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    Eppley Airfield (IATA: OMA, ICAO: KOMA, FAA LID: OMA) is an international medium hub airport three miles northeast of downtown Omaha, Nebraska, in Douglas County, Nebraska, United States. It is by far the largest airport in Nebraska, serving ten times more passengers than all other Nebraska airports combined, and is named for Eugene C. Eppley, the Eppley Hotel magnate of Omaha, from whose estate $1.0 million was used to convert Omaha Municipal Airport into a jetport in 1959-60.

    The airport occupies 2,650 acres (1,070 ha) and handles about 120 airline flights per day to and from 20 daily and 3 seasonal non-stop destinations. Eppley served 4.17 million passengers in 2015 (including both enplaned and deplaned passengers).

    As of January 2017, Omaha has no international passenger flights. The airport handled more than 4.1 million passengers in 2014. Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines are the first-, second-, and third-largest carriers and serve about 33 percent, 22 percent, and 22 percent, respectively, of passengers.

    In January 2016, Eppley Airfield completed the expansion of its on-site United States Customs and Border Protection facility (CBP) to provide greater customs and inspection services for international passengers. While Eppley Airfield is classified as a "Customs Landing Rights Airport" for international flights (officially an "international airport") by United States Customs and Border Protection, there is no regularly scheduled international passenger service; however, the airport does handle international charter and private flights.

    The airport is northeast of downtown Omaha in east Omaha. Although the airport is in Nebraska on the west side of the Missouri River, it is surrounded on the east, west and south by the state of Iowa: the Missouri River formerly formed an oxbow west of the land that became Eppley Airfield.

    Airlines operating at Omaha:

    Alaska, SkyWest, Allegiant, American, American Eagle, Delta, Delta Connection, Frontier, Southwest United and United Express.

    Cargo airlines:

    Ameriflight, AirNet Express, DHL, FedEx and UPS.

    Source: Wikipedia.

    FEATURES v1.1

    • Highly detailed rendition of Eppley Airfield / KOMA located in Omaha, Nebraska - USA
    • Optional SODE animated jetways
    • Specular maps on glass terminals
    • Full night illumination
    • Photoscenery with full custom autogen
    • Photoscenery features full night illumination and seasonal variations
    • Baked textures with ambient occlusion
    • 3D Lights over the photoreal roads
    • 3D Grass within airport islands and taxiways/runways.
    • P3D v2/v3 native materials custom ground option
    • Wet ground surface effect for FSX/P3Dv1 (via SODE) and P3Dv2/v3 (via native custom ground)
    • Stock animated cars on highway and airport adjacent roads for FSX and Prepar3d versions
    • Compatible with add-on AI traffic
    • FS9 version compatible with default and add-on FS9 scenery
    • FSX version compatible with default and add-on FSX scenery
    • P3D version compatible with default and add-on P3D scenery
    • Usage of FS9 SDK for the FS9 version for best performance
    • Usage of FSX SDK for the FSX version for best performance
    • Usage of Prepar3d SDK for the P3D version for best performance
    • Re-scripted installers which detects sim location and adds the scenery.cfg entry for FS9, FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2 & P3Dv3



    FS2004, (9.1), FSX SP2, Prepar3d v1.+, Prepar3d 2.+ & Prepar3d 3.+


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    Works fine in P3D v4.5. Some variation in spring/summer ground textures from Orbx Vector, NA_OLC, but overall very nice scenery.


    Just bought this at one of TS's sales. Took it for a quirk spin in a default aircraft. I have to say, this is a pretty great scenery, especially for the sale price I paid! Very pleased. The ground textures look very good and I appreciate the detail on the terminal buildings. Also performs very well. For the 12Euro I spent, certainly an addon worth buying!


    I've flown through KOMA (RL) many times over the years. As previously mentioned, this is a good, if not great rendition of the airport. A quality scenery that depicts the airport close enough for me to enjoy with my PMDG B738/9 or Aerosoft CRJ, with minimal frame rate and VAS impact. I too, would like to see more medium-sized airports such as KICT, KCOS, KMKE, KABQ and KGRR to name a few. In summary, TropicalSim quality as expected. Good job folks. -Tom


    Holy cow! Finally someone created KOMA!. Thank you tropical sim, it seemed many developers forgot about the midwest medium airports. This is my home airport, could use a little more tlc but over all beautiful! Thanks again tropical sim!


    I agree with the previous review, not perfect...but a good rendition of KOMA. I am hoping to see many more of these medium sized airport hubs. I fly the 737 ( in FSX ) and enjoy flying into the mid sized airports much more than the larger airports out there. Why? 9 times out of 10 your going to get good airport scenery that performs very well. Also some of the mid sized airports with shorter runways can be more challenging to fly into. Nice job Tropicalsim! Please keep these mid sized airports coming.


    While not perfect, it's actually quite a nice replica of the real thing. I've flown into Omaha many many times. There is room for improvement (the water masking is a little sloppy, the photo-real doesn't match to ORBX global textures, and the AFCAD is a little screwy) but overall I'm quite pleased with it. I have SODE running with no issue. Frames and VAS are both excellent on my system. Go Tropicalsim! Keep chugging out the smaller American airports we desperately need!


    Hi, First of all, thank you Tropical Sim for keeping the hopes alive for new scenery for all the different versions that flight simmers enjoy. Secondly you guys can corner the market on all releases of FS2004 scenery that you decide to create. I'm sure all FS2004 customers will be happy with any airport in the world you decide to release. I would like to say that this airport in Omaha Nebraska is a perfect replica of the real thing. Your team has a real talent for recreating airports of this caliber anywhere in the world. I'm hoping to see more airports around the world like this release in the future. I do hope in addition to releasing great overseas airports that Ill see a new San Antonio TX airport or maybe a new Colorado Springs airport. Thank You Philip


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