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    The 2022 MSFS version of KMCI airport by TropicalSim brings the airport up to date with recent changes such as Terminal A long removed and the current new terminal under construction.

    Kansas City International Airport was built by the City of Kansas City, Missouri and opened in 1972. Its low congestion and small number of flight delays have long established it as one of the most appealing commercial airports in the world.

    The MCI complex spans more than 10,000 acres, and its three runways can accommodate up to 139 aircraft operations per hour. Uncongested air and ground space, short taxi time, and a low weather-related closure/cancellation rate are why MCI consistently ranks among the lowest in delays of all U.S. airports. Three runways, two of them parallel with 6,575 feet of separation, Category III instrument Landing System and other features help keep operations smooth in even the worst of weather. New surfaces on the runways, taxiways and terminal aprons, along with ongoing infrastructure improvements, enhance the airport's efficiency and convenience to air carriers.

    Source: Kansas City Aviation Department


    • Highly detailed Kansas City Intl' / KMCI
    • Updated airport ground layout considering current constructions
    • Full night illumination
    • Native MSFS Dynamic Lighting
    • Seamless integration with default MSFS scenery
    • Usage of MSFS PBR Materials
    • Usage of MSFS SDK FlightSim Materials
    • Usage of MSFS SDK native gITF models


    Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020)


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    Good not great. Makes this airport usable with decent external graphics. I found this worth the purchase.


    another developer that has been left behind as other developers have added greater and greater detail, below average


    If you want an upgrade from the horrible default that MSFS gave us then go ahead get this, but just be aware that this scenery is outdated since the new terminal is now open and this scenery still has it as a construction pit.


    Perfect addition. My hometown airport finally. Thank you TropicalSim.


    I have bought this airport on FSX, P3D, and now MSFS. This is almost a straight port of the P3Dv4 version which is disappointing. While the addition of new PBR fx is nice so much more could have been done with this airport in the MSFS engine. The torn-down terminal and the new terminal under construction are nice (though already outdated as the terminal is nearly 80% completed now) and the modeling that is in place is solid BUT there is zero innovation here. It's the same tired old models that date back all the way to the FSX days with a coat of paint slapped on it. The P3D version even had custom SODE jetways while this MSFS version relies on Asobo's default jetway modeling with a coat of brown paint on it. The ground markings are way too faded and curved lines don't curve, they turn at jagged angles just like in the old P3D days. Curved taxi lines should be curved now, not made up of a series of straight lines. It's ugly and outdated. The airport also suffers from trees being on the airport grounds where they don't belong though this is a minor issue. It's still an easy fix that takes 5 minutes to do in the MSFS SDK and I am getting tired of developers not using the vegetation exclusion function to chop down unwanted trees. Not every single person uses Photogrammetry when they fly. Please stop excluding those of us who prefer autogen buildings. You must cater to both user types. The airport has good performance and AI aircraft seem to be using the airport correctly which means the airport's AFCAD file is solid but I have not fully tested out AI functionality here yet so there could be flaws. This is something ALL developers need to pay attention to now as the AI aircraft solutions that are now in place rely on proper taxi route networks and parking spots with defined airline parking codes. Please stop skipping this step or we're going to have a bunch of useless airports that can't function properly for AI or ATC systems that read the taxi network. Overall, I like Tropicsim products. They have been in the business for almost two decades and this is also a reason I am so disappointed with them. It feels like they have learned nothing over the course of these 20 years and have not improved their development game. I know they have the potential to rise to be a top-tier developer but the lack of innovation and what looks like laziness on the surface is holding them back. Despite the beating, I am giving them here I do want to say thanks to them for bringing a US airport to MSFS. It's refreshing to see as the 900th European airport releases today... Europe is DONE. Can we please switch to the US, Canada, and Mexico developers? Pretty please?


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