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    Changsha Huanghua International Airport (IATA: CSX, ICAO: ZGHA, CAAC: HHA) is located on No. 1 Road, Konggang City, Huanghua Town, Changsha County, Changsha, Hunan Province, China, 23.5 kilometers west of the city center of Changsha, and is 4E First-class international airport, one of China's 12 major trunk airports, an international scheduled airport, a first-class air port open to the outside world, one of China's top ten regional international aviation hubs, China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Gateway Airport, Hunan Airlines main operating base.

    version: 3.4.0


    First of all, thank you very much for purchasing the Microsoft Flight Simulator Changsha Huanghua International Airport Scenery made of Zhouke Scenery Studio.
    Version 2.0.0 is a comprehensive upgrade to version 1.0.0, it can even be said to be a transformation. In order to update this version as soon as possible, I have worked from morning to night these days.
    Because this airport is the first time for me to make MSFS airport sceney, there are a lot of shortcomings. After accepting the feedback and comments, I have refined and revised the problems in the feedback and comments in the new version, remade T2 and added new materials and details.
    At the same time, during the update process, I listened to some opinions from a real pilot who often fly to Changsha and local friend in Changsha, and got their help, which played a very important role in the update of the airport scenery.
    Because of the increase in production cost, I will increase the price a little after this update, of course not very high. At the same time , users who have purchased before can update normally~
    I hope you can enjoy the scenery made by me, and hope this scenery can increase your flying experience~~~
    The main part of the scenery was developed by Zhouke based on the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK, and was produced with the assistance of studio members Laotan and 7486. And used models from colinj's "MSFS 2020 object library with 200+ models" model library.
    The production of the scenery is based on satellite imagery from Google (taken on June 17, 2018) and the ZGHA aerial map of JEPPSEN.
    Since the scenery is independently developed by individuals, please forgive me for any flaws and inadequacies.
    The scenery is only used for Microsoft flight simulation. Please understand that there is a difference between the sceney and the reality.
    The scenery will continue to be supported by Zhouke himself, and the existing problems will be repaired and updated. If you find any problem, you can contact the author by email.

    -----Scenery contains content-----

    The Scenery content mainly includes:

    1. Models of terminals T1 and T2 of Changsha Huanghua International Airport;
    2. Handcrafted and added airport interior and exterior scenes;
    3. Abundant terminal interior modeling;
    4. Complete and ICAO-compliant runways 18L (36R) and 18R (36L);
    5. Manually adjusted ground textures;
    6. Hand-modeled boarding walkways and movable jetways;
    7. Complete apron number plate;
    8. Manually calibrated ILS procedures;
    9. Taxiway markings made in accordance with aeronautical charts;
    10. The apron added according to the aeronautical map (due to the lack of the No. 3 parking lot from Google satlite imagery hat exists in the aeronautical map, it is not added in the scenery);
    11. The lights around the airport and night scenes are enhanced;

    -----Scenery installation method-----

    Simply put the "zhoukess-airport-zgha-huanghua" folder into the Community folder
    Before installing, make sure you have deleted the files of the previous version.
    In addition, in order to obtain the arrival and departure procedures of the airport, and to use the ILS normally, please install the navigation data of Navigraph. Also, make sure you have your navigation data sorted correctly.


    If there is a problem with the local scene or something you feel needs to be improved, you can provide suggestions by sending an email to zhoukessmsfs@163.com

    -----Copyright Notes-----

    The copyright of the scenery belongs to the author Zhouke himself, and the author has the final right to interpret this scenery. Please do not sell or disseminate the scenery without the authorization of the author.
    This scenery are currently only available on Bread, Simmarket, and Flightsim.to. Xianyu and other platforms are all pirated. Please understand that the author will not provide technical support for pirated plug-ins.
    The domestic scenery piracy is serious and cannot be stopped by one person alone, but I still hope that friends who have the conditions can support the genuine version and provide help for the domestic scenery and my future creation.
    Before the first release of the scenery, I have tried to contact colinj, but I have not yet received a response. If there is a copyright problem with the model used in the scenery from the "MSFS 2020 object library with 200+ models" library, please contact me, and I will Modify the relevant model.
    "MSFS 2020 object library with 200+ models" library link: https://zh.flightsim.to/file/16007/msfs-object-library-with-150-models-ranging-from-towers-hangers-terminals-to -cones
    Also, if there may be copyright issues with any of the models used in this sceney, please contact the author immediately.


    • Thanks to the author's friend Laotan for modeling support for some models of the scenery and for helping the author in modeling.
    • Thanks to studio member 7486 for the ground texture for the scenery.
    • Thanks to Tianya Zhaixing for the help and guidance on the production of scenery.
    • Thanks to the pilot Mr. Lang for his guidance and help in the production of the scenery.
    • Thanks to colinj's "MSFS 2020 object library with 200+ models" library for helping with scenery production.
    • I would also like to thank 2815 for my knowledge and help with the production of Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK.
    • Thanks to Andy (Bilibili name: six coins are really expensive) for his help in the initial test of the scenery.

    Author contact: zhoukessmsfs@163.com


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 latest version

    1.5GB minimum useable hard disk space


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    Full score plug-in, very perfect, first-class details, hope to continue to add other airport scenery


    This airport is extremely detailed and well made. It looks great and runs fairly well FPS wise. The price is quite cheap for the quality of the scenery as well. Would definitely recommend this! Another bonus is that the Bing satellite data is quite good in this area, unlike a lot of parts of China. If I could make a suggestion for a next scenery, I would love to see Xiamen airport/city!


    Nice update to version 2.0.0, that's a really big change


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