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    Config Studio is a "Swiss Army Knife" for your Prepar3D config files (CFG & XML).

    Developers and enthusiasts alike often need to tweak a configuration file to get the sim running just right, or perhaps troubleshoot an FS add-on that might not be loading.

    This utility allows you to easily locate, edit, save, backup and restore these important files in a code editor, similar to an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with syntax highlighting to improve readability of the files.

    You can work with the files in Expert Mode by directly typing into the Code Editor, or in Guided Mode by clicking the the Navigation Tree and the XML Tool Panel buttons.

    XML File Validation can also be performed to ensure the format is correct. The Code Editor will endeavour to highlight any lines that have potential problems.

    All editions of Prepar3D (v1 to v5) are supported, these are the files handled by this utility:

    • Prepar3D.Cfg
    • Scenery.Cfg
    • Terrain.Cfg
    • Cameras.Cfg
    • Dll.xml
    • Exe.xml
    • SimConnect.xml

    Some of these files are generated by P3D, others not, but either way Config Studio has you covered if you need to work with any of them.

    Config Studio takes very special care not to change your original files and handles them as outlined in the Your Config Files Are Sacred! part of the User Manual.


    • Supports Prepar3D v1 to v5
    • Handles seven major P3D configuration files
    • Switch between P3D v1 to v5 files with a single click
    • All files displayed in a tab format code editor
    • Checks and alerts if config files do not exist
    • Safely locate, edit, save or create new config files
    • Backup and restore files as required
    • Edit files by clicking the navigator, or code by hand
    • Wizards to easily add/remove entries in XML files
    • Check XML file syntax
    • Handy links to P3D SDK pages online
    • Free 30 day demo


    Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) or later

    Prepar3D (v1, v2, v3, v4 or v5) installed

    Internet connection (to access online Help resources)


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