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    Albuquerque International is the primary international airport serving the US State of New Mexico, the Albuquerque metropolitan area, as well as the larger Albuquerque–Santa Fe–Las Vegas CSA, handling 5,467,693 passengers in 2018. It is located in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, between the Rio Grande river and the Sandia Mountains, east of Old Town Albuquerque and Barelas, 3 miles (5 km) southeast of downtown Albuquerque.

    The airport serves as a focus airport for Southwest Airlines and is also served with domestic commercial flights by Advanced Air, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Boutique Air, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines. Cargo airlines serving the airport are FedEx Express, UPS Airlines, Empire Airlines (a FedEx Feeder carrier), Ameriflight, and South Aero. The airport is designated as Class C airspace.

    The airport continues to share its runways with Kirtland AFB, which also handles rescue and firefighting operations. An Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) installation, the host unit is the 377th Air Base Wing (377 ABW). Flying units at Kirtland AFB consist of the 58th Special Operations Wing (58 SOW) of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and the 150th Fighter Wing (150 FW), an Air Combat Command (ACC)-gained unit of the New Mexico Air National Guard.

    Source: Wikipedia


    Due to MSFS ground photogrammetry engine, it's common to face a few jagged edges on some airports borders/corners. As you may know, if photogrammetry is set to OFF they disappear.
    So far the SDK does not provide a tool to handle this properly, and this issue will be present when photogrammetry is ON, whether you use a default or add-on airport.
    It's not a big deal, it shows over a small area, but it's there. So it's a user's choice to set photogrammetry ON or OFF to enjoy the flight.


    • Highly detailed Albuquerque Intl' / KABQ
    • Full night illumination
    • Native MSFS Dynamic Lighting
    • Functional animated jetway
    • Seamless integration with default MSFS scenery
    • Usage of MSFS SDK FlightSim Materials + PBR
    • Usage of MSFS SDK native gITF models
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020)


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    The scenery looks really good. Has airline branded AGE around, Textures are crisper than I thought they would be. The only thing that hurts the scenery and it is a doozie... Is that Airline parking codes are not assigned and I can not get anything bigger than a crj to park at the terminal, they dont park in the correct spots and 737 park on the kirtland ramp. I contacted them and Leandro Mochado said hed get back to me... back in December. So I held off on this review, I always give devs a chance to fix things before I rate. So 3 stars due to 'AFCAD' and ATC issues. If they fixed it is a 4 star scenery.


    For a Payware airport this should be a self install rather than a manual extract to proper file location. After follow the directions from this developer scenery still fails to load. This try of scenery really is meant for location on AvSim. If developer reaches out for better install instruction; or better yet, how about a .exe file extension for auto install.


    does anyone know if they've reached out to the developer on this airport scenery? Ai traffic are missing at the gates. No ai traffic will park, meaning AIG or FSLTL. Its either the parking radius is too small or there are no specific airline gate codes. Also, after landing there is no ground comms to receive gate arrival or even taxi instructions...its missing. please update this and I'll give it a 5 star.


    Nice textures and overall very good work. Taking out 2 stars because for the price 2 major things are lacking. Airport internal textures and no gate assignments from ATC on landing. Being a small airport I can easily park but doesn't look realistic since I am the only airplane in the main terminals.


    The overall quality of this airport is excellent. This was a much-needed addition to the United States available scenery. The only real complaint as others have mentioned is the lack of interior modeling. While this is not a deal breaker by any means, for a terminal of that size at the offered price point there should have been some basic interior design work done. This for me, would have taken the airport to the 5-star rating.


    I was born, raised, and currently live in Albuquerque. I bought this and love how real it looks. One issue I have is when I contact Ground it doesn't give me an option to taxi to the gates.


    Was hesitant at first, I did not think the quality would be good. I’m impressed with this scenery. The textures from the cockpit are phenomenal. Some areas that can be improved imo; vegetation around the taxi area and transparent windows.


    Comment to my previuous review OF course, as usual, the screenshots DO NOT capture the real work done


    Despite the lack of inside modeling, its a very good work And the terminal is very precisely designed. The airport itself includes many buildings. As usual with Tropical Sim, the screenshots desserve the product


    Great! I have been hoping someone would someday finally do a good KABQ! I grew up here and though I don't care to visit much now, I love flying there in MSFS. This looks great to me. No issues.

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