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    © Virtavia 2013

    Boeing B-45 Tornado for P3D v3, 4 & 4.5

    Although the design for North American Aviation's B-45 originated during WWII, the arrival of the Tornado in 1948 held the distinction of becoming the first purpose-built all-jet bomber in the world. Fitted with four jet engines, it was a sleek and handsome aircraft. Although its range was limited, the B-45's ability to deliver nuclear weapons made it an effective deterrent during the early part of the Cold War. The straight-wing design incorporated four GE J47 turbojet engines, mounted in pairs under each wing. The J47's produced 6000 lbs of thrust each, resulting in a top speed of just over 500 knots at 4000 feet. The Tornado saw limited service during the Korean War as both a bomber and a high altitude recon aircraft. The final version, the RB-45C, was modified as a reconnaissance aircraft. It featured prominent wingtip tanks, a skinned-over nose, up to 12 cameras, and proved to be a capable photographic platform. In all, 96 B-45A bombers, 10 B-45C's and 38 RB-45C's were built.

    Features -

    - Two model variations with seven detailed hi-res texture sets :

    - 47th BW, RAF Sculthorpe, England
    - 3200th PTG
    - 422nd BS, Langley AFB, VA
    - 91st SRG, Barksdale AFB, LA
    - 91st SRG, Lockbourne AFB, OH
    - 91st SRG, RAF Sculthorpe, England
    - Royal Air Force (Black Ops), RAF Sculthorpe, England

    - optimised for P3D
    - both B-45A bomber and RB-45C reconaissance variants included.
    - virtual cockpit with gauges and controls.
    - both bomber and recon have unique FDE's (flight dynamics/fuel etc tailored to aircraft).
    - seven stunning reflective metal 2048-pixel texture sets with custom spec and bump maps.
    - two very high quality native FSX models.
    - bomber version has 1000lb free-fall bomb loadout (bombs not droppable).
    - animated opening bombay doors, crew hatches and ladder.
    - togglable realistic crew figures with full harnesses and period flight gear.
    - virtual cockpit includes rear seat with gauges and controls, walkway and bomb aimer position spaces.
    - illustrated user manual in PDF format.
    - high quality soundset by Sonic Solutions.
    - PhotoShop paintkit files provided.
    - Note - NO 2D panel is provided.
    - Note - installs to C:Program Files (x86)Virtavia by default (path can be changed if required), so files need to be moved/copied to P3D.

    Offre de Mise à jour
    • Si vous avez déjà acheté VIRTAVIA - VIRTAVIA -B-45 TORNADO FSX au simMarket, vous bénéficiez à un mise à jour gratuite. Il suffit d'acheter le produit et vous ne serez pas facturé. REMARQUE: Pour bénéficier automatiquement de la mise à jour à prix réduit vers la version nouveau, vous devez vous être identifié avec le compte utilisé lors de l'achat de la version précédente. En cas de doute contactez le support simMarket premier! Aucune exception, aucun remboursement!


    Prepar3D v3, v4 or v4.5

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