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    Albuquerque International is the primary international airport serving the US State of New Mexico, the Albuquerque metropolitan area, as well as the larger Albuquerque–Santa Fe–Las Vegas CSA, handling 5,467,693 passengers in 2018. It is located in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, between the Rio Grande river and the Sandia Mountains, east of Old Town Albuquerque and Barelas, 3 miles (5 km) southeast of downtown Albuquerque.

    The airport serves as a focus airport for Southwest Airlines and is also served with domestic commercial flights by Advanced Air, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Boutique Air, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines. Cargo airlines serving the airport are FedEx Express, UPS Airlines, Empire Airlines (a FedEx Feeder carrier), Ameriflight, and South Aero. The airport is designated as Class C airspace.

    The airport continues to share its runways with Kirtland AFB, which also handles rescue and firefighting operations. An Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) installation, the host unit is the 377th Air Base Wing (377 ABW). Flying units at Kirtland AFB consist of the 58th Special Operations Wing (58 SOW) of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and the 150th Fighter Wing (150 FW), an Air Combat Command (ACC)-gained unit of the New Mexico Air National Guard.

    Source: Wikipedia


    • Highly detailed Albuquerque Intl' / KABQ
    • Full night illumination
    • Full autogen and seamless blending with the default environment
    • Dynamic Lighting on Prepar3d v4/v5 versions
    • Optional SODE animated jetways
    • P3D v4/v5 native materials custom ground option
    • Compatible with add-on AI traffic.
    • Compatible with other third-party sceneries
    • P3D version compatible with default and add-on P3D scenery
    • Usage of Prepar3d SDK for the P3D version for best performance

    Installers will detect sim location and add the scenery.cfg entry for P3Dv4 & P3Dv5

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    Prepar3d v4.0+, Prepar3d v5.0+


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    I really like the detail in this airport and if it wasn't for my using ORBX scenery I probably would be using it. However, the ground textures do not match the ORBX scenery that I use, not even close, and this makes the airport stick out like a sore thumb. For that reason I have removed this airport from P3D.


    This is easily one of the best sceneries out there! Do yourself a favor and pick this up. I'd argue this tops some Orbx and Fly Tampa sceneries. The attention to detail the proper gsx integration. Well done, I look forward to purchasing more of their products


    Very nice! Thank you for doing this airport in this area we often forget about!


    KABQ is an airport that has been needed in my airports for P3dv5 and Tropical Sim has done a very nice job with it. Tropical Sim has always been very responsive on any questions I've had.


    This is an UPDATE to my original review posted here. The description by TropicalSim states that they have FULL NIGHT LIGHTING and DYNAMIC LIGHTING as part of this product and as part of my review, I mentioned that I could find NO NIGHT LIGHTING and DYNAMIC LIGHTING in the product! I am very happy to say that I have solved this problem! Initially, I installed the scenery on to my E: drive and NOT to the default Prepar3D location specified by TropicalSim (usually C:Program FilesLockheed MartinPrepar3D). Then I added the scenery myself using the XML method (I have their FARO scenery product installed this way with no issues), opting NOT to let the installer do it. After a conversation with a very helpful chap at TropicalSim, it would seem that the EFFECTS files did not find their way into the Prepar3DEffects folder and thus no night or dynamic lighting was evident! I like to have my scenery spread across two drives so as not to fill up my C: drive. I have to experiment with the install, possibly moving the effects files MANUALLY into the Prepar3DEffects folder and see if it works. But I am happy to apologise to TropicalSim and to viewers here and say that they DO INDEED have Dynamic and FULL Night Lighting in the product - and it looks great. So I award five stars. Well done!


    This is a SHORT REVIEW OF Albuquerque 2020, a new scenery for P3D by TropicalSim. A nice little scenery and very welcome, as this part of the USA is sadly neglected. All that has changed with the release of this little gem from the team at TropicalSim! I thought long and hard about awarding it FOUR stars instead of THREE. It's not Orbx or FlyTampa quality, but it is very good, has SODE jetways and includes a wide expanse of the local surrounding area as well as the airport and so for me it gets four stars. For a real closeup look at this product, visit my website - virtualairlinepilot.org - for a helicopter video tour of this wonderful airport and to find out more about it. For me, the only downside is the lack of dynamic ground lighting in the Terminal vicinity and the stands. But I am very happy to have purchased it! Enjoy! Lee James - West Sussex UK


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