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    RIAT Fairford Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator re-creates the atmosphere of the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), in particular the 2003 event at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

    Designer Carl Edwards has been able to adapt his Hollywood-level capabilities to the restrictions of Microsoft Flight Simulator and deliver a superb compromise of out-and-out modeling detail and practical reality.

    RIAT Fairford is designed for FS2002 and FS2004. It can be used alone with the default Microsoft scenery or alongside popular add-on sceneries such as VFR Terrain, VFR Photographic Scenery and UK2000 Scenery/British Airports.

    An easy-to-use installer makes installation a doddle for novice users, while the expert will appreciate the detailed documentation and installation options which will allow them to adapt RIAT Fairford to integrate with their carefully crafted system.

    Airshow detail
    In addition to the detailed aircraft buildings and features, RIAT Fairford also includes a huge collection of static display aircraft, many with show-specific markings, positioned as they were during the Air Tattoo 2003 event wherever possible.

    To complete the atmosphere and detail of the event, RIAT Fairford includes crowds, fairground rides, hot air balloons, hot dog stands, beer tents, trade stands, marquees, advertising hoardings, banners, coaches, tour buses, military and civilian vehicles, marker cones, crowd-control line and even the all-essential toilet facilities.

    At this stage, you could be forgiven for wondering about frame rates. The good news is that despite the incredible amount of detail in the scenery, good frame rates are maintained through a combination of superb design skills and user selectable performance options. RIAT Fairford is an airshow, not a slide show!

    What's not included
    We have been asked why there are no flyable or AI aircraft included in the scenery. At the planning stage, we thought long and hard about this, but in the end felt that we should concentrate on harnessing the unique skills of the designer, Carl Edward, while providing a base on which others can build. There are many excellent freeware and commercial add-on aircraft suitable for use with RIAT Fairford, and we would encourage you to seek out their favourites.

    RAF Benevolent Fund
    A proportion of each sale goes to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund which provides assistance in times of need to those who have served in the RAF. The RAF Benevolent Fund also provides assistence to widows, widowers and dependents, including those of associated Air Forces as well as the RAF.

    Ease-of-use features

    • Quick and easy-to-use installer
    • Comprehensive User Guide

    Expert features

    • Separate readme available prior to install
    • Install/uninstall actions fully documented
    • Install into FS2002, FS2004 or both
    • Installer autodetects flight sim versions and locations
    • Specify install location separately to flight sim location
    • Installation options to customise for performance vs features
    • Integrated with Windows Add/Remove Programs

    Performance features

    • 3D design and textures optimised for maximum performance
    • Frame-rate friendly shadows
    • Three different user configurable crowd levels
    • Different levels of detail linked to Scenery Complexity

    Airbase and airshow features

    • Accurate runways, taxiways and aprons
    • Control tower
    • Radio towers
    • Water tower
    • Hangars
    • Housing
    • Commissary
    • Chapel
    • Perimeter fencing
    • Trees
    • Hedgerows
    • Emergency vehicles
    • Crowds and crowd-control features
    • Airshow- specific aircraft liveries
    • Animated fairground rides
    • Animated hot air balloons
    • Tour buses and coaches
    • Civilian and military vehicles
    • Marquees and tents
    • Trade stands
    • Advertising hordings
    • Crowd contol features
    • Portable toilets


    • Huge collection of static display aircraft
    • Airshow-specific liveries
    • Subtle animated features
    • Aircraft positions based on RIAT 2003 layout as far as possible
    • Authentic themed display areas

    Themed display areas

    • Fighter Town
      • A-10s
      • F-4s
      • F-15s
      • F-16s
      • F-103
      • Mirage III
      • Mirage IVP
      • Alpha Jets
      • Gr.1 Tonrnados
      • Ja37-Viggens
      • AV-8s (Harriers)
    • 100 Years of Flight
      • Lancaster
      • B-25
      • Spitfires
      • Hurricanes
      • DC-3
      • DC-4
      • Mosquito
      • Vampires
      • Meteors
      • Gnats
      • Javelin
      • Canberras
      • Lightnings
      • Vulcan
      • Wessexs
      • E3-NATO (Sentry)
      • KC-10
      • Eurofighter Typhoon
    • Ocean Watch
      • Nimrod
      • P-3 Orion
      • Atlantique
      • CN-235
      • An-26
      • Wessex
    • Bombers
      • B-52
      • B-1
      • Tu-95 Bear
      • F-15
      • F-4
    • Gulf Tribute
      • A-10s
      • Av-8s (Harriers)
      • F-4
      • F-15
      • AH-64 Apache
      • CH-47 Chinook
      • KC-135
      • C-130
    • Transports
      • AN-124 Condor
      • C-5 Galaxy
      • C-130s
      • C-17
    • Tankers
      • KC-135s
      • KC-10s
    • Display Teams
      • Red Arrows - BAe Hawks
      • Il Frecce Tricolori - MB339s
    • Hangar & Active Aprons
      • F-117
      • Eurofighter
      • T-43
      • F-4
      • F-15
      • F-104
      • B-1
      • B-52
      • An-26
      • Gr.1 Tornado
      • A-10


    Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2002
    RIAT Fairford is fully compatible with FS2002 (Professional or Standard Edition).

    FS2004 RIAT Fairford is fully compatible with FS2004: A Century of Flight (also known as FS9).

    Hardware Requirements This scenery should work on any computer system which is already running FS2002 or FS2004 successfully with acceptable frame rates.

    Hard Disk Space RIAT Fairford 1.0 requires 26- 30MB free hard disk space to install.


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    A great air-show package! Limited impact on framerates for those with older systems!


    This scenery has to be the best to go show off your flight skills in what ever aircraft you fly. Its also fun to just "walk" around the airshow and take in all the sites and interactive objects. Thos scenery does have a slight impact on frame-rates from about 34 to 29-24 fps. Overall it was well worth the money, "I have crashed a few times trying to show off for the crowed".


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