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    Welcome to Bristol Airport. An ever changing and growing airport serving the Southwest of England. This Scenery is the first for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We have remade the 2019 version of Bristol to work with the new and  superb Microsoft Flight simulator.  The models and graphics have been improved and converted to the new official MSFS model format.

    Our new system takes advantage of the sloping terrain technology in MSFS.  We now have sloping runways and airport surfaces. No more will we have to put up with flat unrealistic airports!. You can see the undulation in the runway and even experiences changes in apron and taxiway slopes.

    The scenery utilises many of the new MSFS features, including airport and approach light models. The MSFS Vegetation system is used where possible to populate the airfield with grass, trees and scrubs.

    • Full detail Buildings
    • Realistic Ground Markings
    • Replacement MSFS airport base image
    • UK Runway markings
    • Use of MSFS Night lights
    • Custom HD Vehicles
    • Good Frame Rates
    • Full set of signs
    • Fencing
    • Airliner Static Aircraft (optional)
    • GA Static Aircraft
    • PBR Materials
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    • Если вы ранее приобретали UK2000 SCENERY - BRISTOL 2019HD FSX P3D X-PLANE 11 simMarket предоставляет право на апгрейд по специальной цене в EUR 9.99. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!



    8GB RAM

    600MB Installed

    6GB Graphics card


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    I'm the very content owner of FSX UK2000 Products and the FSX version of Bristol is one of the best. That being said, ............ From what i can see at first glance this is a Re worked FSX Airport and it seems to be missing some of the detail from that previous incarnation. The price being asked for this Port Over is way to much when compared to what is on offer in the Market Place within MFS 2020. Leeds Bradford being a perfect example. To justify the increased cost of UK 2000 Products these new Airports really need to utilize everything that the new SDK can bring to the Sim. I believe that this Bristol Airport is a mere shadow of what this Company is capable of and i look forward to a 'Revisited' version in the hopefully near future.
    UK2000 really has 1-uped itself with their quality, which is great! Their sceneries were starting to look a bit dated to me, but ever since their 2020HD series started, their products have been significantly improved. The modelling is really good, and accurate. Performance impact is close to none, and perfectly represents Bristol in a satisfactory way. However, I don't see the price as justifiable. Many devs, with arguebly larger and better quality/more detailed sceneries (like Flightbeam or Gaya) releases airports for $15 while UK2000 prices this add-on at $20+. For what you get, you pay a lot more. I think UK2000 has to be more competetive with the pricing and put the price similar to the other devs out there. People will buy Bristol anyway, because it's the only option but I feel like it's more expensive than it should be. It's really the only negative I have to say about this scenery. I hope Gary will consider following the trend of lowering the prices. I believe the lower prices will in return result in higher sales and more satisfied customers. Quick summary: It's a very good scenery, definetly showing that UK2000 is improving, and is pretty accurate to the real airport as far I can tell. However I'll only give it 3 stars because: 1. The quality isn't comparable to the more highend sceneries like the ones from Aerosoft, Flihtbeam and Gaya etc. 2. The price is too steep, compared to what you get and compared to other scenery prices.


    So much more than the pics can show. The acreage alone was the first thing that struck me & buildings are very well done & I chose the static planes option & they look great. So much to see if you want to check out the whole place, just taxi around & get the 50 cent tour. It's also surrounded by some of the best local scenery I've seen to date & on the coast. I recommend this one with no reservations.


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