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    Inverness airfield started life as Royal Air Force station Dalcross (RAF Dalcross), and was used during the Second World War. Like most old RAF stations it has the classic 3 runway triangle layout. The airfield transferred to civil operations in 1947. During the 1960s-1980s it was used by British European Airways, British Airways and Dan-Air using Viscounts, Tridents and BAC1-11 aircraft.

    Today EasyJet, British Airways and Loganair are the main operators at the airport which is now part of Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL). This is a public corporation which also owns Dundee, Islay, Inverness, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Sumburgh, Tiree and Wick airports.

    Our new system takes advantage of the sloping terrain technology in MSFS. The scenery utilises  many of the new MSFS features, including there  airport and approach light models. The MSFS Vegetation system is used where possible to populate the airfield with grass, trees and scrubs.

    The scenery is designed to blend in with the MSFS aerial images and the auto generated buildings and trees are kept and not removed.

    **Please note you must install the 'UK2000 Scenery Common Library'**

    • Full detail Buildings

    • Realistic Ground Markings

    • Replacement MSFS airport base image

    • UK Runway markings

    • Use of MSFS Night lights

    • Custom HS Vehicles

    • Good Frame Rates

    • Full set of signs

    • Fencing

    • Airliner Static Aircraft (optional)

    • GA Static Aircraft

    • PBR Materials

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    MSFS 2020

    Must also install  the LATEST UK2000 Scenery common Library. (from UK2000 Scenery website or link from simmarket)


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    A job very well done by UK2000! The airport is fairly detailed with some lovely modelling throughout the airport, including more remote areas such as the HM Coastguard hangar or fire services buildings. Texturing is crisp and natural looking throughout, the only negative item would be the night lighting on buildings, which is a tad too bright and could be toned down a bit. Some building's windows are so brightly lit you'd think there's a rave party going on in there. Other than that, the airport is nicely integrated in its surroundings, no flat objects visible around the airport, so landing at Inverness is a very immersive indeed. Some very minor runway lighting issues have been spotted, like the green threshold lighting being placed at the physical threshold instead of the displaced threshold. But nothing that would take away the sense of realism of this scenery. One of the best airports in MSFS yet by UK2000, highly recommended!


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