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Announcing the roll out of the ADVANCED VCe Series. Up to this phase we had never made a Boeing 737-800 Ng to complete the fleet. With the development and work on the new ADVANCED Series the release of the Boeing 737-800 Ng VCe ADVANCED Series V3.

This aircraft represents the very best in new technology with the roll out of the new Boeing 737-800 Ng ADVANCED version, and introduces a host of new technology offering current users technical upgrades to their flight deck environments.

A series of new features have been introduced that are unique to the Boeing 737-800 Ng VCe ADVANCED Series V3 Aircraft release. The new features allow users much more flexibility and provides even more functions on a next generation 737 than ever before.

  • MCP & EFIS Command Manager Panels
  • Key Assignments Support for Hardware Modules
  • Engine Display Control Panel
  • Speed Reference Selector
  • EDIT, ADD and SAVE NavDATA direct to new NavBASE
  • CREATE and SAVE complicated flight plans as company routes.
  • New Manual Updates

With one key press pilots can call up a 2d day (or night) panel of the MCP and EFIS sections. Changes can be made to every level giving full control over every function of the automatic flight sectors.

The MCP Offers Command Functions for:Altitude, Speed, Heading, Course, FD, AP CWS, CMD, VSI, AP Dis. APP, VOR LOC, LNAV, VNAV, LVL CHG, N1 A/T ARM.

The EFIS offers Command Fucntions for RADIO, MINS, BARO, FPV, MTRS, BARO/IN HPA, VOR 1 and VOR 2, VOR 2, ADF 1, APP, VOR, MAP, PLAN modes, 5 thru 640 mile range select, WXR, STA< WPT, ARPT, DATA, POS, TERR all select the type of data displayed on the main PFD or EFIS screens - both options are supported in any event.

This great new display feature enables pilots to also set all functions automatically without entering the flight deck.

In addition, the MCP EFIS COMMAND MANAGER also allows for multi positioning of panels and systems especially for users who have multi monitors.

The ENG and SYS panel has been modelled on current systems versions as used in latest model Ng's. The panel provides pilots with the flexibility to modify takeoff profiles as well as being able to make and modify Weight-based recalculations. It is mainly used on 'side by side' fitted displays (Version 2 EFIS compatible panels).

By selecting AUTO on the speed reference selector. When zero fuel weight and V speed entries are made on the CDU all V1, VR, V2 + 15, and VM Flaps 0 speed bugs will be displayed. If the FMC is inoperative, it is possible to enter V-speeds manually using the speed reference selector.

This new panel modification allows access to adjust N1 indications. It allows display of reference N1 bugs at active N1 limit for A/T.

Both reference N1 bugs and readouts can be manually set by turning the N1 SET knob. Respective N1 reference bug and readout can be manually set by turning it. Positions reference N1 bug(s) and readouts when N1 SET outer knob is set to BOTH, 1, or 2 will reference N1 Bugs and N1 Redlines and N1% RPM operating limit as well as N1 Command Sectors showing momentary difference between actual N1 and value commanded by thrust lever position.

When loaded, the aircraft menu will show the new aircraft with engine blades missing. This is because a brand new code is being used that MS FS does not recognize. The new feature will show windmilling on the ramp (blades will turn in the wind when engines are off) and the vertical stabiliser will move from side to side reflecting the amount of wind set.

The new Boeing 737-800 Ng Flight Deck has been modified in terms of texturing and light mapping. Areas such as night lighting have been extensiviely redesigned to show off sections such as flight controls, throttle quadrant trim limits etc. New edge-lighting effects complete the new effects sections providing an even larger range of lighting than standard V1 & V2 designs support.

An all-new range of very highly-detailed, 32-BIT Hi-DEFINITION textures has been applied to the model. [HDX]. Airliners have been released to compliment the recently rolled out Boeing 737-800 Ng VCe ADVANCED Series.

Each of the NEW ADVANCED aircraft come with a fully-configured CFM567b engine fitment program profile that not only emulates the performance curves of the engine itself but also automatically shows up in the new version SMITHS FMC (which can not only SAVE Company Routes but now also allows NavDATA to be added).

There are two different aircraft for Winglets or non Winglets models and adjusted three-part FDX fluid flight configuration modelling to match the FMC-linked performance and make each aircraft different in the way it flies and behaves.

Our aircraft cover over 330 layers and 100 sections, pinstakingly recreated from real photographs & pixelled using a new 'synthesis' filter. Unlike the low quality older 'texturing' suffers due to restrictions built into the Image Tool exe (what most 'texture makers' use to create their versions), we can 'hand-code' photo illustrations to make sure the finished art work compliments the photograph with an exceptionally HIGH LEVEL OF DETAIL! HDX.

We transform actual raw digital photoDATA to bit-intense 'wraps' and then convert them to BMP headed files using a unique HD filter that bypasses the restrictions 'texture makers' have to put up with. We keep the detail at the HD end of the scale without the 'loss' that Image Tool adds to 'crunch down' the data to work in FS. This means FAST FAST FAST FPS with HIGH HIGH HIGH detail but without the LOW FPS problems older 'texturing' versions might suffer from.

The result? No longer a texture. A work of Art. The result is truly amazing.

Recognise detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws and detail right down to the rivets and the most detailed underside you will possibly ever see. Whites are no longer blank. Grays no longer dull.

From the makers of the most accurate Boeing 737 in the world the new Boeing 737-800 Ng VCe ADVANCED Series V3.


Customer Reviews

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John Malik *Verified Product User*, 06/05/2007 1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
    Over all a great airplane with all the details anyone could ask for. The only glitch was wrong info in the documentation for changing views. It should be ctrl s not ctrl c.
It did take a couple of days to go through the lengthy process of activation. The installation is not that clear and communication with Ariane is also not quick. But the product is very good. They are just trying to avoid the software pirates. Enjoy!!!!!!
1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!1 of 5 Stars!  
Joona Lehto , 12/23/2011 3 of 4 customers found this review helpful
    I bought Ariane Design 737-800 base back although a while ago when there was no better options available. First, Ariane uses ancient email system to activate their products, you have to manually email Ariane to get activation code and it takes a while before you can actually use this product after you buy it. I had problems with activation, and it took very long from their support to answer. Also support personnel seemed to have bad knowledge of english and did not understand my problem completely.
I finally got it activated, but after that it still didnt work completely as one of the gauges refused to work and I gave up.
You can get way better 737NG from PMDG or Ifly without need to pay for liveries and extra models, and its also much cheaper. Ariane is known to use unethical marketing, when there was no alternative they put price of their 737 actually almost half as high as its now.
If Ariane improve their support and throw away their ancient activation system that only bothers those who buy this product legally they could be good company. For now do not buy anything from Ariane!