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    TweakAircraft at a glance:

    • Quickly and easily adjust up to 500+ variables in any Aircraft.Cfg
    • Change Aircraft names, variations and descriptions with ease
    • Change the call-sign or rego no. of your aircraft (ATC will recognize it)
    • Easily assign a different checklist or reference file to each aircraft
    • Adjust the flight control, stability, lift and drag scalars
    • Add long-range tanks to an aircraft
    • Tweak the Piston, Turboprop and Jet Engine parameters
    • Change some flight characteristics and aircraft performance variables
    • Enable/disable many, many other features as explained in the FSX SDK
    • Make any changes with complete impunity - undo with our restore feature
    • Handy for aircraft developers and addicted tweakers alike
    • All FSX SDK examples and descriptions included as balloon pop-up hints

    TweakAircraft gives you easy access to up to 500+ aircraft.cfg variables:

    Each Aircraft.Cfg file contains a wealth of information and TweakAircraft presents this vast array of data in an easy to understand format in keeping with all our TweakFS series. The logic is very similar to our other products so if you have any other TweakFS tool you will feel right at home with TweakAircaft.

    With TweakAircraft you can also add features that you like from one aircraft to another such as special effects (FX files).

    Many of an aircraft's flight characteristics are locked into the AIR (Flight Dynamics) file and cannot be altered without modifying that binary file, however the Aircaft.Cfg file still contains a huge number of variables that are very easily adjusted with TweakAircraft.

    Example: Do you have an aircraft that is a bit too "pitchy"?

    You know, one moment your windscreen is full of houses, the next you are nose-high in a stall? With TweakAircraft simply go to the section called "Flight Tuning", double-click on "Elevator Effectiveness" and set it to 0.9 or 0.8 then hop back into FSX and check out the difference.

    Make Changes with Complete Impunity:

    One thing that puts many off from Tweaking is the fear they will "break" something. As with all TweakFS utilities we have added a Restore button so if anything goes haywire reverting back the original Aircraft.Cfg file is a one-click operation. In fact TweakAircraft leaves the original files themselves intact and makes a duplicate to work with. We always take the cautious approach and give you the ability to easily bail out should FSX spit the dummy at any change you have made.

    Each Variable has a Balloon Pop-up Hint with the SDK Range, Example and Description Information:

    Most serious aircraft developers consult the FSX SDK (Software Development Kit) almost daily. We have made looking it up unnecessary in most cases we have included every SDK example and description for each value as a tool-tip on the "Edit Value" window. Hovering your mouse over the input box will give you a popup with the applicable information.

    Fire up any optional AIR File Editor from within TweakAircraft:

    As mentioned above, some variables need to be adjusted in the the AIR file also if you are to notice any difference. For this purpose TweakAircraft enables you to set up a link to your preferred AIR File Editor, whichever that may be.

    Wherever there is a need to adjust not only the entry in the Aircraft.Cfg file but also the AIR file (eg. The "Reference Speeds" and "Aiplane Geometry" sections), TweakAircraft will display two icons on the lower part of the Config page, one that contains the SDK comment and another to fire up your preferred AIR File Editor application. The link to this application is selected on the Settings page.

    Automatically Remove Comments from Entries:

    Many Aircraft.Cfg files have accompanying comments that begin with a double or single forward slash (/ or //) and in some cases a comma (;). Such comments are ignored by FSX and can be helpful as many add explanatory comments from the SDK.

    However if you would like to remove such comments as you work with the variables TweakAircaft will do that for you automatically if you select that option on the Settings page.

    Aircraft.Cfg Viewer/Manual Editor:

    There are times when a manual edit of the Aaircraft.Cfg file is needed or desired, perhaps for formatting purposes, adding a new section or entry. TweakAircraft provides an enhanced integrated text editor that you can use to make any other manual changes. Simply go to the Settings page and click on the appropriate icon to edit either the original or currently loaded Aircraft config.

    Automatically Launches FSX so you can test your changes:

    You can assign a specific test flight (FLT file) to boot up FSX with, perhaps a saved flight with the aircraft you are working on at the takeoff position. TweakAircraft will launch FSX and load your flight so you can be up and running (or flying) in no time.

    Attractive "Integrated" FSX Look:

    Utilities by nature can be rather unattractive to look at. We hope you notice that as with all TweakFS products we have also put much thought and effort into making them pleasing to the eye.

    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased TWEAKFS - TWEAKAIRCRAFT at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 7.75 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

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    • Pentium or AMD Processor (1Ghz+ recommended)
    • 64 MB RAM
    • 32 MB video card (1024x768 min resolution recommended)
    • Windows Fonts set to 96 DPI (Normal)
    • A properly installed copy of FSX
    • Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista
    • 20MB free hard disk space

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