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In April, 1940, when World War II was, for Britain at least, in a kind of holding pattern and waiting to burst forth into the savage fury that would soon engulf the entire world, the British Air Purchasing Commission (BAPC) requested that North American Aviation, Inc. (NAA) build 300 Curtiss P-40s for the R.A.F. Had “Dutch” Kindelberger, NAA’s President agreed to this, what is generally considered to be the greatest piston engine fighter aeroplane ever built would have never been created. Instead, NAA counter offered that they could produce a superior aeroplane to the P-40 and agreed to do it in 120 days. 102 days later the first Mustang airframe was completed, and 47 days after that the first Mustang flew. It went on to serve in every theatre of the War and in every Allied air force. A total of 16,766 were built, making it the most numerous American fighter aircraft. Because of the great care and attention to aerodynamic detail that went into its brilliant design, the Mustang was, from its inception, one of the fastest single-engine piston aeroplanes of the W.W. II era.

The Accu-Sim P-51 Mustang may very well be the most highly anticipated product from A2A to date. Back in 2004, we released a P-51D for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 that used a flight modeling process known as “Absolute Realism.” A lot of characteristics were being experienced for the first time in flight simulation. If you flew flight simulators, you were used to the old “yank and bank” as most flight simmers held the position that aircraft really didn’t spin. This was largely because, back then, developers were largely programmers, with no flying experience. Even today, while it’s getting more common, it’s still rare to find a developer who actually has even taken the controls of a real aircraft.Today, A2A has the wind at our back, with Accu-Sim helping to bring serious aviators and simulation together. However, the industry as a whole hasn’t really budged that much as people are discovering that it’s not enough to be a pilot, or even a highly experienced pilot. It takes an entirely different skill set to be able to observe, translate, and re-create the experience. It’s not being a pilot, aeronautical engineer, or even a highly skilled aircraft modeler that makes the difference. It’s the combination of “all the above” with, perhaps most importantly, a relentless drive to re-create the most believable experience possible. Even if you have never flown an aircraft before, you as a living person with an inherently deep sense of what is right or wrong in the physical world you live in. You touch things, see things, and hear things every minute of every day. So trust your instincts, because, if it doesn’t feel or sound right to you, it probably isn’t right.Also, in the real world, actions create lasting results, both good and bad. There are consequences everywhere inside of a cockpit, especially a high performance, propeller-powered, combustion driven aircraft. This is where the persistent aircraft makes all the difference. In the real world, you don’t get a fresh new aircraft every time you strap yourself into the cockpit. The aircraft is a physical machine that exists in the world. If your aircraft was pulling to the right when you parked it, it will still be pulling when you taxi to the runway the next day. When things happen in a simulated world as you expect in the real world, you start to treat it as if it is just that, real.With lasting results, wrapped inside the newest modeling and advanced material-making techniques, you will have an aircraft that you can spend not just minutes, but hours admiring.. Together, with professionally recorded sounds and physics, the end result is the sense of having a complete, real, majestic, raw, flying machine stuffed inside your computer. And we hope, you don’t just treat it like any aircraft, but rather like “your” aircraft.We hope you enjoy your new beautiful bird, and hope you learn to fly and treat her well.

  • The world’s most iconic WWII fighter aircraft
  • As with every A2A aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
  • Designed and built to be flown “By The Book“.
  • Custom Cockpit Systems and Gauges.
  • Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel and stores in real-time.
  • Naturally animated pilot.
  • 3D Lights ‘M’ (built directly into the model) with under-wing landing light than can be turned on, deployed, and retracted and fully functional recognition lights.
  • Pure3D Instrumentation now with natural 3D appearance with exceptional performance.
  • Sound engineered by A2A sound professionals.
  • Oil pressure system models oil viscosity (oil thickness).
  • Authentically modeled pneumatic system.
  • In cockpit pilot’s map for handy in-flight navigation.
  • Auto-Mixture that actually performs as intended. Now you can set for “RUN” and the aircraft fuel-to-air ratio will be automatically determined and set by the carburetor based upon various factors, such as altitude.
  • Dual speed, dual stage Supercharger modeled with accurate behavior.
  • Fuel delivery system simulated.
  • All models include A2A specialized materials with authentic metal.
  • Pilot’s Notes pop-up 2D panel keeps important information easily available.
  • A true dual-speed supercharged engine experience.
  • Feel the exhilaration of flying an Accu-Sim-powered P-51 Mustang.
  • Mach drag built and tested specifically for the P-51D airframe.
  • Merlin V-12 liquid cooled V-1650 engine built to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • A true propeller simulation.
  • Electric starter with accurate cranking power.
  • Dynamic ground physics including both hard pavement and soft grass modeling.
  • Primer-only starts are now possible. Accu-Sim monitors the amount of fuel injected and it’s effectiveness to start and run the engine.
  • Cold mornings require energizing the primer for long 3-4 seconds, and warm starts may only need a second or two.
  • Immersive in-cockpit, physics-driven sound environment from A2A engineered P-51 recordings.
  • Complete maintenance hangar including landing gear, internal systems and detailed engine tests including compression checks.
  • Understand how a high-performance aircraft behaves and see how well you can cope with all of the unexpected things that can happen. No two flights are ever the same.
  • Piston combustion engine modeling. Air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the wonderful sound of a V-12, liquid-cooled racing engine. Now the gauges look beneath the skin of your aircraft and show you what Accu-Sim is all about.
  • Airflow, density and it’s temperature not only affect the way your aircraft flies, but how the internal systems operate.
  • Real-world conditions affect system conditions, including engine temperatures. Manage temperatures with a radiator flap and proper flying techniques.
  • Spark plugs can clog and eventually foul if the engine is allowed to idle too low for too long. Throttling up an engine with oil-soaked spark plugs can help clear them out and smoke.
  • Overheating can cause scoring of cylinder head walls which could ultimately lead to failure if warnings are ignored and overly abused.
  • Large engined aircraft like the P-51 like to be in the air, not on the ground. So don’t idle for too long, get in the air where the air supply is plentiful
  • Engine, airframe, cockpit panel and individual gauges tremble from the power of a high-performance combustion engine.
  • Authentic component drag. Dropping your gear will pull your aircraft realistically as the landing gear is deployed along with cooling flaps, ordnance and even opening the canopy. Drop your gear, deploy your flaps, or just try a dive, and listen to your airframe.
  • System failures, including flaps that can independently jam or break based on the actual forces put upon them. If you deploy your flaps at too high a speed, you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.
  • Total audible cockpit made with recordings from the actual aircraft. Before you fly, enjoy clicking everything.
  • Primer system modeled. Accu-Sim monitors the amount of fuel injected and it’s effectiveness to start the engine. Cold mornings require as many as 12 strokes and warm starts may only need a single shot.
  • Authentic battery. The battery capacity is based on temperature. The major draw comes from engine starting.
  • Oil pressure system is affected by oil viscosity (oil thickness). Oil viscosity is affected by oil temp and oil dilution level. Now when you start the engine, you need to be careful and not raise RPM too much until oil temp is high enough to give proper oil pressure. If you raise RPM too high on a cold engine, especially very cold, oil pressure can raise to over 150 psi. Oil pump failure can result. Extended inverted flight (negative g) can uncover the oil sump and reduce oil pressure. Do not fly in a negative g situation for more than 5 seconds.
  • Oxygen starvation (hypoxia) is modeled. Just take off and climb without oxygen to see.
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*Владеет продуктом*
une des tout meilleur Warbird jamais modélisé pour un simulateur de vol.
Agrémenté d'Accusim, "La Cadillac du ciel " vous portera vers les étoiles !
Vous pouvez achetez les yeux fermés, c'est un concentré de réalisme et de bonheur.
Merci à A2A de nous concevoir de tel Add-ons.
For Andrew,

