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САЙТ: https://www.virtualaviation.com.br
E-MAIL: virtualaviationstore@gmail.com
ТЕХПОДДЕРЖКА: (+5519)98298-2970

I am a software development. Passionate for aviation I started a small business focus on creation of hardware and software to connect flight simulators such as FSX and Prepar3D.
The first product I've just created is The Boeing 737 Landing Gear. Totally funcional according the cockpit landing gear lights, its behavior is awesome.
Connected through an USB port, this hardware (in real scale) comes with a power supply and USB cable as well.
I'm currently developing another products for turn the virtual aviation closer to the real flight with my products.
And finally: I'm a simmarket customer for a long time. And continuing buying things, the last one was in July 2019.
Thank you.
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