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    The Cherokee 140 “Original” version is a Piper Cherokee PA28-140 modeled after the real-world Cherokee 140 with the tail number of N3466K, located in Texas. USA. Our X-Plane version of N3466K is almost a replica of the real airplane, with a few minor differences. I have personally logged about 10 hours of PIC (Pilot-in-Command) time in the real N3466K, so I wanted to make the X-Plane version fly as closely as possible to the real thing.

    N3466K is a “basic trainer” aircraft, equipped for VFR day and night flight. There are two COM radios and one NAV radio with a corresponding OBS instrument. There is no GPS, and no autopilot in this model. This version is a great choice for those students who are learning to fly VFR, or for anyone who enjoys VFR flying. The Original version will challenge your pilotage skills and help you brush up on your VOR navigation. Using X-Plane’s built-in “Data Out” features, you can connect X-Plane to your favorite iPad or Android tablet moving-map flight app to track your flights.


    • - PS Engineering PAR200 combination audio panel/COM1 radio w simulated “Bluetooth” music feature and 8.33Khz tuning
    • - TKM MX300 COM2/NAV1 radio (25 Khz tuning)
    • - ARC RT-359A  transponder
    • - Omni-Bearing Selector (OBS) slaved to NAV1 radio with localizer and glideslope indicator needles
    • - Magnetic Compass
    • - Directional Gyro Compass
    • - Vertical Velocity Indicator (VVI)
    • - Altimeter/Barometer
    • - Airspeed Indicator with True Airspeed indicator
    • - Clock with Elapsed Timer Hour and Minutes hands and Time-of-Day adjustment feature
    • - Artificial Horizon
    • - Tachometer with Tach Hours Meter
    • - Hobbs Meter
    • - Engine Gauges (Left Fuel Qty, Right Fuel Qty, Ammeter, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Suction)

    Special Features

    • - Beta Tested by Three Real-World Cherokee 140 Pilots
    • Here is a quote from one of our beta testers: “This is by far the most accurate and well flying flight model I have experienced in X-Plane to date. I flew several circuits, and every time I hit the numbers when it came to downwind, base and final speeds and configuration. Really, really well done. This actually feels like flying an airplane!”
    • - Custom Engine Startup Procedure 
      It was our goal to make the Cherokee 140 as real as we could within the limits of X-Plane. Therefore, we created a special plug-in controller engine startup procedure that we think adds greatly to the realism of the model. When is the last time you jumped into an older-model airplane on a cold day, and the engine started immediately? Let’s face it, most older airplanes are a bit hard to start, especially when the weather is cold. We’ve modeled the 140 so that when the engine oil temperature is cold, the engine is harder to start. Conversely, if the engine is already hot or warm, it will be much easier to start.
    •   o When you first load the Cherokee 140, the ignition key will be located on top of the glareshield. You must click on the ignition key to place it into the ignition. The engine will not start without the magnetos being ON.
    •   o You must open the throttle by at least ¼” before the engine will start.
    •   o Mixture should be full rich before starting.
    •   o If the engine is quite cold, it may take two tries on the starter to get the engine started.
    • - Special Pilot’s “Trick” for Extra Cruise Speed
    •   o A special “trick” was passed along to us by one of our beta testers who regularly flies a Cherokee 140. He told us that if you jam a small object under the flaps lever during cruise flight, you can cause the flaps to deploy by about one degree. If you re-trim the airplane after doing so, you can gain 2-4 KTS of extra speed without changing the power setting. We simulated this “trick” in our model, and it works! To try it out, just click on the Pilot Log Book found in the pilot-side pocket.
    • - Custom Prop Disc
    •   o Using the X-Plane Custom Prop Disc features along with plug-in programming, the Cherokee 140 has a 3D-effect spinning prop disc
    • - XChecklist-compatible checklists included
    •   o We have included a “clist.txt” file that is compatible with Michal and Bill’s excellent XChecklist plugin available from X-Plane.org at this link:
    • http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/20785-xchecklist-linwinmac3264/
    • - Custom Recorded Sounds from the real N3466K
    •   o In December, 2015, we recorded many internal and external sounds from the real airplane, and the X-Plane version sounds are made from those original recordings. Original sounds include engine starter, engine start-up, engine shut-down, engine noise at various RPM levels, flaps lever sounds, toggle switch sounds, rocker switch sounds, hand brake sound, and more.
    • - Pop-Up Control Menu
    •   o Click on the small gear icon at the lower left of the screen to bring up the Control Menu. You can select various camera views, and control various elements such as “Remove Wheel Fairings,” “Open/Close Passenger Door,” “Hide Glass,” “Add/Remove CoPilot,” “Remove Ground Elements,” and un-check “Nose Gear Steers.” See the User Manual included with the 140 for more details on these options.
    • - Partial Panel Practice Flight
    •   o Click on the upper-left portion of the instrument gauges to make them temporarily unusable. They will be covered with a temporary sticker that says “INOP.” This allows pilots to practice emergency procedures when one or more instruments fail during flight.
    • - Simulated Bluetooth Music
    •   o The PS Engineering PAR 200 radio/audio instrument has Bluetooth features. We’ve simulated Bluetooth music in the model. You can even install your own custom music track in the model, if you so choose (see the User Manual for instructions). Simply turn up the Bluetooth volume knob on the PAR 200 to listen to music during your flight!
    • - Simulated Radio Squelch Noise
    •   o If you turn OFF the “ASQ” button on the PAR200 audio panel/radio, you will hear a simulated radio static noise over the normal radio audio.
    • - Fuses are Operational
    •   o You can fail any of the fuses and/or circuit breakers on the panel to practice emergency procedures.
    • - User-Customizable Panel Placard
    •   o The placard located below the radio stack has information unique to N3466K’s home base in Texas. You can customized this placard to replace the information with your location information. See the User Manual for instructions.
    • - Exterior HDR Custom Parameterized Lighting
    •   o The strobe lights are plug-in controlled to create a “staggered” flash sequence. All exterior lights are created using X-Plane’s custom parameterized lighting system with plug-in control. To enjoy the lighting effects to their fullest, HDR Rendering must be ON in your settings. However, the lights will still work with HDR off, they just won’t look as nice.
    • - Wheel Fairings can be Added or Removed using the Control Menu
    •   o  if you remove the wheel fairings, the drag co-efficient will be increased by approximately 3%
    • -  Vibration Effects
    •   o  The exhaust pipe, ignition key, ailerons and stabilator are animated to appear to shake/vibrate when the engine is running. As you increase engine RPM, the shaking smooths out.
    • -  Spinning Wheels “Blur” Effect
    •   o  When the wheels are spinning at faster than 20 KTS, the textures are replaced with a radial-blur effect to add more realism.
    • - Rain and Ice Texture for Windows
    •   o When X-Plane indicates that there is precipitation on the windshield, or ice on the airframe, the window glass textures will be replaced with rain or ice effect textures.
    • - Headphones Feature - Plug in your headset and the sound volume is reduced. Just click on the pilot's side headphone jacks to "plug in" the headphones!
    • - Original N3446K livery and Plain White livery included, along with 4 other liveries
    • - Super Hi-resolution textures used – up to 4K x 4K textures
    • - Fully animated model – if it looks like it should move in real life, it is animated!
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