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    Another twin-engined classic and an American legend. The Electra was Lockheeds first twin engine, all-metal design ( designed by Lloyd Stearman ... yes that Stearman !) which first fel the air under its wings in 1935. A highly modified Model 10 E was made famous by Amelia Earhart who tragically disappered during a round-the-world record attempt. The Electra is so evocative of the 30's and 40's and appeared in many movies, carrying Humphry Bogart to some distant Pacific island or later battling valiantly pressed into military service during WW2.

    There were only 149 Electra E10's ever built. Now is your chance to get your hands on one!


    - Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built from years of research and using factory drawings and plans.
    - Fully detailed authentic cockpit with many unique animations and functions.
    - 'Modern' avionics suite available with a switch-out for those that like a modern approach to their simming!
    - Dont believe in Modern avionics ? We have added a sperry Autopilot ( as close to possible ) for the long trips.
    - Special effects include engine exhaust.
    - Opening door with a 3d passenger cabin.
    -The sound set uses legacy files.
    - Although these sounds are authentic P&W engine sounds, we MAY be upgrading to a WWise soundpack at a later date.
    - Highly accurate flight dynamics and performance specifications ensure an authentic flight.

    11 Authentic liveries + Blank
    - Mid-continental airlines
    - Aero-put airlines
    - Braniff Airlines
    - Trans-Canadian Airlines
    - Chicago Southern
    - Linea Area Nacional Airlines
    - Palm Beack Aviation Airlines
    - Naples & Provincetown-Boston Airlines
    - Bata - Privately owned
    - Wisconsin Airlines
    - Union Airlines


    Этот продукт оснащен нашей технологией simInstaller и доступен только после покупки через APP


    - Windows 7, 8, 10
    - Microsoft Flight simulator V +
    - Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM (free)
    - Hard drive : 1.85 gb


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    This plane has gotten a bad rep. Fun to fly, sound has been reworked, develper respnded quickly to my email. I fly it often.


    The plane looks good enough but the sounds.....omg the soundset is terrible. Either they are incredible lazy and just throw something in the sound folder or they are utterly amateurs with sounds. The sound set has no wwise and it tells me these developers dont know what they are doing. The sounds are fsx legacy with fsx style sound.cfg file. Even for fsx these sounds are terrible. Anyone here saying the sound set it good is an amateur. Do not buy this until they put together a quality sound set with wwise. They have the same sound file for starting or running the left or the right engines. It is horrible to listen too. I will never again buy anything from aeroplane heaven.


    Bel avion mais dynamique de vol à revoir et pilote automatique disfonctionnement, svp une mise à jour aeroplane heaven.
    Initially there were a few small problems, but these were quickly fixed by the developer. The quality of the sound set is very good.


    Going into this, I knew this airplane wasn't going to be perfect but even after the first update this airplane still leaves a LOT to be desired. If you enjoy starting airplanes cold and dark, you won't get that from this airplane because even when starting on the ramp, everything is on except the engines (including interior lights that are set at maximum). The interior sounds are horrendous in quality, although they're less deafening than before the update. Many of the cockpit switches are very low quality, especially the sperry gyropilot. Speaking of the gyropilot, once you activate altitude hold, you're not going to be able to change altitude unless you have a mapped button to lower or raise the set altitude (it will always return to the originally selected altitude and the airplane will climb/descend if you try to activate it at a different altitude). There are absolutely no performance figures that are provided by the developers, so if you want to try flying with pilotage and dead reckoning, expect to spend 6-18 hours finding it on your own. The documents that are provided by the devs are very bare bones and feel unprofessional and incomplete, for example on the quick start guide they include "...there isn’t a right or wrong way to start a Electra...". The exterior is better in both appearance and sound although the interior airspeed gauge does not correlate with the exterior gauge. The in game checklist is also very basic and leaves a lot to be desired for. Thankfully they do include some basic speeds that are hidden in the documentation of the aircraft so you don't have to figure those out (assuming you can find it). In conclusion, if you want to buy this with the intention of learning to navigate like pilots would have in the 1930s without GPS, this is not the airplane for you. If you are looking for a realistic, high quality model, this is not the airplane for you. If you just want a nice exterior model to mess around with, there are less expensive models that provide a better experience. I would really like to see improvements to this! The devs can defiantly do a better job and there are original documents that are easy to find and would be massively helpful to both the developers in improving their model and the information they include with it but weather or not that happens remains to be seen. If future updates would include more details about the model, much like Carenado produces then my rating will improve but for now this is not worth the $30 price tag.


    Fantastic aircraft very pleased with my purchase, detail is excellent a great addition to msfs 2020, will be purchasing other aircraft would highly recommend the Electra 10-A


    This is my second review and now after v1.1 most of the issues are fixed. I find it much better then the initial release.


    Positif 1. Belle réalisation, belle texture. 2. Tableau de bord magnifique. 3. Réalisation de la cabine passagers magnifique. 4. Bonne documentation. 5. Prix correct. Négatif 1. Impression d’un avion pas fini techniquement. 2. Au départ du vol, problème de son et un moteur s’arrête ? 3. A l’arrêt des moteurs, le son est incorrect, ce n’est pas la réalité. 4. Pilotage manuel difficile, trop d’instabilité, problème de modèle de vol. 5. Réglages des vues avec Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, Ctrl 3, etc, pas pratiques, mauvaise gestions des vues ! 6. Si l’on passe des vues intérieures aux vues extérieures et qu’on revient sur les vues intérieures, elles ont perdu le réglage initial. Très mal pratique, perte de temps en vol. 7. Cet avion mérite une meilleure gestion de l’interface simulateur-avion. Yves Bozzio
    I like this plane. But the first version is all too noisy inside and out, and ridiculous expensive. The pilot view are fare off. The front windows are terrible. The wheels got no springs, and give no feedback when touch down, and much more. Wait for a serious update before buying.
    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!! Any way of getting this compatible with FS9 ?


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