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    Welcome to Nashville International Airport, Tennessee. Hub for several major US airlines and home of the 118th Wing, Tennessee Air National Guard. This scenery for FSX has been developed with meticulous attention to detail and concern for performance.

    The airport is used by 11 airlines and has around 385 flights arriving or departing daily. Ranked as the 32nd busiest airport in the US, over 11 million passengers passed through BNA in 2014.

    Product Features v1.3

    • SODE Jetways
    • Grass
    • Superb 1.3ft/pix Seasonal Photoscenery
    • Custom Ground Polygons
    • All airport buildings and more
    • Custom seasonal vegetation
    • Working taxiway bridges over Donelson Pike Road 
    • Scenery configuration tool
    • Static GA aircraft
    • FSX Textures
    • Custom static gates
    • Custom approach lighting


    SODE required prior to installation

    Required User Activation

    Use of working taxiway bridges requires a mesh set to 5m and activation using the scenery configuration tool

    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased SXAIRPORTDESIGN - KBNA NASHVILLE P3D4-5 at simMarket, you are entitled for a free upgrade. Simply purchase the product and you will not be charged. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!


    FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d V2 or V3 (See v4/5 version for update).


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    I'm really becoming a fan of SXAirport Design. They did a really nice job with Nashville. The original was terrible but this is an incredible improvement. Nice attention to detail without going overboard. Very nice job, and even better in P3D. Easy on my frame rates, great on the eyes. Great buy!


    As a resident in Nashville, having something to look at other than default was a breath of fresh air. SXAD isn't the most known group but in my eyes, they delivered with this scenery. Great performance coupled with great ground and runway textures makes flying into Nashville very enjoyable. Better get v2 going with all the new airport expansions announced for BNA ;)


    I think this scenery is great. What I like is that for me it has just the right amount of scenery that doesn't kill my frame rates in P3D. Looks much better than the default scenery. I own Flightbeam KDEN scenery which is beautiful, but puts a wallop on my computers frame rate. Here at KBNA I can turn up the AI and enjoy the traffic. Keep up the good work SXAD.


    I believe this earns a good 4 stars. I do mostly IFR flying, and quite a few Southwest flights into BNA. The airport texturing and overall feel is good for that purpose. The one place it is lacking compared to FSDT or Flightbeam is the terminal area, which isn't as detailed as those other developers. It feels a bit generic and like there's a lack of character. But don't let that stop you - I'd much rather have this over default, and I'd probably never fly here without it. It's a fair price, and I would purchase more commercial airports from SXAD with this price/quality ratio.


    Big disappointment! This is really not worth the money. Poor texture and bad light work. As I understand it, this developer is fairly new on the market. In that perspective I don't understand why they don't choose smaller airports to start out with until they become more skilled and experienced about what it really takes to develop an airport of this size and within that kind of price range.


    Great Scenery!! The only thing I notice the afcad could definitely use some tweaking...All of the AI plane heading for runway 20L are stacking on top of each-other.....


    Just bought it and absolutely love the scenery!!...Has anyone notice that the AI planes seam to stack up on top of eachother on runway 20L without departing? Beside this minor detail the scenery is superb....


    I have KORF-Norfolk and KPNS-Pensacola from SXAD and was happy with those offerings. In their latest airport, KBNA-Nashville, SXAD has stepped up their game in quality without sacrificing great performance. The 3D modeling and custom ground polygon work look solid and the airport has sufficient night lighting. The Ultimate Traffic 2.0 AI perform well there so other AI packages should work good as well for those that like having AI Traffic on. If I had any complaints it would be the lack of dirt and grime at the airport. There should be far more skids marks, dirt and oil stains around the airport. One only need look at a Google Map satellite image to see this airport is dirty just like most major airports. Small details like this is what really makes and airport pop. I am also not a fan of airports that require me to use an external config program to setup what seasonal textures to use at the airport. FSX and P3D are more than capable of doing this automatically with a little extra know how in airport design. This is something SXAD should strive to achieve in future products. Overall, a great new US airport that is worth the price of admission! Pick up a copy today!


    BNA has been overlooked by developers for the longest time. This product is no FlyTampa or FlightBeam, but it's still very good and respectable. I highly recommend it to anyone. Nice attention to detail including taxi bridges. I can't say there's much wrong with it besides it could use terrain detail by the end of 2R. It's flat, but in real world is very sloped. Maybe he can do that in a future update. Other than that, if you're looking for a good scenery for Nashville, this is the only option. I will be looking forward to future products from this developer.


    Bought this yesterday and can say this is worth the price tag. I gave it 4 out of 5 only because there is a lack of clutter around the terminal and while the texturing of the buildings is clean, it is not up to the big developers standards. That said, the ground texturing is very good, the representation is spot on and the performance is very very good. I definitely recommend this scenery and look forward to future releases by this developer.


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