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    Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) is a public airport located in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. It was originally established in 1963 and has since served as a general aviation airport for the region. Over the years, the airport has undergone several enhancements and improvements to cater to the growing aviation needs of the community. Leesburg Executive Airport is known for its convenient location, modern facilities, and efficient services for private and corporate aviation operations. It continues to play a vital role in the local aviation industry and serves as an important gateway for travellers visiting the Leesburg area.

    Leesburg also took part in testing of a 'remote ATC' system, similar to the system used successfully at London City airport. However, for unclear reasons, the FAA closed down this operation and ATC is now fulfilled by a mobile ATC unit on the main apron.

    Leesburg has one main runway: 17-35 at 5500ft long. Runway 17 has an ILS approach, indent IJYO 111.75.

    Our scenery is made with HD photographic images that uses PBR materials. With high detail models researched and based on the real airport, including both large and small details to enhance your flight SIM experience. With the advantages of the MSFS engine, we can now bring you sloping runways and enhanced lighting effects not previously possible with other simulators. In addition to airport scenery, we also include general aviation static aircraft scenery to complement and enhance the airport, but will not affect or clash with AI traffic. The scenery is based on the airport as it was in 2024, and is optimized for the new MS flight sim.

    **Please note you must install the 'UK2000 Scenery Common Library'**

    • Full detail Buildings
    • Realistic Ground Markings
    • Hi Res ground image
    • Stunning Night Effects
    • High details Airport Vehicles
    • Excellent Frame Rates
    • Full set of signs
    • Fencing
    • Vegatation
    • Static Aircraft
    • PBR Materials


    Dieses Produkt verfügt über unsere simInstaller Technologie und ist nach dem Kauf nur über unsere APP verfügbar.


    MSFS 2020

    Must also install  the LATEST UK2000 Scenery common Library. (This is a Free collection of models, either from our UK2000 Scenery website or the MSFS Marketplace)

    Direct link: https://uk2000scenery.com/uk2000scenery-airport-commonlibrary.zip


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