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    The Grumman Tiger is a 4-seat general aviation aircraft intended for VFR flight. The vFlyteAir version includes a Century I autopilot capable of tracking VOR navigation aids, and ILS approaches

    AVIONICS PACKAGE (VFR Flight with Two-Axis Autopilot)

    • X-Plane g430 GPS
    • Terra TX 760 D COM2 radio
    • Terra TN 200 D NAV2 radio
    • TerraNAV digital HSI slaved to NAV2 receiver
    • Garmin GMA 430 Audio Panel
    • Custom Garmin GTX327 Transponder with Pressure Altitude, Automatic Flight Timer, Count Up Timer and Count Down Timer
    • Custom STEC System 30 Wing Leveler, VOR tracking, ALT HOLD and ILS/RNAV tracking (pitch and roll)
    • Standard "six pack" gauges (Airspeed, Compass, Chronometer, Artificial Horizon w/Flight Director indicator, Directional Gyro, Vertical Speed Indicator,  Altimeter/Baro, ADF Directional, Engine Tachometer, HSI/OBS slaved to NAV1, copilot Altimeter)
    • Custom EDM 700 Engine Data Monitor
    • Engine gauges including suction, voltmeter, ammeter, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and Fuel Pressure gauges


    • We now HIDE the yoke control lock manipulator when the aircraft is airborne - it was too easy to accidentally re-install the yoke lock while in flight! Also added plugin code to remove the yoke lock automatically if the pilot forgot, and the airplane goes airborne
    • Fixed the A/P Interrupt button on the pilot yoke. Can now be clicked and held down to use Control Wheel Steering while autopilot servos are engaged. Corrected the spelling of "A/P Interrupt" label on the pilot yoke
    • We now HIDE the ignition key manipulator located on top of the glareshield while in flight to prevent being able to remove the keys from ignition in flight, Keys cannot be removed from ignition receptacle unless the magnetos are set to OFF
    • Changed the visibility logic for the pilot figure - the pilot is now hidden if the airplane is on the ground, the engine is off, and the parking brake is set, regardless of the canopy open or closed
    • Starter lamp does not illuminate if trying to start the engine with the keys on the glareshield
    • Modified the Audio Amplifier fuse logic - if the fuse is pulled, audio volumes are set to zero, marker lamps will not illuminate, and the audio panel power lamp goes off. Radio volume settings are saved and restored when fuse is pushed back in
    • Corrected mesh textures on the interior of the pilot yoke columns sleeves - no longer transparent
    • The flaps paddle switch now operates as described in the Tiger POH - click and hold down to deploy flaps, click up once to fully retract
    • Fixed issues with COM2 radio still able to operate even if the COM2 power was off (X-Plane bug)
    • The audio panel volume knob now acts as a "master" volume for all devices that play through the audio panel. Individual radio volumes can be adjusted, but the audio panel volume will also control the volumes
    • Squelch noise (if on) is controlled by the appropriate radio - if COM1 is selected, the COM1 volume will control the squelch volume, and likewise for COM2. If neither COM1 or COM2 is selected on the audio panel the squelch sound will not be played
    • COM2 and NAV2 radio frequency manipulators, volume knobs and flip/flop buttons are now un-clickable if the radio power is off, or the radio fuse is pulled
    • Enlarged a number of cockpit manipulators to make them easier to operate
    • New HDR instrument gauge lighting


    X-Plane 10


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