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    The excellent possibilities offered progressively by the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) has incited us to propose you very quickly a version for this simulator of our first realization, the Morane D-3801. As all the capabilities of the old simulators are not yet available, this version does not include all the elements presented previously, notably the airfields and the missions typical of the engagements of the time. We plan to offer them progressively in accordance with the possibilities offered by MSFS.

    This first update offers you a second livery of the civilian Morane HB-RCF, renovated version and the only one currently in flying condition, with a livery valid until 2020 and a current one from 2021. The pilot of this version also has a new face in homage to Daniel Koblet, renovator and pilot. But also amplified exterior sounds, taxi and landing sounds, window icing and other improvements. Manuals in French, German and English are included.

    You can enjoy the feeling of flying a WWII aircraft as the Swiss military pilots did in the 1940s-1950s, the improved Swiss version of the French Morane-Saulnier MS406, known in Switzerland as the Morane D-3801. At the time, the Swiss army concentrated its forces in the center of the Alps (called the Réduit), built many small airfields in the hard-to-reach valleys, and the unique Axalp firing range to train its pilots for mountain operations.
    The Morane D-3801 has been faithfully modeled with its aggressive look, period liveries and flight systems and features. All based on the only Morane still flying and the experience of one of its pilots. Weaponry not included.

    The 5 airfields modelled on historical documents from the previous version will gradually be made available for free download on our website www.swissmilsim.ch. The same will apply to the firing ranges. Missions may be offered in a supplement and will allow interested parties to take advantage of all the capabilities of this particular aircraft.

    The complete manual in French German and English are part of the installation file, it is adapted to this version, it describes in detail the very particular characteristics of this aircraft and the differences with the previous versions.


    Этот продукт оснащен нашей технологией simInstaller и доступен только после покупки через APP


    Windows 10
    Microsoft Flight Simulator UPDATE V
    Minimum 2 + GB RAM (free)
    Hard drive: 1.85 GB


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    Bei mir lässt sich der Flieger nach Lösen der Spornradsperre am Boden nur nach links lenken, nicht aber nach rechts. Somit ist eine Bodensteuerung nicht möglich und der Flieger quasi unbrauchbar. Mails an den "Support" kommen als unzustellbar zurück. Anschreiben an die normale Adresse des Entwicklers werden nicht beantwortet. Das ist kein Support, das ist UNMÖGLICH. Schade um das Geld


    très bel avion, il est fantastique, le son est vraiment merveilleux et le modèle de vol est très bon. peut être en vue externe l'avion ne fait pas assez de bruit je trouve en vol, mon seul défaut que je lui trouve, merci.


    Re SOUND CORRECTION of the SWISSMILSIM - MORANE D-3801 MSFS. In my review I stated that the engine sound is that of the Spitfire, I was totally wrong! The engine sounds that come with the SWISSMILSIM - MORANE D-3801 MSFS product are perfectly correct. Here is a link to hear the real life sounds from a MORANE D-3801 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyphDOvJKeM My apologies & Season's Greetings to all!
    I am the developer of this Morane, and I confirm that the sounds of the engine of this plane are indeed sounds coming from the Hispano-Suiza, and not from a Rolls-Royce Merlin of the Spifire, as claimed by Oliver in his comment. These sounds have been entirely realized with the Wwise application, as proposed by Asobo in the MSFS! Greetings, and good flights to all!


    While I really want to love this, because I love warbirds, and especially unique ones, this is currently leaving me very disappointed. I've tried to fly it twice, both times result in unrecoverable engine failure shortly after take-off. I go to the manual to see what I'm doing wrong, and the manual is ONLY in French. Next main issue, is for the asking price, 2D gauges are a no-go. Should this receive some much needed further development, I'll happily give this another try, but until then, it's going to sit in the hangar and collect dust.


    Another nice looking plane to our collection of WWII era for MSFS2020. Very detailed cockpit with great immersion such as the working open/close cockpit and several working switches and levers. Sound is that of the Spitfire and one can hear the difference when you open or close the cockpit. This plane is FPS friendly and handles very well, take off can be tricky, only use required take off speed. With some more fine tuning/updates of this product in the near future, it will make this aircraft more nostalgic and fun to fly. Thank yo Swissmilsim!


    Nice remainder of the WWII era and accurate flight dynamics. Managed to take off and land with a bit of luck. Love this plane from the P3D V4 platform. Not so happy with the red gauges on the left hand side, but will learn more about it.


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