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    TFDi Design 717

    The modern version of a classic favorite. Developed by a team of professional artists and programmers, the TFDi Design 717 is a highly functional, beautiful, and efficient airliner.


    As with most modern aircraft, autoflight takes a major focus in the everyday operation of the aircraft. If you are familiar with the MD-11, you will feel right at home in this aircraft. Great care has been taken in recreating all AFS modes found in the real aircraft, such as NAV (lateral navigation), PROF (vertical navigation), and VOR tracking mode. In addition, full Takeoff Guidance and Autoland capabilities have been integrated with a complete Autothrottle system and Speed Protection modes.


    The flight management system features full weight and balance calculations, including take off and landing performance, climb and descent performance, as well as fuel, time, altitude, and speed predictions. Program your entire flight, with SIDs/STARs, Airways, and HOLDs, complete with company route support, all through 31 simulated pages.


    All 6 primary screens have been recreated, featuring a fully operational switching and testing system. In addition to all 11 system display pages, the master caution and master warning systems are simulated with over 100 different alerts and relevant consequences. Also included are full CAWS, GPWS, and TCAS simulations.



    The electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, and flight control systems are thoroughly simulated, allowing proper operation of the aircraft in various scenarios. The highly automated nature of many systems on the aircraft give it a straight forward but thorough list of features.

    Physical Systems

    Many distinct features of the aircraft's systems, such as the electrical no-break-power-transfer system, the DC start fuel pump, APU fuel consumption, and the auxiliary hydraulic pump, have been simulated. The IRS and GNSSU can be independently used as navigation sources. The cockpit can be illuminated by 15 independent and dimmable (where applicable) lights.

    Flight Systems

    The flight controls have been custom-built to accommodate the unique aspects of this aircraft. The dial-a-flap system allows for a selection of a range of flap settings for better takeoff performance. The aerodynamically-positioned flight controls offer an incredibly smooth hand flying experience. Hydraulically-assisted rudder and elevator deflection is also simulated.


    Flight Dynamics

    The aircraft flight dynamics are tuned according to published charts and established aeronautical performance information. This includes proper EPR simulation and accurate fuel consumption.



    The detailed interior and exterior models, 2K textures (4K exterior textures in P3Dv4), and realistic sounds will capture the feeling of flying a modern airliner.


    The cockpit and exterior models include details like accurate flight deck dimensions, detailed buttons, switches, and knobs, inner-wing control mechanisms, and realistic surface materials. Other key features include wing flex, hundreds of custom animations, and the ability to interact with nearly every control in the cockpit.


    A high fidelity engine sound pack provided by Turbine Sound Studios is included. The aircraft also features over 750 mastered warning, ambient, and switch sounds recorded from the real flight deck.


    Learning and Expanding

    In addition to the aircraft's core functionality, included technology and information help provide a more enjoyable experience.


    The aircraft features a tablet in the flight deck to assist with preflight setup, aircraft settings, Aircraft Sharing, and allows for viewing of documents in-sim. The aircraft also comes equipped with TrueGlass and RealLight. Integration with the REX WX Advantage and Active Sky provides a working weather radar.


    Various options such as engine thrust rating, IRS alignment time, and unit selection provide a customizable experience. Over 200 pages of included documentation and a normal checklist help with aircraft familiarization and usage.


    This product supports:
    -Flight Simulator X
    -Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
    -Prepar3D v2
    -Prepar3D v3
    -Prepar3D v4
    -Prepar3D v5


    Minimum Specifications
    -CPU: 2.5 GHz Dual Core
    -GPU: DirectX 11 compliant, 2 GB video RAM
    -Memory: 4 GB
    -Hard drive space: 1.8 GB
    -Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit
    -An internet connection is required to download, activate, and install the product.


    Recommended Specifications
    -CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
    -GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070
    -Memory: 8 GB
    -Hard drive space: 2 GB or greater
    -Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit


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    I’d like to replace my first impressions review with this more reasonable one. At first the automations were giving me fits. Especially when disengaging AutoFlight and having the audio warning constantly repeat “Auto Flight….” Over and over with no way to shut it up other than to turn Auto Flight back on. It made taking manual control very frustrating. Since my first few hours were total craziness I’ve taken the appropriate time to get to know this 717. So far so good. I still don’t really like so much automation and prefer to pilot my planes myself. I understand better now what needs to be done to have a good flight as the aircraft was designed to do.  That said I do like the textures inside and out and the details within. The lighting is excellent also.  The only real issue I have is that they don’t include any liveries with the purchase. You have to manually add them which is annoying when every other developer includes at least a solid number of popular airline liveries. Some time the downloaded liveries don’t even work or are all black. Nevermind that they were added exactly the same way as the others that showed up perfectly. Plus having to download one at a time with no option for a package option is even worse. Tedious process and if you never added a livery before good luck figuring it out. The instructions are lousy. Livery issue aside this is an excellent simulation of the 717 and I’m getting good fun use from this. 


