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    Spaceport America (9NM9) is located in New Mexico, USA and was formerly known as 'Southwest Regional Spaceport'. This airfield is designed specifically for both vertical and horizontal lunch space vehicles and was opened in 2011. The entire facility has been deemed fully open in 2019. It's currently home to several companies including Virgin Galactic and SpinLaunch. Visitors can book tours of the facility via there website. The unique main building and hanger is a unique ,striking and dramatic landmark in the New Mexico desert which makes a great destination for flight simmer to visit.

    Our scenery is made with HD photographic images that uses PBR materials. With high detail models researched and based on the real airport, including both large and small details to enhance your flight SIM experience. The scenery is based on the airport as it was in 2022.

    • Full detail Buildings
    • Realistic Ground Markings
    • Hi Res ground image
    • Stunning Night Effects
    • High details Airport Vehicles
    • Excellent Frame Rates
    • Full set of signs
    • Fencing
    • Vegatation
    • PBR Materials
    • Internal Tower details
    • Internal Building details and Open Hanger​


    MSFS 2020

    Must also install  the LATEST UK2000 Scenery common Library. (from UK2000 Scenery website or link from simmarket)


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    This is a neat little scenery out in the desert, with nice detailed modelling and decent texturing. The static aircraft formation is of excellent quality and so the feeling of being at the Spaceport America is captured well. As such, the scenery would really have deserved a higher rating. However, there's some questionable decisions that make me downgrade it quite a bit. Smaller issues first: - The parking stands all have been laid out in a way that makes no sense. So whenever you load your aircraft onto the apron, you'll always need a pushback to get going. Why would anyone do that on an empty apron without markings, makes no sense at all. - While the window textures have been done well in daylight, the large window front looks a bit odd in darkness, as if there's no glass installed, no reflection effects or anything like it. - This is a VFR only airport that most probably sees no activity during hours of darkness. So there's no runway lighting. That's all fine and well. But then there are default blue taxiway edge lights present on all bits of taxiway, which are certainly not there on the real airfield And here's the big one: - If you are going to model an airport that has almost nothing on it besides a large building and runway, at least model EVERYTHING else that is visible while flying there. And that includes the perimeter fence. There is some fencing around the main buildings, but the fencing is completely missing beyond that area. It is however perfectly visible on the aerial imagery. So for heavens sake just continue laying out fencing all around the airfield and add the various gates alongside the fence. Because it's obviously perfectly visible while taxiing or landing on the real airfield, and would have spiced up the empty area quite nicely. Having said all that, I still highly recommend getting this scenery as it's perfect for flight testing, having a very large runway with no high terrain around it. I'm glad UK2000 decided to do this one as it's rather unique and PC flight simming can be so much more than just flying at large commercial or buzzing GA airports. So I do hope there will be an update to make it match reality and spice it up a little bit. The thing with the night time glass textures is not important, but all other points mentioned should get corrected as soon as possible.


    Wenig los - wie fast überall in New Mexico. Dafür aber eine nette Scenery mit kleinen Eastereggs und für €9,- kann man nichts falsch machen.


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