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    The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was produced in greater numbers than any other American combat aircraft of World War II. It easily attained a distinguished combat record for its operation in the European, Pacific, and Mediterranean theatres.

    For FS2004 and FSX


    • includes B-24D 'glazed nose' :
      • B-24J, 'Satan's Gal', 42-78231, 720th BS/450 BG
      • B-24D, 'Hellsadroppin II', 41-23809, 329th BS/93 BG
      • B-24G, 'The Stork', 42-7687, 726th BS/451 BG
      • B-24D, 'Strawberry Bitch', 42-72843, 512th BS/376 BG
      • B-24J, 'Cocktail Hour', 44-40428, 64th BS/43 BG
    • includes a Visual Load Editor, a GUI for adding and removing optional parts
    • bombs can be added using VLE above, aircraft.cfg is automatically updated with extra weight
    • animations for : bomb bay doors, gunners and pilots, cowl flaps, prop pitch, extendable ventral ball turret, sliding cockpit windows
    • VLE also toggles crew figiures, animated waist gunner (with hatch) and fluttering national flag from cockpit.
    • full FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
    • FSX model includes V-C self-shadowing (effect requires FSX SP2/Accel, DX10 preview mode)
    • highly authentic virtual cockpit with animations and many mousable controls
    • FIVE different texture sets - bare-metal (reflective), desert and olive drab schemes with noseart
    • FSX model includes 2048-pixel textures for maximum clarity
    • authentic all-xml 2D panel, hi-res glazed-effect gauges, custom pop-ups for autopilot, electrical & fuel systems, radios, fully mousable
    • detailed checklist and very accurate flight model
    • .pdf manual included for cockpit and panel/gauge functions
    • includes Excel spreadsheet to calculate correct throttle and supercharger settings
    • custom effects for engine startup and exhaust smoke
    • extremely high quality TSS soundset included, FSX-specific 'soundcones' version included


    FSX FS2004


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