A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
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  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
  • A2A SIMULATIONS - 塞斯纳 C172 单发轻型教练机 FSX 娱乐版
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本产品同时包含机模和 ACCU-SIM (真实感受)扩展包。
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If any aeroplane ever deserved to be called “classic”, then the venerable and ubiquitous Cessna 172 in all of its many variations surely deserves that title. It is a time-tested benchmark of aircraft efficiency, utility and excellence; it is one of the most recognizable aeroplanes (although sometimes mistaken for its larger and more powerful brother, the Cessna 182/Skylane and vice versa); its value has been and continues to be well-established and constant. The Cessna 172 has endured going- on six decades, and is an undisputedly traditional design. Classic? Q.E.D..

A2A Accu-Sim C172 Trainer FEATURES:

  •  Experience one of the world’s most popular trainer airplanes.
  •  Designed for both professional commercial pilot training and entertainment.
  •  Immersive pre-flight inspection system designed by pilots while operating the actual Cessna 172.
  •  A true propeller simulation.
  •  Electric starter with accurate cranking power.
  •  Dynamic ground physics including both hard pavement and soft grass modeling.
  •  Primer-only starts are now possible. Accu-Sim monitors the amount of fuel injected and it’s effectiveness to start and run the engine.
  •  Persistent airplane where systems, corrosion, and temperatures are simulated even when the computer is off.
  •  Immersive in-cockpit, physics-driven sound environment from A2A engineered recordings.
  •  Complete maintenance hangar internal systems and detailed engine tests including compression checks.
  •  Piston combustion engine modeling. Air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the wonderful sound of a Lycoming 360 engine.  Now the gauges look beneath the skin of your aircraft and show you what Accu-Sim is all about.
  •  Authentic Bendix King Avionics stack including the KMA 26 Audio Panel, two KX 155A NAV/COMMS, KR 87 ADF, KT 76C Transponder, KN 62A DME, and KAP 140 Two Axis Autopilot with altitude pre-selection.
  •  Three in-sim avionics configurations including no GPS, GPS 295, or the GNS 400.  Built-in, automatic support for 3rd party GNS 430 and 530.
  •  As with every A2A aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
  •  Designed and built to be flown "By The Book."
  •  Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel, people, and baggage in real-time.
  •  Four naturally animated passengers that can sit in any seat including the pilot’s.
  •  3D Lights 'M' (built directly into the model).
  •  Pure3D Instrumentation now with natural 3D appearance with exceptional performance.
  •  A total audible cockpit and ound engineered by A2A sound professionals.
  •  In cockpit pilot's map for handy in-flight navigation.
  •  Authentic fuel delivery includes priming and proper mixture behavior.  Mixture can be tuned by the book using the EGT or by ear.  It’s your choice.
  •  All models include A2A specialized materials with authentic metals, plastics, and rubber.
  •  Airflow, density and its temperature not only affect the way your aircraft flies, but how the internal systems operate.
  •  Real-world conditions affect system conditions, including engine temperatures.
  •  Spark plugs can clog and eventually foul if the engine is allowed to idle too low for too long. Throttling up an engine with oil-soaked spark plugs can help clear them out.
  •  Overheating can cause scoring of cylinder head walls which could ultimately lead to failure if warnings are ignored and overly abused
  •  Engine, airframe, cockpit panel and individual gauges tremble from the combustion engine.
  •  Authentic drag from the airframe and flaps
  •  System failures, including flaps that can independently jam or break based on the actual forces put upon them. If you deploy your flaps at too high a speed, you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.
  •  Authentic battery. The battery capacity is based on temperature. The major draw comes from engine starting.
  •  Oil pressure system is affected by oil viscosity (oil thickness). Oil viscosity is affected by oil temperature. Now when you start the engine, you need to be careful to give the engine time to warm
  • Eight commercial aviation sponsors have supported the project including Phillips 66 Aviation, Champion Aerospace, and Knots2u speed modifications.


When A2A Simulations first announced that they were doing an Accu-Sim C172, many within their community were actually quite upset. After all, with the exception of the B377 that started the whole thing off and the later Piper J3 Cub, all of the Accu-Sim models have been warbirds. That’s what the community wanted, even demanded.
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Another low quality scenery but also low price, it looks like the textures were not well blended between the scenery and terrain.
This add on does a great job of improving the look of the coastline. When I bought the add on it only covered a section of the Tuscany coast, but with regular, free updates the coastline Italy is constantly improving. This had makes a really big difference to the look of harbour cities/towns and the range of vessels keeps expanding. I-
f you do VFR or other low level flying in Italy I thoroughly recommend this add on.
This happens to be a very nice scenery. I am very pleased
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A nice addition, but I hope the developers will continue to improve and optimise the product. In my opinon it's not on the same level as the old Fly Tampa version. Insta-
llation for me was a bit problemmatical with exclusions from Samscene Hong Kong scenery to be added, as well as CTDs - but eevntually I got it working. Initi-
al loading of local data takes a surprisingly long time - and I get the impression that it could be optimised much more. Taxying in particular, and especially at night, becomes a slideshow for me. It would be nice if the aircraft carrier could be an option - its a poor model anyway - no aircraft on the carrieer deck? Really? This review is from using VR with a Reverb G2. Intel 6700, 32Gb, 2080Ti
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Simply a great add on ,very detaliled and useful for all simmer.I reccomend to support Stefano in his great effort .
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