ENVTEX will offer a new immersion level to your simulator by replacing many default textures and effects with more than 11000 high quality and highly realistic texture files.

This package has been developed with FPS and VAS in mind and allows you to have a full control over the performance impact from optimized textures to very high quality.

Envtex has been created to be a product based on your feedback. It will keep receiving updates and new features from your inputs to create a complete environment rework at a very attractive price.

Envtex SP2 features list (All features are detailed in-depth in the manual)

  • 6 Supported Simulators
    • Prepar3d v5
    • Prepar3d v4
    • Prepar3d v3
    • Prepar3d v2
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition

  • Sky
    • About 600 natural and dynamic* sky textures grouped in seasonal, climatic and situation presets
    • ASCA integration : 64 new sky presets with full and automatic integration for Hifi Active Sky Cloud Art (fully works with Full dynamics and Global automatic ASCA presets)


  • Clouds
    • New Cumulus textures optimized for Active Sky Cloud Art cloud structures
    • New Cirrus textures
    • ASCA integration: 3 new high quality photoreal clouds presets for a total of 24 new clouds textures
    • REX Skyforce 3D integration: 4 new high quality photoreal clouds presets for a total of 8 new clouds textures


  • Astronomical objects
    • High definition realistic milky way
    • Highly realistic sun textures with new glow and lensflare effects
    • New photoreal moon textures and glow


  • Water
    • Detailed ocean, inland and tropical water textures with reduced mosaic repetition looking
    • Realistic wave animations


  • Special effects
    • New special effects including contrails, wingtip vortices, dirt effect, touchdown effect leaving tire markings, hard braking effect, water spray for seaplanes, wheel spray effects, engine jet wash under rainy and snowy conditions and much more already being worked for SP1 (Some effects are not available for FS9 due to simulator limitations)
    • Wonderful Northern and Southern lights / Aurora Borealis and Australis (P3Dv3 &P3Dv4 exclusive feature)
    • Natural weather effects including rain and snow (shader based for P3Dv4)
    • New thunderstorm lightning and flashing effects


  • Precipitation effects
    • Natural weather effects including rain and snow (shader based for P3Dv4)


  • Ground
    • Realistic and sharp grass texture for normal and snowy conditions
    • New hard runway textures with realistic tire markings for normal and snowy conditions to cover all of your airports in any weather condition and season
    • New grass and gravel runway textures for general aviation and bush flying
    • New taxiway textures
    • New runways, taxiways and parking markings
    • New airport signage
    • New airport lighting


  • Environment map
    • New realistic environment map reflections for objects and aircraft using default reflections


  • A great user interface
    • User friendly interface and detailed user manual
    • Highly customizable for high performances and high quality
    • Ready to fly presets as well as highly customizable options
    • VAS optimization for 32bits simulators


  • Long term purchase
    • Continuous development with free updates
    • Compatible with most of the other well known utilities

*Dynamic sky textures rely on the random 10 days cycle of the flight simulator engine, using this built-in feature sky will look different every day.

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*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
A must have for P3D. Wonderful skies, moon, sun, stars... and it is easy to use.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Excellent program left my P3D as never had, congratulations to the developers
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
These are the best textures to my taste, and what seems to be the most realistic to my eyes.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
amazing made my sim so much smoother and looks are much better.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
I like this product It is easy to use and the Folks at their forum are friendly and helpful.
It's a Great Value you should buy it!
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
After testing it on p3d v4, this is the best environment texture addon. It is easy, straightforward and and has the most beautiful textures. I will especially say the sky textures are the best and no other addon comes close.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Je suis très content de ENVTEX. Actuellement sur FSX, je constate une grande différence (avec fsx de base) sans pour autant avoir des ralentissements!

Je recommande.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
This product is absolutely superb! I have tried a variety of other popular shaders but this is way better than the lot.

Particularly spectacular are the evening skies. I am fortunate enough to have a JetMax setup with a Cobra screen and 4K projector. ENVTEX has transformed my experience. No discernible frame-rate hit, simple installation and set-up.

My recommendation? Just buy it!
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Really Great Product

nice fps

nice cost

Amazing product
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
I really don't understand why unsatisfaction raised up in the latest reviews, this product works like a charm and is a must to enhance Prepar3D
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9Gb split in 6 files (18Gb for P3Dv5 version)
Une connexion Internet est requise pour l'activation. Lisez le guide d'activation pour plus d'informations.

Simulator: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2 to v5, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition
Operating system: Windows 7 or greater (32 or 64bits)
RAM: 2Gb or greater
Other: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
Hard Drive: 10 Gb of free space (20Gb for P3Dv5 version)

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Commentaires client
Je suis très content de ENVTEX. Actuellement sur FSX, je constate une grande différence (avec fsx de base) sans pour autant avoir des ralentissements-
! Je recommande.
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