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    PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of traveling with passengers and crew to your simulator.


    Over 700 different sounds make every flight sound different. You will hear your actual destination, flight number, time of day, outside temperature, and flight-specific announcements like cabin lights dimming or customs.

    Passenger Simulation

    Passengers will react to, and judge, events throughout your flight. A business traveler may be more affected by delays than a passenger going on vacation. Customizable career options can further affect the passenger feedback.

    Keeping Everyone Informed

    Interact with your passengers and crew in a realistic, easy way.

    Direct Interaction

    Using the announcement menu or the in-sim HUD, you can inform passengers of delays, diversions, aircraft problems, and more. You can also answer crew questions or request an update on their status. On certain aircraft, interaction can be initiated by pressing the appropriate in-cockpit controls on select third party aircraft.

    Vocal Interaction

    Vocal recognition technology allows you to make realistic public addresses. Use this system to interact with your passengers and crew in a realistic way. If desired, you can hear your announcement played back like as if through a PA speaker.

    Progressing through Flights

    In-flight incidents and a powerful, intuitive records system help make every flight count.


    You may encounter dynamic and random medical incidents, reseating requests, and baggage issues. Some incidents just cause a slight delay, some require much more.


    The records system automatically backs up your flights and lets you view your history. You can track your progression through your career with career mode, view statistics, and earn awards for flying performance.

    More Information

    In addition to these features, PACX offers integration with other software like SimBrief and smartCARS. As well, live streamers and developers can integrate PACX using our utilities and development kit.

    • View the PACX forums here.
    • View the User Documentation here.
    • View the Development and Asset Creation Guide here.


    This product supports:
    -Flight Simulator X
    -Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
    -Prepar3D v1-v5
    -Microsoft Flight Simulator
    -X-Plane 10
    -X-Plane 11

    This product works with:
    -All commercial aircraft (default, freeware, and payware)

    Minimum Specifications:
    -Hard drive space: 500 MB
    -Operating system: Windows 7 or Newer
    -Hardware: microphone for vocal interaction


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    I regret buying this, it's overpriced, underwhelming and updates are few and far between! I haven't used it for months now and don't miss it at all. Green dots represent the pax & crew, pax, are either hungry, thirsty, tired,bored,or bursting for the loo and there's nothing that you can do to satifiy their needs. The toilets are constantly in use, you can't instruct the crew who silently move through the cabin doing whatI'm not sure. You can record about 15 seconds or so of poor quality audio to playback over the pa but you soon get fed up of that. This should be €14 at most, can't recommend it even at that price. There are alternatives, but they're not much better, save your money and wait for something better.


    it's a good add-on that i use every day. But my only complain is the flight attendant who is looking really disrespectful with the pilot haha..a little of happiness can be amazing!


    I think you will find this to be more than sufficient for your needs, if you desire to have a flight crew and passengers with you. Its easy to use, works like a charm and gives much fun. I only wish there had been at least two different sets of voices and some added ambience (cleaning/catering and other pre-boarding activities). Then it would have gotten a full score from me. Other than that, it was just perfect!
    A Great Aircraft, amazing work from the TFDi Team as always. I recommend this product 100%. A great addition to flights and much more immersion. Thank you TFDi Design and we cannot wait to see the MD-11.
    It works like a Swiss watch: it is accurate and never fails. On top of that, the customer service is excellent.
    Adds some great immersion to MSFS! I like the localisation of the passenger names depending on region.

    Mohd Nazri

    By far the best ambience sounds for commercial airlines and career mode. You feel the needs when flying and landing the aircraft carefully and comfortably so passengers will give you a good rating. I wish there is a lot more option like to play boarding music until before take off and the option to tell your crew to be seated before the aircraft lining up for takeoff. Anyway, by far the best app out there, because you can load up your own custom boarding and safety sound from your favorite airliners. There is a tips how to do this just google it :)
    Good addon. Provide some features of the popular fspassenger franchise, but a major limitation to me is the lack of option to use custom voicepack as it only has english cabin annoucement and developer said no plan to allow such option in near future. To simulate flying airlines from other countries and region would be unrealistic with only english cabin annoucement allowed currently.


    Great addon adding immersion for your flight. You can focus on proper flying, not serving meals, which is great (all this stuff is fully automatic). Career mode is fantastic. You can use PACX as a logbook. Moreover, you can print or save as a PDF file flying report with data from a destination to the landing rate—FSpassanger as it has to be. Because you are not a flight attendant, you are a pilot.


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