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    The Fokker 50 Virtual Version X is derived from version 2.0, re-mapped and completely re-texturized version 3.0 comes exclusively for FSX and compatible with Prepar3D. This new version includes improved sound, flight dynamics and adjustment tools, including real-time execution AUTOFEATHER when the engines are turned off.

    Ths new version NOT NEEDS security file or registration. Just INSTALL AND ENJOY. This new version will NOT be released as a free update for users of version 2.0. Instead the price is quite low for all who purchase any new version.

    With respect to version 2.0, we excluded some textures and included the airline's CITY JET requested by more customers and equally applied improved the mapping and texturing the model. This version NOT includes animations of ground service because FSX does not support these, but instead is now an aircraft FULL DirectX10 compatible with the corresponding effects like the possibility of reflections and shadows on the model textures. The manuals are kept as normal operation of version 2.0.


    FSX Prepar3D


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    Ich habe mir die Fs2004 Variante der Fokker 50 V2 auf der Hompage von VCol gekauft und bin recht angetan davon. Wer PMDG Niveau erwartet, ist hier natürlich falsch. (Man beachte nur den Preisunterschied...) Die Optik ist recht brauchbar und auch das VC für den Feierabendflug durchaus in Ordnung. Auch bei mir gingen beim ersten Start die Turbinen aus, doch ein Blick in ´s Handbuch zeigte mir den Fehler. Wird die Triebwerksaktivierung nicht abgeschaltet, werden sie beim Startlauf abgeschaltet, wie es in der Realität auch ist! Alles in allem ein brauchbarer Ersatz für eine ATR72 und für den Flug von A nach B am Abend allemal gut geeignet... Punktabzug gibt es für das unzureichende "FMC", an dem man zwar Wegpunkte löschen und andere editieren, aber keine Höhen/ Geschwindigkeiten eingeben kann.


    Ich habe eigentlich nicht mehr erwartet als ein etwas besseres Freewaremodell, wurde aber dennoch enttäuscht. Von außen ist es ganz hübsch anzuschauen, außerdem ist es gut, dass so viele Bemalungen schon inkludiert sind. Allerdings ist das Ding kaum funktionstüchtig. Irgendwann während dem Flug, sind die Mixture-Hebel nicht mehr funktionstüchtig und springen automatisch auf AUS. Dann kann ich nur noch eine Notlandung versuchen aber die Engines bekommt man nicht mehr an. Das VC sieht auch eher so aus, als sei es dem FS 2002 entsprungen. Also insgesamt nicht zu gebrauche, ich habe es wieder gelöscht.
    It looks good, but that's not really the purpose of a flight simulator plane, is it? I haven't been able to fly it, more than a few hundred meters that is, before the engines cut out and the plane plows into the ground. The manual, if you choose the English version, is still partly in Spanish, and otherwise in a rather bad English so that you partly don't know what is meant. I am disappointed in the product.
    Ready for pro users!, full procedures and systems working!, physics are real, exterior is very detailed, but interior need a little more work, recommended.


    Perhaps I have been too spoilt in the past with F1-ATR and QW-D8. This plane looks nice on the outside but in the inside is quite weak. Had a real hard time getting this thing started and still couldnt turn on the air con. When switching from NAV to Heading then back again it just wouldn't get back on track. Tutorial was quite confusing (english version -but I read on forums that the Spanish version is clearer). Horizon display turned off, landing lights are always on.. Bottom line, I gave it a really good play around and for the money I guess its not bad, but I wouldnt recommend this product if your already used to the above mentioned ones sorry. For someones first time payware, I guess its not so bad.


    It took a while to understand how to start up this bird. So I changed my rating. Nice for this price! Below you find my check-list for engine start. PRESTART CHECLIST Parking Brakes SET Throttle IDLE (VC and 2D panel) Fuel Flow Switches set CUTOFF in 2D panel Check Flow Switches are CUTOFF in VC Landing Gear Lever CHECK DOWN Battery Switch ON Flaps UP Fuel Quantity CHECK Flight controls CHECK Radios ON Check Weather (ATIS, Flight Services) Request Clearance Set BARO Transponder STANDBY Beacon ON STARTUP CHECKLIST Engine Area CLEAR Throttle IDLE Engine Start ON Ignition Right ON Ignition Left ON Engine Rating set TO Right Engine Start Fuel Flow Right OPEN Ignition Right OFF Left Engine Start Fuel Flow Left OPEN Ignition Left OFF Engine Start OFF


    Looks nice for this price, however..... Left engine stops all the time. Contact at Virtualcol suggested only using the VC. That seemed to work For setting ADF frequency one must open 2D panel and then, indeed left engine stops. Virtualcol confirmed that this issue is reported several times and they have it investigated by their programmer. Up till now no solution yet, so I can only look at the plane and not fly with it. If Virtualcol comes up with a workable solution I'll report it here, in the mean time I use another plane and suggest you do the same.


    Unbrauchbar. Optik außen nicht mal so schlecht, aber der Krampf mit den Triebwerken ist kaum zu beschreiben. Einmal liefen dann die Triebwerke regulär bei 8 Versuchen, aber die Warnanzeigen leuchteten wie Christbäume, trotz vorschriftsmäßiger Vorgehensweise, soweit machbar. Die Pack-Schalter sind im Eimer, da rührt sich nichts, obwohl sie in der "Kurz-Beschreibung", die ein Witz ist betätigt werden sollten. Das war dann der endgültige Genickbruch. Ich werde noch einen Versuch machen und die "Innereien" des Vormodels 2.0 "einpflanzen". Aber ganz offen: Hoffnung habe ich nicht. Mach´s noch mal Leandro.


    Pretty bad, most of the switches in the VC don't work or do the wrong thing. If VirtualCol invest some time and fix the VC it would be OK as it flies quite nicely, the external model is ok too, although not up to modern standards really and the landing lights stay on despite supposedly turning them off in the VC, over all disappointing, glad it was on sale!


    The virtual cockpit is not fully functional, and VC graphics are not up to the best standards. On the other hand, if you like serious simulation, the flight model is convincing and the sound very good. One important note: read the manual very carefully and follow the described procedures to the letter, otherwise the engines quit and the game's out!

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