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    Aerial simulation has been in progress at the same time as flight simulators. Since the first simulator came out, more than a decade has passed, however, many of these simulators are still in force or at least many people around the world continue to use them as is the case of MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 (FS2004 / FS9), one of the best flight simulators in history currently replaced by the latest versions of FSX, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D or even X-plane.

    For this mythical flight simulator, today they develop very few sceneries, terrain meshes or other complements with which virtual air operations can have more realism. Today, VIELCON DESIGNS is pleased to present "REALISTIC ENVIROMENT".

    REALISTIC ENVIROMENT is an improvement package that has been developed exclusively for MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 where optimization and quality of textures, sounds and effects guarantee a level of more realistic immersion.

    PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS (Textures included):

    -Realistic sky textures for sunrise, day, sunset and night.

    -Realistic sun texture with brightness effects for sunrise, day and sunset.

    -Realistic moon textures.

    -Textures of sea and ocean water with realistic bright light on the horizon during sunrise and sunset. At night with reflections of the moonlight.

    -Realistic cumulus (Clouds) texture in high resolution.

    -Detailed textures of asphalt, concrete, macadam and gravel surfaces, runway.

    -Texture for signs on taxiways.

    -Texture for runway lighting, taxiways, PAPI lights and more.

    -Texture for marks on taxiways.


    -Realistic sea and ocean wave action effects.

    -Realistic aurora borealis effects.

    -Rain effect & realistic sound inside and outside the cabin.

    -Thunder & lightning effect with realistic sound in high quality.

    -Contrail effect applicable to any aircraft.

    -Touchdown effect for any aircraft with realistic sound.

    -Realistic smoke effect on engine ignition.

    -Fire effect on engines.

    -Reflection effect for the environment, objects & airplanes.


    This product is compatible with any scenery, terrain mesh or any weather engine.

    The installation is very easy and it is done by the installer of the product. We include installation manual in both English and Spanish. In addition to including manuals, also Nvidia configuration, ENBSeries configuration and backup in the same installer.


    -Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (version 9.1).

    -Windows 7/8/10.

    -Processor (CPU): Dual Core i3, i5, i7 at 2 GHz or faster

    -Graphic card with 512 MB of RAM or more.

    -DirectX 9 or later version.

    -Space on hard disk: 250 MB.

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