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    KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport is Malaysia’s largest airport as well as one of the largest airports in the world. The airport spans 100 square kilometres, and was designed by Kisho Kurokawa and was inaugurated on the 27th June 1998.

    This scenery plug-in contains KLIA’s main terminal building, satellite terminal building and the KLIA2 terminal with all aprons having realistic taxiing and gate markings.

    Freight and various maintenance buildings and offices, totalling more than 40 hand built assets are also included, along with custom runway textures

    Over 130 customised operational jetways await your departure.

    Revision 2 (Version 2.2) includes:

    • All taxiway parking stop bars have been added.

    • All stop bars have aircraft type markings.

    • Custom jetways (passenger boarding bridges) have been installed at KLIA2.

    • Custom jetways (passenger boarding bridges) have been installed at the main and satellite terminals.

    • Pushback breakpoints have been added to the main terminal building.

    • Contact pier models have been corrected at KLIA2.

    • All taxiway markings have been replaced at KLIA2 with the correct ones.

    • KLIA2 airbridge now has two levels.

    • Additional ‘clutter’ added at KLIA2.

    • Satellite Terminal building ground floor height increased to the correct level.

    • Satellite Terminal solar power textures have been improved and missing panels added.

    • KLIA heliport has been added.

    • The heliport at nearby Sepang International Circuit has been added.

    • Main Terminal solar carpark has been added.

    • Several missing irrigation ponds around the airfield have been added.

    • Air Asia HQ now has branding and an issue with it sometimes not appearing resolved.

    • Tune Hotel in the KLIA2 area has been added.

    • Intensity from all light poles has been reduced by 50% to reduce bleaching.

    • Terminal interior lighting levels have been reduced to look more realistic.

    • Missing apron markings in the maintenance area have been added.

    • All parking has been revised to allow for either twin parking for medium or single parking for heavy type aircraft. (to prevent aircraft spawning in spots that are too close together).

    • Air Asia boarding stairs have been added (static).

    • Malaysia Airlines ULD containers have been added in various positions.

    • Runway 14L-32R now has the correct ALSF2 approach lighting with strobes and touchdown.

    • Runway 14R-32L now has the correct ALSF2 approach lighting with strobes and touchdown.

    Revision 1 (Version 2.1) contains the following changes:

    • All pink/brown roof textures have been replaced with the original roof colour (as it was when the airport first opened).

    • Light poles have been increased to 30m in height.

    • The correct branding has been added to the maintenance area and textures improved. Additional night lighting has also been added.

    • The Malayia Airlines building has been re-modelled and the correct branding added, with improvements to the textures and night lighting.

    • Missing signage has been added to the Catering Building and all textures have been improved.

    • MAS Kargo now has the correct branding, night lighting and improved textures.

    • The KLAS freight hanger has been re-modelled and re-textured, with the correct POS Aviation branding.

    • The Petronas refuelling station has been added (between taxiway H and MAS Kargo).

    • All building between the freight area and taxiway H have been replaced and have night lighting.

    • The former LCCT Terminal has been re-textured and has been branded as KACT1 (KLIA Air Cargo Terminal 1). It’s scale has also been increased.

    • Various security Control Posts have been added around the airport.

    • Improvements have been made to the POS Malaysia International Hub and the correct branding added.

    • The models for KLIA Cargo Village and Kompleks Kastam have been re-moddled.

    • The POS Aviation Agent Block has been re-moddled.

    • Various generic building models have been produced which more closely blend in with the other airport buildings.

    • The Tune Hotel (KLIA Main) has been added.

    • SCAF (Southern Common Amenities & Facilities) now have more appropriate models.

    • The two telecommunications towers have been added.

    • The Aerotrain Maintenance Depot has been replaced with a more accurate model.

    • Branding has started to be added to the Main and Satellite terminals (KLIA1).

    • All internal roads have been added, together with night lighting.


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC
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    Only wmkk paid scenery. Defo worth it when there is sale. lighting seems great, buildings are realistic

    Mohd Nazri

    OMG! the new major update for this airport is so freaking awesome!! I love all the detail the developer drop in, the enhancement. However the one that I really like the most is the AVDGS the dev put in. No longer I have to be in 3rd view to see where my aircraft nose wheel at so I can stop precisely at the attended park. Amazing!!!


    The most complete WMKK scenery to date! Thank you!

    Mohd Nazri

    Absolutely amazing! with the new updates updates on the airport its feels like I'm actually in KLIA1 and KLIA2 myself. Great job Chris/Secret Studio.


    Before the update this was a 3/5 now it is so much better. Thanks again for overhauling some of the inaccurate parts out and hopefully more updates will be planned!

    Eu Siong

    Indeed it is a great scenery, nice terminal building,nice taxiway. there is still missing of aircraft parking stop mark. missing parking gate signboard for non jetway parking spot. only i can say it is not a really completed product. still missing a lot of thing. hopefully the update will be out soon.


    Have been waiting for this payware since using the free trial version by this developer. So far have been very satisfied and brings a lot more realism to my home base. The temporary corporate logo does not bother me as it has already been clearly stated by the developer that they have yet to obtain the necessary permissions to use them without incurring legal penalties. So, I will not penalize by giving a low rating.


    Fantastic effort as a first release. Those who have benefitted from the freeware version should support the developer to keep the updates coming!
    Many error in Cargo Terminal, no such words "SAMCARGO" should be "MAS CARGO". Why there is "LOVE LOGO" it should be replace with Malaysia Airlines LOGO for that. Jetways also not at real as at the in the original airport. I guess developer should need to get more info about WMKK Airport before consider to publish and sell it here.


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