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    The SubSonex Personal Jet concept was first unveiled at AirVenture in 2009. After successful pairing with the PBS TJ-100 engine, the SubSonex JSX-1 prototype achieved first flight in August 2011 and completed a successful flight test program in 2012. SubSonex JSX-2 prototype achieved first flight in July of 2014, the first kits with engines were shipped to customers in February, 2015 and the SubSonex JSX-2 prototype can be seen performing at air shows around the country.

    For the first time in history of flight simulator, the Subsonex JSX-2 has been modelised. Thanks to the collaboration of Sonex Aircraft, we were able to provide this incredible aircraft with a high level of fidelity.

    This model includes :

    • High fidelity 3D modeling
    • High quality PBR texturing
    • 5 complex liveries
    • Native smoke system
    • Fine tuned "Modern" flight model
    • Advanced rain effect
    • Fully custom coded EFIS
    • Paint-kit included
    • PDF manual


    V1.1 : SU5 update + G3X

    Changelog :   

    • Implementation of the G3X in addition to the current MGL Avionics
    • Parking brake issue is fixed
    • Small corrections on the MGL Avionics
    • Minor arrangenments on ToolTip text
    • Minor adjustments on the FM
    • Pilot position is fixed following the MSFS SU5 update
    • Smoke effect on gear



    • Paintkit is now available
    • Added a Pitot heat switch
    • Fixed the broken smoke system (many thanks to TouchingCloud)
    • File size optimisation 



    • Complete new sound environment using only Wwise system
    • Ice effect added
    • Added contrails
    • Fixed oxygen gauge glitch
    • Added landing light
    • Added custom pilot in addition to the default Asobo pilot
    • Minor adjustments on the ground handling
    • Added a smoke color selector 
    • New manual by CombatWombat, updated the detailled manual

    V1.4 (SU VI compatibility)


    • Added a way to control the brightness of the MGL screen
    • Reduced LEDs brightness
    • Fixed transponder glitch
    • Fixed aerobatics smokes


    Supported platform: Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Processor: Quad core CPU ~3GHz

    Memory: min. 4GB

    Graphics card: min. 512 MB

    ~3.7 GB per installation



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    Really fun VFR jet, not too fast, but plenty of speed if you're zooming around sight seeing. Devs support it and have really improved the landing/take off experience. Well worth the price, one of my favorites in the virtual hanger.


    Full cool plane, it has a Autopilot just tap on AP on the screen. Could use a little more thrust. I like it!


    This is a fun ship to fly! As already stated in many other reviews the sound is the weak point. Exterior sound in general is cool, but a bit too "static" . It just sounds really simple. Not organic. With other words depending on throttle the sound could have more variation, more "life". Interior sound: Now its getting difficult. More or less NO turbine sound. The interior turbine sound is really weak. Its super quiet, super static, not really changing in line with the throttle. The same for wind noises which seem to be also a bit too quiet for the interior. The result of the quiet and static interior sounds is when you fly this ship, you miss the feeling of speed, even if you go for max speed. Hopefully sounds will get more attention and improvements in next updates! Also talking about the good stuff, the model is pretty nice from the exterior and the interior. Flight behavior is nice and the view outside the cockpit is really great. I would love to see more skins in the stock version in future updates.


    Really fun personal jet to fly. In fact it is all I mostly fly these days! New updates make it all that more fantastic! Great Job!!! :)


    Everything good except the fact that LED, Radio and MGL EFID (MFD) are too bright for evening and night operations. Also I didn't find a way to make them less bright. For me this is a no-go because it is really hard to use. I find flight model moderately good, it differs from what people say about aircraft in the web but it really close in my opinion. The systems are really good, but lacks fuel shutoff. Also copy of real POH in addition to small guides and checklists would be helpful, because they don't cover things like trim control for take off, performance data and curves and so on. side note: The autopilot for that MGL systems do exists and it working in Ysim JSX-2 but it do not have some buttons in MFD for that. I think they will be added later. For now Autopilot can be engaged with any external controller, such as MSFS_MCA. I really wish brightness for instruments, including engine LED's and landing gear LED's will be fixed.


    The JSX-2 is an absolutely awesome personal aircraft, YSIM along with SUBSONEX have done an excellent job, ground handling is very good, take off handling is "interesting" but once mastered is a sense of achievement getting this plane into the air Plane external and internal graphics are some of the best I have seen, although cabin engine noise is a bit on the quiet side but this makes sense for longer flights. I was a bit reluctant to buy it but after some decent review I took the plunge and I'm very glad I did, highly recommended, check out some of the SUBSONEX JSX-2 manufacturer development videos, give you a great insight into the uniqueness of this aircraft, overall fantastic purchase from simMmarket.


    It feels like it over controls a little bit and I cant get the Garmin systems to work. But if your able to get over that, its a great fun to fly airplane


    This thing is very fun to fly, great for sight seeing in VR because there is no prop in front of you and the wing is behind you so visibility is great. It is also fast so you can cover a good bit of ground while slowing down to look at more interesting areas. It is also aerobatic, you can do rolls and loops and it is pretty easy to control. It is such a small plane that it does get bounced around in wind but for sight seeing flights I often set the weather to clear skies or just a few clouds anyway. I think I will be flying this one a lot.


    I'm really enjoying this plane. My first choice for VFR as it flies low and fast, traversing great distances with wonderful field of view. And its autonomy of little over one hour is ideal for casual flying. Here are some of the points I noticed so far (version 1.2): **Pros**: - Beautiful model. - Simulated oxygen consumption based on altitude. It only starts to decrease above 8000 ft and the consumption increases with altitude from there on. - The MGL flight suite presents some great functionality for this specific plane, like smoke and G-forces indicators as well the landing gear actuator pressure. It doesn't work like the real aircraft but is a nice workaround (I believe it is N2 rpm in fact). - Wonderful performance for sightseeing large and distant areas due to its high cruise speed while being able to slow down to GA speeds. **Cons**: - The fuel flow is the same for every altitude, no matter if it is sea level, 10.000, 20.000 or even 30.000 feet I managed to reach once. This can't be right. With less air, the engine should mix less fuel to keep the fuel-air ratio within limits. This is my main complaint. - ATC doesn't know what kind of plane it is. It tries to say an empty string. It seems something is missing in some config file. - There is no way to refill the oxygen tank. - Elevator trim is too sensible, making it difficult to trim level flight at cruise speed. - Ground behavior at takeoff and landing speeds is too difficult. The steering is too sensible. - There is no structural ice visible even if the windshield is completely frozen. The aerodynamic effects also seem to be absent. There is no way to freeze the pitot tube. It is as if the heater is always on. - There is no contrail even above FL300 with OAT -42 C. - When there are atmospheric effects on the windshield (rain or ice), the oxygen gauge shakes itself out of the socket and ends up disappearing completely (actually is quite funny). - A few cockpit textures deserve a better polish. I bought this plane at the exact day version 1.2 was released, so I didn't experience the evolution of the product. I just hope it continues to be updated since I believe it has great potential, but still has a lot of rough edges.


    I love it! One of the coolest planes that are available for this sim. You can use the original and the Garmin MFD. The model is nice and very detailed.


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