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    Welcome to Florida’s West Coast.

    Verticalsim’s biggest destination yet, Tampa Intl. The biggest airport on Florida’s West Coast is served by over 21 airlines, and 3 cargo airlines. It’s stunning picturesque approach is well known. Its location is perfect for both those seeking short and long flights. Experience the handcrafted & detailed surrounding areas while flying into one of America’s best airports. KTPA was crafted with performance in mind, while also taking advantage of the MSFS SDK’s features.


    • “Half-interior” airsides/terminals for optimal performance
    • 2023 taxiway layout
    • Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, airline codes
    • Custom taxisigns per real-life taxisign plots
    • Custom airport lighting (i.e. centerline lights, hold-short, Wig-Wags, etc.)
    • Blend of custom & photorealistic texturing for the best of both worlds
    • Animated HVAC fans, flags, and trams
    • Handcrafted mesh with taxiway bridges
    • High-resolution 0.5ft/Color Graded Imagery
    • Surrounding area landmarks (Raymond James, International Plaza, Grand Hyatt, etc.)


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    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

    OS: Windows 10

    Processor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

    Memory: 16 GB RAM

    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590

    DirectX: Version 11


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    Horrible on performance and it's unacceptable that the terrain issues haven't been addressed. Just got a crash on Newsky because RW 1R has a fatal bump. Taxiways flawed as well.


    Scenery is great!!!! But as already stated, FPS drop big time when I'm using it with the PMDG...


    Awesome Scenery, but little heavy on FPS when using PMDG or Fenix on lower end PC's


    Full in-depth review here:- https://youtu.be/ZX3cpsgaJm4


    Well I am giving this a 5. I love Tampa now! It's because of this addon, and also the additional free Tampa city addon offered on Vertical Sims website. I mean this addon is very immersive. I absolutely love when they have trains and buses all over the airport showing the transportation of people. It's amazing how much is going on, and I am not having any FPS issues. Sure, it doesn't have some of the interior eye candy as others, but it still deserves 5 stars. I get it. There are other airports out there that have insane exterior and interior models. Klax from IniScene comes to mind. Those airports are like 5+, but I judge a 5 on how immersed I am and how much I want to fly the airport. Tampa, I had no interest in flying. Now since I bought the airport, I want to be there all the time. Much like Miami from LFVR, I love flying there now. Its blows me away. All the trains and buses passing through. It has so much immersion. Immersion is the key for me. Does it make me feel the like airport is alive and happening. Hell, yes Tampa does. Others do too, and maybe with more impressive expressions, but at the same time, this one is very impressive. It deserves the 5. Get it. You won't regret it. And don't forget to get the free city addon on their website.


    Great work indeed I am a big fan of their KBOI airport KPTA is a huge work with a lot of details (animated shuttles...) Inside modeling could have been slightly better though. Olivier
    Incredible scenery. Another great airfield added to the already impressive library. This airport was very anticipated and it did not disappoint. The approaches are incredible and Vertical offers a free scenery pack for landmarks in the area and downtown Tampa. Chalk this up as another win for Verticalsim and an even bigger win for MSFS pilots.


    This is VerticalSim best work so far. The airport and the surrounding areas look amazing. It shows a lot of effort were put into this scenery. I own a few products from this developer like KBOI, KSYR and KMYR and I always been disappointed with ground textures, they did a lot better in this scenery but still some ground textures are a little blurry. Also the scenery is harder on FPS than others the same size but barely noticeable (at least on my PC) and that is why I gave it 4 stars. But I do recommend this scenery; working for a major airline I fly to this airport at least once on a weekly basis and it is an exact match to the real one, the Ai follow the correct taxi paths (FsTraffic), the terminals and gates are very well done except on gate 80 which is to short and do not even reach my 737 even if park at the beginning of the gate parking line. I love flying at night in MSFS2020 but with this scenery I love approaching during day time because is so well done with the surrounding areas that looks too real. Its a must have if you like flying in and out of Florida.


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