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    KSNA John Wayne airport is a commercial and general aviation airport that serves Orange County, California, and the Greater Los Angeles area. John Wayne Airport is the second-busiest airport in the Greater Los Angeles area. The airport is served by Southwest, American, United, Alaska, Spirit, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue and Air Canada.

    This airport represents a  leap forward in improved HD PBR materials and Level of Detail for UK2000. Hundreds of custom-made models and images accurately designed and placed, but more importantly done in an efficient fast performance way, so you don't end up with GBs of data slowing your PC down. It includes line markings with 'black' borders, just like must US airports have.

    We've remodelled our GA aircraft library collection to have more details with PBR materials, plus new models like the C172,  SR22, P51 and B-17 for the museum. There are many GA light aircraft placed around the airport, just like the real airport.(will not clash with AI, so you get both) It also has many open hangars that you can start your flight from, complete with internal details.

    The airside terminal is modelled with internal details, including passengers, seats, plants, vending machines and fast food outlets. There a 21 unique animated Jetways with high details to dock with your aircraft with, plus other animated models. Many other windows have Parallax effects to produce a fake internal effect.  The "Helistream" building on the north side is also modelled with a landable surface


    • Full detail Buildings

    • Realistic Ground Markings

    • Hi Res ground image

    • Stunning Night Effects

    • High details Airport Vehicles

    • Excellent Frame Rates

    • Full set of signs

    • Fencing

    • GA Static Aircraft

    • Vegetation

    • PBR Materials

    • Animated 'WigWags'

    • Animated Radar

    • Internal Tower details

    • Internal Pier details

    • Animates Jetways


    MSFS 2020

    Must also install UK2000 Scenery common Library.


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    Both installers do not have statics. Wig wags are also not installed via either installer.

    Jean Marie

    Not really FPS friendly, there are lags when approaching the airport. Overall not too bad to have, scenery is pretty nice.


    I think they fixed the performance issue mine is running fine. The terminal area outside is a bit lacking in detail. I agree with a review below that parking lot thing on the other side of the highway from 20R is atrocious. Definitely needs something different.


    What is a nicely modeled product becomes marred by incredibly bad performance. In order to make sure it was not my system or addons I was using, I had three other folks with this airport compare against my performance and all of us had the same results. There is no excuse for an airport of this size to have such a huge performance impact. My system can barely sustain 30 FPS on High settings with this airport installed. Why does an airport of this size and detail run at 30 fps while the giant KLAX down the road runs at 60-70 fps? There is something flawed with this airport's performance. It is clearly a bug in the airport. It needs another sweep of optimizations. Running the freeware KSNA which looks decent yielded 45+ FPS on our test systems. There is also an ortho flaw with this airport in general. I believe it is on Asobo's end to fix. Coming in for final at this airport the ortho ground colors and quality will morph before your very eyes. It is extremely distracting and ugly to witness.


    This add-on would have easily earned 4 stars as it's very nicely modelled with a lot of immersion all around, crisp textures on all buildings, nice static GA aircraft, good night lighting. I really wanted to like this scenery, but there's one thing that is completely immersion-breaking for me: On one end of the runway, right after the fence, there as an enormously big parking lot. It's large and it's right there front and centre 50% of the time you land at this airport, you can't not see it. And yet, it's only blurry default aerial image with flat cars shown, so it received no treatment by UK2000. And to me that is just not acceptable in 2022. You have a perfectly modelled airport within the perimeter fence but are expected to fly low ALT over a large area of blurry flat cars on short final? This parking lot, being so prominently placed, should have been included in the modelled area. And if FPS would have been a problem, a (almost) empty parking lot is still better than one filled with flat cars. Or there could have been less GA aircraft, because right now there are so many of them, they could be reduced by two thirds and it would still look great. And that's the second thing to point out: There's no way of reducing the amount of static aircraft or even disable them. People flying GA on VATSIM might want the latter, and even though the MSFS AI system is completely broken at the time of writing, at some point GA traffic is going to fill the airport, at which point you'll want to have more parking spaces available. Other than those 2 issues mentioned above it is a perfectly fine piece of work. If it weren't for that immersion-breaking approach over flat cars, this would be a real winner indeed.


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