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    Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is Malaysia's main international airport and one of the major airports of South East Asia. It is located approximately 45 kilometres (28 mi) from Kuala Lumpur city centre in Sepang district of Selangor.
    KLIA was started in 1993 to replace Subang International Airport (now Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport).

    The airport has the capacity to handle 70 million passengers and 1.2 million tones of cargo a year. It was ranked the 11th busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, and is the 10th busiest international airport in Asia. It was ranked the 28th busiest airport by cargo traffic in 2013. There are three terminal in KLIA; The Main Terminal, Satellite Terminal and Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Nowadays, AirAsia has moved their fleets to the new terminal and the third runway, KLIA2.
    It is the major hub of Malaysia Airlines, MAS kargo, AirAsia, AirAsia X, Malindo Air and Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).


    • High detail photoscenery with 60 cm/pixel (higher than this is not available throughout this region.)
    • Ground poly of the runway and taxiways with high detail custom made textures.
    • Almost all the buildings in the airports have been modeled to detail including Main Terminal, Satellite Terminal and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) which is now converted to cargo area.
    • Custom made 3d taxiway edge lights. Light splash from light poles, illuminate the entire airport with realistic night light.
    • Service vehicles in parking ramps.
    • Real 3D ALSF-2 landing light system.
    • Runway guard lights to all runway holding points.
    • Surrounding of the airport including observation hill, Sepang International Circuit and Masjid Sultan Abdul Samed.

    KLIA2 features:

    • KLIA2 is included in this version. New Terminal for low cost, budget airliners such as Air Asia, Tiger Airlines, Lion Air, Cebu Pacific, etc. The new KLIA2 terminal is measured to be at least 257,000 sqm, with 60 gates, 8 remote stands, 80 aerogridges. Costing around 4 million Malaysia Ringgit, the new KLIA2 terminal was officially opened on May2, 2014.
    • Static jetways are modeled in detail.
    • At night, Skybridge shows its lights which changes colors through times.
    • KLIA express trains have extended their service to KLIA2 as well.

    What is not included in the scenery package:

    • Traffic is not included. You might have your own traffic. More traffic from the scenery might add more chaos.
    • Mesh is not included. You can use any third party terrain or mesh from flightsim.com or simviation.com


    You can download from Aeronautical Information Publication Malaysia http://www.aip.dca.gov.my You can get the most recent chart for free.


    This scenery is Copyright ? 2010 Jirayu Tanabodee. All rights are reserved to Jirayu Tanabodee. You may not copy, dissemble, distribute, modify or upload to any other site. This scenery is for home use only. If you want license for commercial aircraft simulator, please contact us via a_asceneries@hotmail.com


    At least should be Core Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz with Nvidia 9500GT or better. You have to tweak your FS9 to suit your hardware and you preference. You can adjust the slider to suit your hardware. The faster machine, the further you can put your slider to the right. I didn’t eliminate the shadow out to help frame rate. If you wish to increase fps, you can turn it off in the game.


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    This is an excellent scenery for an airport previously overlooked by developers. It also now comes with updates to eliminate any previous problems. Well worth the money in my opinion. I had a very good frame rate and the detailing was excellent - so well done A_A Sceneries. Hopefully you will now do Singapore Changi next for FS2004 ;-)


    A beautiful scenery made by A_A Sceneries. Also the developer reacts and updates rapidly.


    Review of A_A Sceneries Kuala Lumpur International WMKK - 30th September 2015 for FS2004 (FS9). Test System - Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.72Ghz, 2GB dual channel RAM, GeForce 8800GTS 2GB Graphics on a Windows XP Pro SP3 Operating System. Test time about 2-3 hours. To begin with, I installed the scenery which was straight forward enough. The executable installs a LANDCLASS scenery below the main airport scenery (just check that the landclass is of a LOWER priority or sits UNDER the airport scenery) and adds it to the FS Scenery library so you don't have to. I looked at the scenery in DAYTIME and flew around the airport in the Cessna to have a look. The airport is highly detailed and the textures are extremely well done. A lot of work has gone into the the FS9 version - a real testament to the work and tenacity of the developer at A_A Sceneries! However, the textures are large and detailed and I did experience some slowness in loading. My CPU is not the fastest though and yours may not be as old as mine. But the fact that this scenery runs well on my set up suggests that it is well designed and will cause you no issues. However, I then discovered that I could NOT select DAWN without crashing the sim! I also experienced a loss of textures during night and dusk time. I have to say, however before I go on, that the developer has worked tirelessly with me to resolve this and some other issues I had with the scenery (in the end caused by a BMP file in the Effects folder that was badly corrupted) and since the product has been made available he has updated some files which have highlighted some small problems. He has released missing seasonal textures, a small photo update and for me at least, has targeted a corrupted file that cause me no end of problems. Hats off to this chap who really helped me work through so that I can now review the product! I can now select all time options (DAY, DUSK, NIGHT and DAWN) and the airport is wonderful - a huge improvement on the existing freeware version. The on-airport trains are excellent, the shading all over the airport is very good and the attention to detail is exceptional. Included is the new Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Terminal area and additional runway 15/33 (this part of the scenery is also extremely detailed) and despite the documents stating no static aircraft, there are in fact a number of Malaysian Airline aircraft statics in the scenery, all well done. Runways and grass areas and the ramp are all as they should be (I have flown into the real KLIA many times over the years) and the scenery fits well into the default terrain and most add-on mesh terrains too. The area directly surrounding the airport is also done with the addition of the LandClass scenery mentioned above. This really helps to show off the location of KLIA which nestles in the huge lush forest areas of south central Malaysia. In real life, you take the train (KLIA Express - not modelled) to the city of Kuala Lumpur which takes 28 minutes. Today after finishing the updates to correct the issues I had been having I flew from Phuket (VTSP) to KLIA (WMKK) flying the Malaysian 787 service (using the Boeing 737-800 from the IFly Developer Team for FS9) and experienced no problems in the scenery at all. However, it does help after installing, to reboot your computer and then clean up and defrag the hard drive to help cure the slowness of the texture loading. I can say now that WMKK loads a lot faster and is much better than when I first got it. My thoughts on this product? Its about the best you can get for Kuala Lumpur for FS9. Its vibrant, detailed and visually very good indeed. And the support I have received on the small issues I had with it, are top notch! Other developers should take note! And the price is a real bargain for the quality of this work. Well done A_A Sceneries. I hope you continue to develop for FS9 as I will be purchasing again! Thank you. Lee James - West Sussex UK


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