Full simulated Electrical, AC and DC systems
    • Full Operational APU and Ground power unit
    • CSD, APU and Engine Instruments for monitoring


    • Full simulated hydraulic system
    • Interacts directly with airplane control surfaces and its components.Depending with the existing pressure.
    • Hydraulic Pumps and Instruments

    Flight Instruments

    • Attitude Deviation Indicator (ADI)
    • Altimeter
    • Radio Altimeter
    • Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
    • Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)
    • Airspeed/Mach Indicator
    • Vertical Speed Indicator

    Power Plant

    • Complete set of engine intruments
    • EPR RAT with manual selectable bugs


    • Full simulated Pneumatic system.
    • Pneumatic indicators and Crossfeed Handles.
    • Fully operational and interactive Pneumatic External Unit (air Starter)

    Ice Protection

    • Engine, Airfoil, Tail and Windows anti ice systems

    Fire Protection

    • Fire detection system
    • Fire loops
    • Fire Handles
    • Warning sounds


    • Accurately simulated SPERRY SP-50A AFCS.
    • Flight mode annunciator
    • Altitude Alert


    • GPWS, warning and Caution sounds
    • Virtual Copilot Sounds
    • Take off configuration warnings and sounds.

    Flight operations manual

    • step by step tutorial manual.
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    • Flight Simulator 9
    • CPU Athlon or Pentium at 1.8 Ghz
    • 512 MB system memory (preferably not shared)
    • Hard Disk: 1.5GB of free space available.
    • 3D Video Card with at least 128MB unshared (not integrated graphics)


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    Quite good standard, you can compare it with Flight 1 Super 80. However, the livery download on their homepage seems not working any more.


    First:Where's hydraulic system?,I can see only two painted died gages.Conditioning system died too.Flaps doesn't extend due to lack of hydraulic pressure.It's noticeable model for poupils of the primary schools.


    There was great company MCDONNLL DOUGLAS.Always loved aircrafs such as DC-4,DC-8 and of course DC-9,amazing bird,but I've never flown on it.Look forward uploading on my flight simulator.

    Trino jose

    A product with an incredible quality, for a long time I have it for fs2004, now that I have a special computer for fsx, fsx version buy at a discount super, and I have to say I'm fascinated quwe with this plane, I know enough of real life and I have to say that this incredibly well simulated, hopefully not stay here and continue to evolve and actualizen a little virtual cockpit graphics level.


    The aircraft is great and all. IF there are users out there who dont like complexity and just want to fly a decent aircraft with a VC then dont get this. Every tme i put the parcking brakes cones and wheel chocks apper. U even have to turn on the hydralic system to use the brakes. Comon now sky sim... Make a decent aircraft but dont mess with the brakes. Oh and takeoff is horrible. Its realy hard to get the nose to pitch up when you want it too.


    I have been wanting a decent DC-9 for a looooong time.. This is more than decent, its fantastic. So far i only done a small circuit manually but so far i am very impressed. I HIGHLY recommend this to someone who wants a brilliant DC-9. Thankyou Sky Simulations yall put a smile back on my face and kept my interest going in flightsim.


    I've been waiting for a complete DC-9 package for a long time, and Sky Simulations finally made just that. The exterior model is very nice with high quality liveries. The virtual cockpit is highly functional. The textures could be a little higher quality in the VC, but overall it's nice. The dynamics are balanced and it's a fun aircraft to fly.


    Those wanting a decent DC9 in FS9 this is the one to get. VOR to VOR legacy flying at it's best...

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