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    For the first time you will be able to experience your airports in FSX and all versions of PREPAR3D including v4 in High Definition!

    HD Airport Graphics contains over 400 High Definition textures that provide a complete overhaul to your default airports around the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and all versions of PREPAR3D including version 4 in High Definition!

    Everything has been created in HD including NEW airport vehicles, taxiway signs, runways, jetways, terminals, hangars, taxiway markings, parking spaces and much more! You will instantly notice a complete transformation of your airports no matter where you are flying.

    Your default airports will no longer look dull and boring as this software will instantly modernize and upgrade all your small, medium and large airports throughout the world!  

    This package only updates the default airports in both FSX and Prepar3D. Therefore, you can rest assured that your add-on airports will not be affected or modified in any way.

    Major airports such as KJFK, KLAX, LEMD, LFPG will feature all the new upgrades listed below except for their custom terminals already included in FSX and Prepar3D. Aside from that, the rest of your airports globally will feature HD terminals and spectacular night lighting along with the rest of the features listed in this product.

     Airport vehicles enhancements include:

    • New pushback tractors
    • New baggage carts
    • New baggage loaders
    • New pickup trucks
    • New catering service trucks
    • New passenger buses
    • New sewage trucks
    • New forklifts
    • New fuel trucks
    • Detailed night lighting for all airport vehicles

    Airport building enhancements include:

    • HD terminals and buildings
    • HD hangars
    • Brand new taxiway signs in HD
    • New jetways
    • New airport warehouses.
    • New control towers in HD.
    • New airport parking garages.
    • New radar towers and VOR stations.
    • New beacon towers.
    • Detailed airport lighting at night

    New ground enhancements include

    • Detailed asphalt and concrete runways
    • Ultra realistic runway seasonal effects (snow and ice effects)
    • Ultra detailed parking spaces
    • Detailed parking stains on the ground
    • Detailed taxiway markings
    • New concrete taxiways.
    • New asphalt taxiways
    • New tarmac and apron textures

    Version compatibility

    • Compatible with FSX, and FSX Steam Edition
    • Compatible with all versions of Prepar3D including v4.


    FSX, FSX Steam Edition or Prepar3D


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    Un moyen simple et peu onéreux d'améliorer notablement le rendu des aéroports génériques (et de tous les aéroports conçus à partir de batiments génériques), ce surtout de près et particulièrement si on utilise les textures HD lors de l'installation. J'utilise ce produit depuis sa sortie et l'ai appliqué à FSX et P3D V4. Note : sous FSX j'utilise pour ma part en plus CIELOSIM - AIRPORT ENHANCER HDX qui est compatible (le paramétrage permet de choisir ou pas les éléments modifiés par Airport EnHancer sous réserve qu'on l'installe après HD Airport Graphics): le soft de CIELOSIM offre un rendu inégalable des surfaces mouillées par temps de pluie... De plus le support de Zinertek est très accessible et répond rapidement et de façon courtoise. A non expensive way to improve all FSX or P3D 's generic airports (and all airports build with FSX generic buildings) especially if looking close to them. Amazing if using HD textures in the install options. Compatible in FSX with CIELOSIM - AIRPORT ENHANCER HDX as long as you install HD Airport Graphics first, so you can manage what you want to change with Airport Enhancer's options (personnaly I just use the surface refraction options in AIRPORT ENHANCER, but looks so great on wet floor when raining... :)) Very good support fronm Zinertek if needed.


    Agree with previous 5-Star reviews, great add-on at an attractive price. Simple to install. A very nice enhancement, with no adverse consequences. Additionally, the product's customer support remains exceptional. Approaching 4 years since product release and the developer responded to a question, immediately. Terrific product + remarkable customer support.


    Very nice indeed. Just one important wish - so far I noticed that terminal buildings are completely dark during dusk/dawn. Please include light textures into buildings during dusk also!


    Dieses Tool ist insgesamt sehr solide.Man muss aber ein wenig an den Grafikeinstellungen rumbasteln, bis es so toll aussieht wie in der Werbung. Aber warum dieses Tool, wenn man sowieso lieber richtige Addon-Szenerien nutzt. Die Antwort ist so einfach wie genial. Es eignet sich als hervorragende Ergänzung für Addons im Stile von "US Cities X". Beispielhaft eignet sich Detroit/DTW. Hier wird der Airport in der City-Szenerie empfindlich aufgewertet. Passendes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis!


    Zinertek's HD Airport Graphics for FSX/P3D is a fantastic program that replaces all your stock airport textures with HD quality textures. It's very easy. You just purchase the program, download it, and run the installer. I am very happy that all the stock airport's building look outstanding. In DX10 mode along with Steve's DirectX 10 Fixer, all the windows in the buildings have a nice reflection effect. All the textures look more modern as well. The jetways are textured to be glass instead of looking like a conex box container, which is a very nice touch. Everything looks fantastic next to all my Orbx scenery. I was a bit worried about this program overwriting some of the textures REX w/Overdrive installed. I ran the REX texture installer afterwards, and everything looks fine. Overall, I highly recommend this program if you want your stock airports to look better.


    Love this addon. Makes the default airports look almost payware. I love the 3d grass too. I get great FPS and VAS usage in P3Dv3. Highly recommend this.


    I agree with the other reviews. This product breathes new life into your default airports in FSX and P3D. This is a must have if you are an avid simmer as the difference is noticeable right away. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the quality of the textures and the fact that there is no FPS or VAS impact. I'm using this with Zinertek's 'Natural Tree Environment X' and the difference both products have made to my airport's surroundings is amazing. Highly recommend.


    I agree with David "Great product. It's not going to turn your default airports into payware add-ons but does give the default airports a payware "feel". The textures are so much crisper and sensible your defaults begin to look like payware without the localised detail. No hit on framerates." For 15/17€ it worth the money. It's nice to have when you fly to smaller airports that usally aren't so good by default in FSX


    Great product. It's not going to turn your default airports into payware add-ons but does give the default airports a payware "feel". The textures are so much crisper and sensible your defaults begin to look like payware without the localised detail. No hit on framerates. Worth the money.
    Wer z.B. ausschließlich in ORBX-Regionen fliegt, braucht dieses Addon sicher nicht. Nachdem Europa und demnächst auch andere Gebiete durch Global/OpenLC aufgehübscht werden, wird der VFR-Flieger aber doch ab und zu auch auf Default-Flugplätzen laden. Egal ob FSX oder Prepar3d - die "Maikäferkisten" auf den Standardflugplätzen sind potthässlich. Ich hatte schon den Vorgänger von Zinertek und habe meinem Prepar3d nun die neue Version spendiert, damit werden die Standardflugplätze ganz wesentlich aufgewertet. Natürlich wiederholen sich die Gebäude unvermeidbar, aber nicht nur die Hangars und Tower, vor allem auch die Terminals sehen mit den Zinertek-Fassaden ungleich besser aus.

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