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    Virtualcol is proud to present the new product JETSTREAM SUPER 31, a detailed model based on the aircraft BAE Jetstream 32 (Super 31) developed for use with Flight simulator 2004.

    Product features:

    • Panel fully functional cabin both flat as Virtual Cabin.
    • The user may choose to fly the plane between the two cabins. Either one works the same way.
    • All aircraft systems operate according to the manual of the aircraft as well as the procedures.
    • Actual sound of the plane´s engines, switches and alerts.
    • Full control of all commands manually based on actual aircraft.
    • Detailed virtual cockpit both pilot and passenger, which allows it to be covered with WALK AND FOLLOW programs such as ACTIVATE or CAMERA.
    • Manual easy to understand because it is graphic.
    • 15 repaints of various airlines in the world and can obtain from the console new optional additional repaints.
    • Mobile engine blades, visible the function Feather clearly.
    • Detailed texturing, alpha channel management, bumps and specular.
    • Aerodynamics tested and adjusted to the actual model.
    • 3-point flaps and 90 ° DUMP function that operates as a spoiler to reduce speed.
    • Lets add more textures that can be downloaded from the console product.
    • Paint Kit Includes downloadable from the console from April 15, 2012.
    • User upgradeable from the console product.
    • The instruments are installed with SECURITY FILE, and it is obtained once the product is registered with Serial (Key) provided by the seller.

    Actual version includes the next repaints:

    • Manufacturer
    • Aerolínea de Antioquia ADA (Colombia)
    • Aeropelican (Australia)
    • Aerolíneas Sosa (Honduras)
    • American Connection -Circa 1988 - (USA)
    • American Eagle - Circa 1992 - (USA)
    • British Airways -Operated by SUN AIR- (UK / Denmark)
    • BVI Airways (British Virgin Islands)
    • DirektFlyg (Sweden)
    • Macair Jet (Argentina)
    • Manx2.com (UK)
    • Sarpa (Colombia)
    • Skyways (Sweden)
    • United Express -Circa 1990- (USA)
    • United Express -Circa 1995- (USA)

    Other repaints with possibility to get from the Product´s console

    • Acsa (Rep. Dominicana)
    • Avies (Estonia)
    • BlueIsland Airways (UK)
    • Briko Air (Trinidad and Tobago)
    • Dominicana (Rep. Dominicana)
    • Highland Airways (UK)
    • Infinit Air (Canada)
    • JetAir (Poland)
    • RedStar (Turkish)
    • RollinsAir (Honduras)
    • Transmandú (Venezuela)

    Other additional textures may be requested to publish the console on product directly.

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    L R

    Further to my last review I researched this product and did research on the real aircraft performance figures. One of the initial problems with the product I mentioned in a previous post was the power requirments, My assumption was that the weights were innacurate, I have flown on a real full(pax) J31 so I could not see why the simulation appeared to be so inacurate. That sector was was KEWR-KIAD 26/12/93. 200 NM According to one J31 pilot the aircraft was less than optimal beyond a 12 pax 1 hr sector. My experience with the Vitualcol sim seems (in my opinion) to validate that. Graphics? Its not the latest (by a generational marigin) but I have 'logged' more hours on this 'aircraft' than P3DV5 and 2020 aircraft.

    L R

    I thought, its cheap so why not. Its not study level and the physics are suspect but I enjoyed mastering it and it improved my throttle handling and descent profiling in other sims as well. I have a high end PC with P3DV5,XPlane 11 and MSFS yet I keep finding myself returning to the Virtualcol Jetstream in FS2004 if I have a spare 30 mins. It's a subjective opinion but I enjoy it and its great value and the only Jetstream I'm aware of.
    Fazit: "Das Fazit fällt mir trotz einer gewissen Eindeutigkeit dieses Mal nicht allzu leicht. Klar ist: Die VirtualCol Jetstream Super 31 ist definitiv keine Schönheit, und wird es sicher auch durch keinen einzigen Patch allzu schnell werden. Wer Wert auf zeitgemäßes, schönes Design legt, sollte hier auf jeden Fall die Finger weg lassen und von einem Kauf schlicht und ergreifend absehen. Wem die Optik nicht allzu wichtig ist, und ein nettes Flugzeug für den ein oder anderen Feierabend-Flug erhalten möchte, ist hier sicher eher richtig. Dazu kommt, dass FSX-User vielleicht lieber ein paar Euro mehr investieren und sich die Jetstream JS41 von PMDG kaufen sollten. Die Jetstream Super 31 von VirtualCol hat definitiv Potenzial. Man hat hier einiges richtig gemacht, andererseits leider auch vieles falsch. Es gibt einfach noch – abgesehen von der Optik, diese wurde ja mittlerweile hinreichend kritisiert – viel zu viele Ungereimtheiten, die seitens VirtualCol schleunigst durch einen Patch korrigiert werden sollten. Im Gegensatz des ersten Flugzeug Add-Ons von VirtualCol, und von dieser Seite muss man es nun eben auch sehen – hat sich schon einiges getan und zum Guten gewendet. Ich persönlich glaube an die Jungs von VirtualCol, bin gespannt, wie künftige Add-Ons optisch daher kommen werden und bin durchaus bereit, den Designern noch so manche Chance zu geben, sich mit weiteren Flugzeugen vielleicht noch etwas mehr unter Beweis zu stellen." Das ausführliche Review bei flusinews.de: http://www.flusinews.de/2012/05/review-virtualcol-bae-jetstream-super-31/


    Great airplane. Very simple VC. A little poor texture, but nice and sharpe. The biggest regret is that it's not possible to start the airplane from the VC. Hopefully there will be an update for that. Otherwise it flys great.


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