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      The A1R Ryan ST-A Special is a two-seat, low wing monoplane. The fuselage is of monocoque-type construction employing longerons to reinforce the stressed skin at points of concentrated load - at stick control mountings, seats, floors, cockpit cutouts and at the tail section. Eight elliptical transverse bulkheads, suitably spaced, are covered with heavy gauge aluminium alloy skin.

      The wings are constructed in four fabric covered sections - two stub wings and two outer panels. The outer panels are wire braced NACA airfoil, constructed of spruce spars, welded steel tube compression struts and aluminium alloy ribs. The stub wings are of welded steel tube construction, incorporating a walkway.

      The landing gear is treadle type welded steel tube construction with shock absorber strut of oleo-spring type. The tail wheel is a steerable and full swiveling unit of welded steel tube construction, equipped with oleo shock strut.

      ST-A Special airplane is equipped with Menasco-C4S 150 hp engine.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Standard/Deluxe/Premium edition
    Processor: Intel Core i5 ~3GHz (i7 recommended) or similar
    RAM: 8GB (16GB recommended)
    Graphics card: 4Gb dedicated memory
    1.2Gb available hard disk space

    Please make sure you set the Flight Model option to Modern in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Options


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    A very beautiful plane that is nice to fly and relatively easy to handle. The outside model and the cockpit are just beautiful. The manual is nice but maybe not complete. Yes, nobody knows what this spark lever is for. The flap lever shows 5 settings while you can only use 3 but that's just a little nagging. I'm missing a contemporary pilot figure so it's good to have the WWII avitars by Got Friends. The sound of the engine is quite poor. In response to Felix I can add that in earlier times I had a nice add-on of the ST-A with a similar sound so it might be right that it doesn't sound very powerful. That's an issue I have with almost any add-on aircraft in MSFS. They just don't get it right and although you sometimes get nice sounds at idle they all sound lawn-movers at full throttle. The ST-A unfortunaltey is no exception to his although I'd still give the sound 3 stars. I did not encounter a weird stall behaviour as Felix put it. I'm also a real world pilot and you can do aerobatics in this bird beautifully. No problem with hammerhead turns what so ever. It's very nice and controllable. You need to spin this aircraft intentionally with stick full back and the aileron in the full opposite direction. It will then stall even without using the rudder which is not realistic. I also had a hard time getting out of the stall but revcovery is possible although in the same way unrealistic. Elevator full back and aileron into the direction in which you are turning will stop it. Pretty funny but fully unrealistic. Resume: exceptionally beautiful airplane, sounds of middling worth, nice for aerobatics with a drawback in terms of stalling.


    I recently purchased the Ryan ST-A due to the many very positive comments here. But frankly speaking I am quite disappointed: 1. The engine sound is mediocre at best; It seems to "stop" at 50% power setting. There is no full-power sound at all. 2. The flight dynamics are very questionable. The stall behavior is so unrealistic. The aircraft stalls nicely but if it falls into a spin it behaves crazily and can hardly be recovered at all. I am a real world pilot but do not even manage to perform a simple hammerhead, as the aircraft always falls into an uncontrollable spin immediately. 3. The yaw sensitivity is totally overdone. Keeping the Ryan on the centerline during takeoff is almost impossible (of course, I use rudder pedals). 3. The manual mentions the spark setting before engine start. But there is no hint about what this is for and how it is used. Obviously, it also has no effect here at all. A manual which corresponds to the actual model would be highly appreciated. I love the appearance of this aircraft. A1R Design Bureau did an extremely good job, especially with the cockpit. If they are willing to invest a bit more into the above mentioned drawbacks, this Ryan ST-A could become a real winner.


    Many other developers can take this model as an example of how to model properly. In my opinion, it is the most beautifully made aircraft to date, and at least on par with the Asobo models. Sound and flight characteristics are convincing.


    Just found this and installed it. This is probably one of my favorite aircraft (back when I was flying, there was a PT-22 at the airport that I drooled over). Never flown one, but I do have around 2000 hrs. in Citabrias, Super Cubs, and a Stinson 108, and loved flying tail draggers. I did move the empty CG up a bit in the flight_model.cfg file, as it was quite pitch sensitive with the very aft CG, and I couldn't get the CG within limits with a 140 lb pilot without almost full fuel. I'm using: empty_weight_CG_position = 0.9, 0, 0 (Again, never flown one, so not claiming this is more accurate for a real one, but seems that it would be balanced to be fairly nose heavy empty, if it is going to work with a single pilot in the rear seat). Once I did this, it was a joy to fly, and it looks great! I flew for a small charter company back in the '80s, so it is nice to find some aircraft with an analog panel.


    This plane flies great, the flight model feels like it should for a small monoplane tail dragger. Great to fly as the instruments and controls are so simple.. It also looks absolutely stunning!!! A few nice skins at flighsim.to as well. It is also great value for money, five stars. I love it.


    If vintage is your schtick in MS2020 this is for you. Like the Carenado Waco and DC Stearman it's a challenge on the ground but that's the joy of these old taildraggers. Be warned, you have to click the prop to turn it over, no starter engine in this old dame. It sways around authentically on takeoff and landing and requires some finesse. It looks totally amazing inside and out. This has flaps unlike it's old hangar mates. Highly recommended for a seat-of-the-pants experience.


    Wunderbares Flugzeug, optisch wie technisch. Macht absolut Spaß. Völlig klare Kaufempfehlung.


    one real pleasure magnificent vintage plane enjoying to pilot and to watch from any angles


    A wonderful plane!!! Not too expensive, very nicely modeled, inside and outside, and relatively easy to fly for a Taildragger .... Clear recommendation from me ....


    What a charming aircraft! This is a beautifully modelled aircraft and a joy to fly. Well done A1R. This is my first purchase from this developer and if their other aircraft are as good it won’t be the last. I am very impressed. The cockpit is beautiful and the aircraft looks fabulous. You have to watch the swing on takeoff but it is nevertheless a delight.


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