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    A fantastic add-on, at an incredible price!

    Spike is proud to bring you the first Piper Warrior add-on ever for Prepar3D after many months of long hours, hard work and development.
    The flight performance and characteristics of this add-on are exceptional with outstanding reviews from both users and websites alike. Many flight simmer's have also used this add-on in conjunction with their flight training.

    This version is based on the real Piper Warrior I (VH-MSG) owned by Yarra Valley Flight Training in Coldstream (YCEM) Melbourne, Australia, which has a custom livery and an upgraded engine that delivers 160 HP.

    Check out the features below for more details about this aircraft add-on and what you get!

    About the Piper Warrior

    The Piper Warrior PA-28 is one of the commonly used training aircraft chosen by flight schools, but why? Lets take a look.

    It's predecessor, the Piper Cherokee model, with it's "Hershey bar" wing is well known for the whole wing stalling at once giving it's pilots that "Falling out of the sky" experience; the Piper Warrior on the other hand has a semi-tapered wing.
    For the Piper Warrior this means a stall begins at the wing tips first then migrates inwards as it increases. The reason for this update is that it makes the stall more predictable, more manageable and occur less suddenly.

    Compared to the Cessna 150-182 range the some benefits of the Piper Warrior include speedy and reliable bar operated flaps, more stability about the normal (yaw) axis, a low wing for better visibility of other air traffic and real landing gear which are widely spaced with sturdy shocks attached to the wing spar.

    It's for these reasons and more that the Piper Warrior is the safe, reliable choice. Also, it's easy to fly and good old fashioned fun!

    With this Prepar3D and FSX add-on you too can experience taking to the sky in this tried and true trainer and enjoy all it has to offer.

    Future updates

    Any future updates are free and will be automatically emailed to you upon purchase of this aircraft or when new updates are released.
    If you have not received it, email Spike using the email address on your order receipt. Please check your 'Junk Box' and make sure your email filter allows this through.


    Version V1.2

    • Install-and-go (no internet required)
    • Installer with options for Prepar3D V2/V3 and FSX.
    • Official flying school livery textures (from photos of actual aircraft) and digitally enhanced with pixel-by-pixel details including tone mapping, dirt, oil stains, oil streaks, stone chips and rust.
    • Instrument layout modeled on flight school aircraft.
    • Prepa3D V2.x, V3.x, V4.x and FSX compatible.
    • Real warrior sounds.
    • Working circuit breakers.
    • Warrior gauges.
    • Real flight dynamics and flight model.
    • Cabin lighting and OAT gauge windows.
    • Printable start procedures, takeoff performance, landing performance, and C.G. loading charts.
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    Auch verfügbar


    Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bits)
    Prepar3D V2/V3/V4, FSX or FSX Steam Edition.
    Pentium 2GHz or similar – 2GB RAM – 512MB graphics card.
    60MB available hard disk space


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