MORANE D-3801 1940-1950 FSX P3D

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MORANE D-3801 1940-1950 FSX P3D

MORANE D-3801 1940-1950 FSX P3D



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    Enjoy the feeling of flying a WWII airplane as did the Swiss military pilots in the years 1940-1950, the swiss improved version of the French Morane-Saulnier MS406, known in Switzerland as the Morane D-3801. In the time, the Swiss army concentrated its forces in the center of the Alps (called the Réduit), it built numerous small airfields in the difficult to access valleys, and the unique shooting range of Axalp to train its pilots to mountains operations.
    The aggressive looking Morane D-3801 in a very accurate rendition as well for its liveries of the time and its systems and flight characteristics based on the only still flying Morane and the experience of one of its pilots. Armaments not included.
    The 5 airfields have been modelled according to historic documents, of special interest are the concrete bunkers built to protect the airplanes from enemy attacks. Numerous other buildings and vehicles render a very real historical situation. Seasons are well rendered, a necessity in these valleys with long winters!
    The scenery is a further development of the basic Switzerland Professional X and the special addon for Schweitzer Kleinflugplätze 6 which must be first installed (Flylogic).
    5 missions will train you to the difficult navigation through the Alps and the Jura Mountains, as well as for formation flying, use of the shooting ranges and a most impressive training in formation through the 6 attacks on the Axalp. Experience the very unique traffic control system used by these pilotes.
    Very detailed instructions are available (but only in French and German) completed by videos and recorded flights (for FSX).

    This Addon is a comprehensive package and includes the following elements:

    Morane D3801 in 5 different liveries flown in 1940-1950 by the Swiss Air Force.

    Military Airports in Switzerland of the same years named Saanen, Zweisimmen, Frutigen, Reichenbach and Kägiswil as well as the shooting ranges for training such as Axalp, Gibloux und Forel.

    Training of navigation and formation flights and trainings over the shooting ranges


    Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or SP” required) FSX Steam Edition or P3D V3.x
    2.4GHz or any Dual Core
    RAM: min 2GB
    hard drive space: 1.4 GB
    Windows /7/8/10
    Switzerland Professional X and Kleinflugplätze Schweiz 6 from Flylogic must be installed otherwise only the airplane Morane d-3801 can be installed


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    Beautiful plane of the time period and plenty missions to fly from nice airfields in the Swiss alps.


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