    I just installed this aircraft. I am running Prepar3d v5.3. I find this to be a fully functional, stable and fun to fly model. I have not yet tried the VNAV functionality but from some YouTube videos I saw it demoed and it appeared to be fully functional. I love the textures of this aircraft, both inside and outside; the cockpit lights give it a nice bright color and all the navigation systems are very well designed. It's an exciting aircraft to fly both manually and with autopilot. The engine sounds are solid. I use TrueGlass and did not have to lower any of the settings; I run the B717 at as about 5.6 GB VRAM / 6.00 GB VRAM at 50 / 55 FPS at 1440p of resolution with an RTX 3080ti and 36 GB of DRAM and it's very fluid (no stutters). I am very happy with my purchase! I am not sponsored by TFDi Design, I was just looking for something other than the 'usual' PMDG models (I do not own any of their aircraft, yet). This is a keeper. I hope that providing my PC specs / resolution and the exact Prepar3d version that I run helps others who may be on the fence about this B717.
    An overall good looking plane with good flight dynamics. Does not support Sparse Grid Supersampling as the gauges were unfortunately coded in Microsoft Direct2D 2D. The developer stating "SGSS isn't a native function of the official NVIDIA tools/drivers". The P3DV5 variant is currently plagued with ongoing DXGI crash issues as well as excessive GPU memory usage problems.
    Excellent machine model Flying feels very good the texture quality is also good the aerodynamic values are perfect
    This a beautiful plane. Very well simulated and a true joy to fly, a true 'jet set' plane. Sadly it is inflicted with some technical problems that prevent it from ever working quite right. The DRM used makes it very difficult to troubleshoot problems.


    Well, this might well be one of the 1-3 best ever addon aircrafts for FSX (I'm still running FSX+Acc). I was a bit hesitating to purchasing this aircraft after the series of somewhat negative comments about the TFDI B717 first release. This is the latest v1.1 version and I can tell you it works fine in (almost) any kind of weather conditions (have'nt experienced the heavy stormy weather conditions, only severe air turbulence conditions). There still are minor imperfections here and there - reversed inner and outer Xponder left knob and a (very) few alike - but the thing is remarkably accurate and reliable: LAT and VERT auto nav, autothrottle (AFS), flight profile and related fuel consumption... everything. When you think this is there FIRST aircraft development... a lesson to some other self-proclaimed experienced developers (have you ever tried the CRJ from some major editor you may know?). On the downside, VAS requirements are significant and hardly accept higher LOD radius at demanding airports like FT Copenhagen or AS Frankfurt. A strong A+ to their installer: It does everything really well and the interface/inter-communication part of this TDFI product does outstand any other to date. You can rely on it, it does the job on its own (which looked frightening to me at the time of istallation) but it does it well and clean (just check your registry after the installation: clean job). I do recommend this aircraft. My system: FSX+Acc, Win7/64, Quad core i7 4770 @ 3.9 GHz, Nvidia Gforce 780 GTX with 3 Gb memory, 32 Gb RAM, UTX Europe V2, Pilot's FS Global Real Weather, Pilot's FS Global Ultimate EUR+AFR (set to 1m resolution).
    Вот и добрался он, и до Simmarketa! Самый реалистичный симулятор самолёта на сегодняшний день, очень классно проработанный. Летаю на нём давно, почти с самой его публикации. Рекомендую всем к покупке, он стоит своих денег. Поддерживает базу Navigraph. Всегда есть поддержка разработчиков.
    The most realistic airplane simulator today, is very cool. I fly on it for a long time, almost since its publication. I recommend everyone to buy, it is worth the money.
    One Outstanding Aircraft, and One of the Best Available For Flight Simulation under any platform. I have had the pleasure of owning this aircraft since it was released and have used it often through its evolvement and perfection through developer updates that are easily installed by the TFDi manager software. If you love highly accurate aircraft simulation, don't miss this product. It will not disappoint. There are more super-accurate aircraft and airliners available now for flightsim enthusiast, than at any other time in history, for both P3D (FSX) and X-Plane 11. The bar has been raised very high and we are no longer satisfied with passive representations of airliners that just squeak by as looking good, but using a lot of default systems. TFDi's 717 is among the best available at a time when flight simmers are demanding extreme realism in both optics and systems. Visually, this aircraft is just beautiful. Giving the user the feeling of actually being inside the cockpit of this very advanced aircraft. Advanced by today's standards, but highly advanced for its time. System-wise, it works exactly and consistently as I believe (me not being a real pilot) the Boeing 717 would operate. If you are comfortable with PMDG's MD11 for FSX, you will be flying this like a pro in no time. You can actually use a lot of PMDG's MD11 manuals to apply to this 717. TFDi's 717 can be relied on to get you to your destination, whether you are flying online with demanding Pilotedge or Vatsim ATC instructions or just flying offline. Since it is a short to medium range aircraft you will be doing more takeoffs and landings, and you will experience the awesome manual flight dynamics that are built into this software along with its accurate autoflight system. The Boeing 717 has its roots in McDonald-Douglas and will be a new and very pleasant experience if you are used to other Boeing or Airbus simulations. This TFDi 717 is solid, high-quality and accurate, in both software and simulation. It has brought me many hours of enjoyment and it is among my very favorites. I'm sure that you will agree.

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