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    Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (KCVG) Ultra  offers non-stop passenger service to 62 destinations with 179 peak daily departures.The airport is a focus city for Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines, as well as being the largest market for Vacation Express. The airport’s international destinations include Cancún, Cozumel, Freeport, Montego Bay, Paris, Punta Cana, Reykjavík, and Toronto.

    In addition, CVG is the fastest-growing cargo airport in North America: The airport is a global hub for both Amazon Air and DHL Aviation, handling numerous domestic and international cargo flights every day.

    Overall, CVG ranks 4th in North America for total cargo operations.



    Animated Airport

    • Animated Custom 3D model Jetways SODE
    • Ground Traffic in whole airport
    • Randomly placed static aircraft
    • Radar Animation


    Detailed Airport

    • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting techniques
    • Custom Mesh with slope runway accuracy
    • Detailed with high accuracy 3D models
    • PBR Materials for P3D only
    • Ground reflections and decals
    • Custom 3D Grass and vegetation blends with orthophotos
    • Custom HDR Lights billboard and spill in Terminal and Parking areas
    • Ultra High resolution custom ground textures and orthoimagery for the airport
    • Hundreds of 3D custom static objects like cars, services vehicles and more.


    Airport Diagrams PDF





    Prepar3D V4.x V3.x / FSX
    Microsoft Windows,
    CPU: Dual Core i3, i5, i7 at 3 GHz or faster
    RAM: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics card: 2 GB VRAM (4 GB+ VRAM recommended)
    Download-Size: 3.5GB Both Versions


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    Very nice airport package very happy with it also love the DHL cargo terminal aswell :)
    I live in Cincinnati and have waited for someone to finally do this amazing airport. 2nd Largest Amazon hub in the world. HUGE UPS and DHL hubs. Many new airlines (last 10 years.) But this NEW airport has NONE of those things. Very small cargo hub. It includes a terminal that has been torn down for over 10 years now. Closed and deserted for over 15 years. Another terminal is in this pack that has also been torn down for many many years. I don't know where they were getting their information but it absolutely was NOT from Google Maps, cvgairport.com or even other people that I know tried to give them all current data and photos. Something I and MANY others have waited for. If you wish to have any sort of realism to KCVG do NOT purchase this airport. For any version of any sim. This only gets the 1 star because they actually got the DELTA maintenance facility in there as well as the tower.


    Really poor especially for the cost. Two main issues for me. 1st is installation, you need a RAR file opener programme to even get started, then manual install. For a product valued at around £30 (inc tax) that is just shocking. Second and most importantly, the performance is dreadful. The like of EGLL, KJFK, KLAX all have much better frame rates with their addon's. Overall very disappointing product that I am gutted about as I fly Aerologic and its our main hub!!


    All the disadvantages from the other reviewers apply, but what annoys me the most is that the ground texture files do not change for winter, they're always green. This is the only KCVG addon for P3D and it's good enough, but some improvements are in order.


    This is a beautiful scenery which depict the love the developers put into it. FPS are good, match well with ORBX Global and FTX_NA OpenLC. Now why am I giving three stars instead of five. I took out one star due to the night illumination, this airport in real life at night is gorgeous, in this scenery is really dark and the other and most important because the package comes with no .exe, meaning all installation have to be done manually, it comes in a RAR file. I expect that from a freeware but from a payware it is ridiculous. I know how to manually install a scenery but the sode elements of the scenery which comes in a separate file took me for a loop to install, I have never install sode elements manually, it took me half hour to figure it out and some of the gates in concourse B are fully extended by default and I get a message that my aircraft is to far to connect the gate when it is park where its supposed to. Now, does its worth buying it? if you don't mind the cons I stated in the review yes, it is a really nice scenery and after the headache of installing it I'm happy with it but it needs an update for better night illumination and most important an installation .exe


    Not bad scenery but needs some lights at night. The entire airport is pitch black. CVG's cargo ramp is one of the brightest places in the world at night.


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