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    The F-86 Sabre was a natural replacement for the F-80 Shooting Star. First introduced in 1949 for the United States Air Force, the F-86 featured excellent performance for its day, outstanding handling characteristics, and high adaptability. The Sabre served in a number of NATO-aligned countries and was even produced in Canada. A total of 9,860 Sabres of all variants were produced, some of which are still flying today with private collectors. The F-86F-1 version featured an uprated engine over its predecessors and a larger wing without leading-edge slats.

    For FSX and FS2004


    • featured model : 39th FIS, 'Beautious Butch'
    • stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering, literally every rivet shown
    • full native FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
    • FSX model includes V-C SELF-SHADOWING (effect requires FSX SP2, DX10 preview mode)
    • droppable drop tanks, pilot and canopy can be ejected (resulting in loss of control)
    • highly authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
    • authentic all-xml 2D panel, hi-res glazed-effect gauges, custom pop-ups for ECU, autopilot and radios, fully mousable
    • two seperate flight models for clean and loaded model
    • detailed checklist and performance that precisely matches that of the real aircraft
    • custom effects for turbine glow (3-stage), smoke (startup & in-flight), wingtip and flap contrails
    • high quality soundset included
    • togglable realistic pilot figure
    • animated canopy and entry steps
    • v-c rain effects (FS9 only)


    FSX FS2004

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