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    F-111 Aardvark

    The F-111 was an extremely advanced design using the "swing wing" or variable geometry airfoil. Powered by fuel-efficient turbofan engines, the aircraft went through a long and varied evolutionary process, emerging as perhaps the finest long-range interdictor of the 1980s. It served in many roles, flying thousands of combat sorties, and carried a vast array of weaponry, including nuclear payloads, missiles, and bombs. It could also pack a Vulcan cannon. Total stores amounted to 31,500 pounds for any one mission, plus fuel and crew. The last operational F-111's were retired in 2011 by the Royal Australian Air Force. 

    *** For FSX STEAM EDITION only ***
     Featured variants : FB-111A, F-111C, F-111E, F-111F, F-111G and the EF-111A Raven. 

      FB-111A 'Sleepy Time Gal' , 509th BW 
      FB-111A 'Spirit of the Seacoast', 509th BW 
      F-111C A8-138 camo, 1 Sqn. RAAF 
      F-111C A8-125 grey 2007 Anniv., 6 Sqn. RAAF 
      F-111C A8-125 grey 2010 Anniv., 6 Sqn. RAAF
      F-111E 77th TFS, 20th TFW, Upper Heyford 
      F-111F 524th FS 'Hounds', Cannon AFB 
      F-111F 'Miss Lyberty II', 48th TFW, Lakenheath 
      F-111G 'Boneyard Wrangler', 6 Sqn. RAAF 
      F-111G 428th FS 'Buccaneers', Cannon AFB 
      EF-111A Raven, 430th ECS, Cannon AFB

    - high level of cockpit functionality, many mousable switches and knobs. 
    - comprehensive 63-page PDF manual included. 
    - four different working multi-mode radar types, with many selectable functions. 
    - simulated multi-function TFR (Terrain Following Radar) display. 
    - multi-function displays (G version only) with selectable pages. 
    - special multi-display radar and information unit in EF-111A version.
    - loadouts include Mk82's, Mk82 Snakeye, GBU-10 and -12 Paveway, GBU-15, Harpoon, AIM-9P, B61 nuclear free-fall bombs (internal) and SRAM nuclear stand-off missiles (all loadouts can be hidden using switch in cockpit). Also on some variants - Pavetack module, AN-ALQ 131V ECM unit, AXQ-14 datalink pod. 
    - animated canopy, tailhook, speedbrakes, spoilerons, bomb bay doors, refuelling receptacle, afterburner petals, Triple Plow 1 translating cowls and Triple Plow II blow-in doors, Pavetack pod.
    - high-resolution analogue gauges with multiple alpha channels. 
    - working multi-mode HUD. 
    - authentic red glow night lighting with separate flood/instrument switches. 
    - detailed checklist and accurate flight model. 
    - custom afterburner effects. 
    - detailed afterburner cans (2 types) with correctly animated internal and external petals. 
    - wingtip vapour trails (move with swing-wing). 
    - working fuel dump function with custom vapour trail from fuel outlet when used. 
    - realistic 'dump and burn' effect 
    - high quality engine soundset included with special afterburner 'rumble' sound. 
    - togglable realistic animated pilot figures. 
    - animated canopy, tailhook, speedbrakes, spoilerons, bomb bay doors, refuelling receptacle, afterburner petals, Triple Plow 1 translating cowls. 

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    FSX Steam Edition


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