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    Night3D Usa West. Lamps have been added to cover all urban areas along with other roads away from urban center. Works with default lights system adding further illumination to the msfs environment radiated by the lamps. Version 5 introduce a substantial increase in the numbers of lights; further buildings illumination; ground lighting masking effect around build up areas to increase contrast between luminous and and non luminous areas.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    CPU: Intel Core i7 6600K at 3.5 ghz or faster;

    RAM: 16 GB;


    140 MB HD Space


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    Very nice visually but causes major performance issues and CTD in certain areas. in the LA area , major 2-3 second stutters and pauses plus if you try to land at KLAX ( Inibuilds or default Asobo) , FPS will drop 60% upon landing , major stutters for about 15 seconds , followed by CTD. Other areas it works just fine. Seems like a bug with certain photogrammetry areas. I just disable it in MSFS Addons Organizer if i encounter issues for now.


    Great universal addon for MSFS. Before I go any further, I would like to note I was given this as part of a bonus for a large order from the developer, however, it in no way effects the following review (I was going to buy it anyway). I also will be copying this review as I do own many Taburet Lights. is literally the second addon I recommend you buy for MSFS, the first being Taburet Birds. This comes from experience, I own almost every payware scenery for the west coast across multiple websites, AND a good portion of the rest of the world. This would be the 2nd thing I buy for MSFS, literally. The value for what you pay enhances the scenery greatly. Especially on cross country, roads that were dark and boring come to life! I have been using this for some time and when I went back to the vanilla night scenery it felt like something was broken! It especially shows in the middle of nowhere, where areas come to life that would otherwise be dark. I’ve even had to go back and explore an area during the day just because I took notice of the lights. I do also own a few Illuminators and Just Flight's Relight. Those are GREAT for specific areas, but once out of the city everything is bland again. Night 3D fixes that! I actually can run ALL 3 at the same time and the effect is AMAZING. Plus, the cities not covered by Illuminators or 3rd party scenery truly look great with Night 3D. There are so many colors of lighting too! Disneyland had some cool colors going on! I like how Night 3D adds lights to various objects. I haven't asked but I believe the Developer uses some kind of data that accurately places lights. Even flying the Grand Canyon, I was surprised to see random little clearings or ranches lit up. Matches the ground textures pretty good! There is a possibly slight downside, (at least as of the current version I believe) the floating light bulbs are visible during the day. The light isn't visible, just the "bulb". In other words, if you are looking closely during the day you will see the light source as these little tiny colored floating ruby’s. It can destroy immersion (or even add immersion to duller scenery) however it’s just something to take note of incase you are shooting some custom scenery in the daytime at low. It’s an easy fix, just remove Night 3D out of the folder if you know you’re flying day and add back in if you know your flight will hit night. But honestly, I just usually fly in the daytime with Night 3D on. Its more something I noticed then something that bothers me. I noticed no considerable FPS hits, but I am running a very good computer in VR. I always run ALOT of addons. I feel confident that most people should have no trouble running this. I haven't noticed any conflicts with any addon scenery. Also, Ray checks and responds to emails very regularly so tech support is a 5 too. Literally, this would be in my top 10 if I could only choose 10 addons. It just enhances too much to go without!


    Really like this light addon. It has a large area of coverage, and looks realistic. The lighting isn't over polluting, it's done very well. This has very minimal, to no impact on performance. Looking fwd to more V5 lights!


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