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    Originally conceived as a single engine variant the Seasprite evolved into a twin-engine, ship-bourne weapons system. Capable of anti-submarine work, weapons guidance and MEDEVAC, the Seasprite performs most of the fleet's light helicopter roles. The D version introduced the LAMPS system and these airframes were rebuilt into the F model along with 59 new airframes to form the bulk of the US Navy's Seasprite capacity. Further upgrades evolved into the G variant which was finally retired from the USN reserve in 2001. G model Seasprites still serve with Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Poland.

    For FSX (SP1/SP2 Acceleration) and FS2004


    • FIVE model variants :
      • SH-2F
      • SH-2G
      • SH-2G with sonar buoy gear
      • SH-2G(NZ) with M60 and AGM65 along with FLIR turret
      • SH-2G(A) with M60 and AGM65
    • SIX texture sets included :
      • SH-2F, HSL-32 'Invaders', USN
      • SH-2F, HSL-30 'Neptune's Horsemen', USN
      • SH-2G, HSL-84 'Thunderbolts', USN
      • SH-2G, US Coast Guard (fictional)
      • SH-2G(A), No. 805 Sqn RAN, RANFAA
      • SH-2G(NZ), No.6 Sqn, RNZAF
    • includes 'REALGAUGE' technology :
      • v-c gauges are 3D models with complete 3D working parts such as needles, flags etc
      • v-c gauges are fully mousable with switch parts all working correctly
      • 'RealGauge' provides - prefect smooth operation, high FPS, extremely crisp appearance
      • all gauges have custom nighttime illumination
    • note - 2D panel is not needed, a 'minimal' bitmap is however provided
    • highly authentic virtual cockpit with *154* individual animations and many mousable controls
    • 90% of VC switches are operational
    • accurate basic simulation of both the TACNAV monitor and central unit
    • full cockpit (v-c) night lighting with amazing glow effects, all v-c text is self-illuminating
    • FSX model includes V-C self-shadowing (effect requires FSX SP2/Accel, Vista, DX10)
    • compatible with FSX shared cockpit
    • animations for : front sliding doors, M60 gun, toggle crew on/off
    • animated windscreen wipers (also in v-c, not 'lights' driven)
    • realistic soundset, very high quality, by 'TSS'
    • fully authentic, dynamic range sound set including start-up and shut-down sounds
    • full FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
    • ultra high res cockpit textures, and custom bump and spec for every part- inside and out
    • includes FS2004-specific package at no extra cost
    • flight crew all wear custom flight suits, helmets, and patches
    • very accurate flight model
    • 10 preset camera views, 5 interior and 5 exterior (FSX only)
    • 60-page, colour illustrated user manual in .PDF format, all aspects of the package are covered


    FSX FS2004


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    Very happy with this package of the sh-2 seasprite very detailed and fly's great massive well done to the virtavia team on this package definitely 5stars for this very happy with package ;) :)
    Ideal naval helicopter if like me you feel you don't have the system to run the Aerosoft Seahawk. Has as a really good flight model(after 2 years still learning to fly it properly), the virtual cockpit is a dedicated FSX model with really smooth gauges and its beautifully textured. Though the documentation is not really in-depth, it is enough to explain its unique features. Very fine helicopter and great performance in FSX(in my dual core 3.3 machine), I fly with 100% autogen, road and boat traffic over from Whidbey over Seattle no problem. The very same goes for the FS9 model which I used 'til migrating to FSX a while ago. Awesome and love it to bits.


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