use pleas the oxy mask. A flight above 12,500feet you need it.
Not so much a review, as a suggestion that the previous reviewer, Andrew, might like to refer to the section in the manual about usage of the pilot's oxygen system? :)
Very good plane, especially with the accu-sim. However, beware of the following:
1. The VC will zoom in and out on its own after a couple hours (about 5.7 for me)
2. The VC will then go black, and you can't see any pop ups (this occurs shortly after the VC starts zooming in and out)
3. After all that happens, all control input (both joystick and keyboard) will stop. No throttle control either.
Download P-51 Manual: WOP3_P-51_Manual.pdf
Download Technical Manual: P-51_Accusim_Manual.pdf
Отзывы клиентов
Некоторые системы в самолете работают неправильно На-
чнём по порядку 1) Указатель усилия руля высоты на штурвале 2) А так же неправильно работает анимация включения реверса и рычагов управления двигателями ! 3) Рычаги двигателей не имеют сцепления с крайними рычагами как это было в оригинальном самолете ! 4) Рыгач стопорения рычагов двигателей не работает, в оригинальном самолете он должен работать ! 5) Вместо резервного авиагоризонта должен быть установлен новый прибор L-3 GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument Systems ! 6) Вместо старых индикаторов УПРТ и УТ должны быть установлены новые индикаторы УПРТ и ВЕНТ с зеленой индикацией ! Есть еще некоторые замечая в кабине самолета, возможно разработчики их исправят. Есть проблемы с элеронами в самолете, при повороте самолета не все элероны перекладываются ! Я сначала не мог взлететь на этом самолете, так как нужно было триммер руля высоты настроить на индикаторе, в оригинальном самолете такого нет !
Недоработанный сценарий. На перроне по краям какие-то левые текстуры. Доработайте
Особо порадовало, что было уделено особое внимание проработке летного поля: все то, что видит пилот. Отличная работа!
Отличный аэропорт!!! Спасибо большое!!! Действительно поддержите человека за такую прекрасную работу!!!
Всем привет Любители Авиации !!! AMSIM в очередной раз порадовал своей работой и как всегда на высоте все сценарии зделаные с любовью !!! Отличная работа Молодец так держать !!! Всем советую опробывать все сценарии и да Поддержите парня он ведь для нас старается ...
хороший визуал, но есть проблемы с процедурами. хотелось бы иметь возможность заходить по ILS Не только на 13 полосу.
Отсутствуют процедуры. Нет SID, STAR и вообще ничего нет. По визуалу твердая четверка, а за такую подставу за почти 16 евро, лютый минус.
Приобрёл этот продукт, ну что хочу сказать, в принципе самолет за эти деньги ,поскольку я не летаю на аирбасах этот продукт не плохая альтернатива. Хотелось бы доработак по VNAV и запуску двигателей, а то запуск мне напомнил А321 NEO Нужно сделать как у 737 ) а так что имеем)
Потрясающая сцена. Наконец то Сочи! Ура!) Данный аэропорт очень важен в симуляторе т.к большая часть полетов проходит именно в этот аэропорт.
Купив MFS2020 первым делом пролетел над Мск и был расстроен тк в базовой версии мало что напоминало о любимом городе ( Но это дополнение вернуло интерес к игре! Спасибо разработчикам за такую крутую деталировку города!!! Теперь полет по ориентирам полный кайф ... даже Петра Первого на стрелке было приятно увидеть - сверху он не такой уродливый )) PS Установ-
ка проста. Все запустилось с первого раза. Что удивительно ФПС не упал несмотря на детальность города
ваша страна/область проживания
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