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    General remarks

    The Cessna 172N was not officially build to support water floats, however certain number of this models were fixed with straight floats by their owners. Amphibian modifications are less frequent; however I decided to develop this variation based in float manufacturers that have been successfully doing this job over decades.

    This C172N Floatplane V1.3 “Extended Edition” is essentially the addition of an amphibian variant to previous released straight-floatplane plus Update Pack features. This means that you will not longer need to use the Update Pack after installing this release, in fact you should not. This is a Standalone product which also can be used to update any of the previous releases of the “AEROPROYECTO C172N Floatplane”, including those already upgraded with the Update Pack.

    This edition also refines systems and programming as well as 3D modeling and on water performance details. Additional features for better experience are included, some of which comes from user preferences.

    External and interior model

    • Highly accurate and optimized modeling for good performance; every visible mechanism or part on interior and exterior are modeled in detail
    • Elevator angle is affected by trimming setting due to prop wash or the free airstream; the yoke feedbacks due to this action as well
    • Almost every parts or mechanism is animated in the external and internal model. Engine vibration is simulated, as well as flexible items like antennas and static dischargers. Pitot cover ends and tie-down ropes dance with the airspeed
    • Texturing are applied depending on the relevance of the point of view, providing the user with a nice environment while keeps a friendly Frame Rate
    • Ambience reflections, bumps, damages, dirt and sun reflect effects are applied, no matter the angle you are looking
    • Open doors will close depending on the intensity of prop wash airstream or the angle and the intensity of the wind, in case you are stopped
    • The cabin can be filled with occupants, depending on the individual payload station weight setting. Pilot arms are animated with the pilot´s yoke and all characters have natural animations on heads and eyelids
    • Several cameras are included for external inspection or just for alternative point of views for your enjoyment
    • Custom 3D lights in all positions for a better visual experience. The landing and taxi light includes an spotlight effect that is stronger at low visibility days or nights
    • Custom floats water spray and wake effect

    Virtual cockpit

    • Warm fully 3D ambience is experimented on the cockpit by the use of a right balance between shadows and lights, relaxing colors tone, precise and detailed model, and a leather upholstery work
    • Interior illumination is “real”, no texturing night-bright are used apart of gauges, in an attempt to offer the right ambience feeling. A red and white cabin lights combines to offer a realistic night flying experience. For easiest access in darkness, two custom keys combination were included on the cockpit view
    • Full 3D gauges in two different avionics that offers:
      - Sound panel Garmin GMA 340
      - Custom GPS Garmin GNS 430 or Bendix/King KX 155 TSO radio 1
      - Bendix/King KX 155 TSO radio 2
      - Transponder Garmin GTX 330
      - None or Collins ADF 650 TSO receiver (Includes NDB finder, of course)
      - None or Bendix/King DME receiver
    • Optional dynamic precipitation drops on windshield and windows. Wings projects “shadow” on lateral windows when you are immobile under the rain, that changes when the movement forces the angle of incidence of the rain
    • Four interior cameras are included. In order: Pilot, avionics zoom, front passenger and rear-right passenger. The pilot´s yoke is removable for accessing light switches and the fully functional breakers
    • Almost everything that you see on the cockpit is functional and/or animated. Doors and handlers, switches, buttons, sunshields, windows, pilot´s yoke lock, levers, yokes cord, and so (pedal´s brake movement and parking lever are limited in straight float variant)
    • 2D panels are included for setup the aircraft (including few options), read checklists, check cabin temp, extinguish fire, aircraft relocated tool and more
    • All mouse action could be useful on several buttons, switches, levers or animated objects; giving the user more flexibility and/or accuracy for dealing with the many cockpit functions
    • Custom key combination to reset the engine and DATCON counters. It also let save its records when saving the flight

    Paint schemes

    This model includes four liveries and a white paint, useful for those which like to make its own designs. Liveries included here:

    • N320XA        Blue strips based on 1979 Cessna factory scheme, USA
    • G-GNRT        Blue strips based on 1980 Cessna factory scheme, UK
    • I-SAAB          Aero Club Como based on 1980 Cessna factory scheme (with modifications), Italy
    • D-GRMN       Red strips based on 1976 Cessna factory scheme (Model M), Germany
    • N911SD         Fictional scheme, US bays police
    • F-ZBGX         Fictional scheme, French Customs patrol
    • G-ISLD          Fictional scheme, UK AirTaxi
    • D-FISH          Fictional scheme, German recreational

    Systems and additional features

    • Realistic flight dynamics tested by actual pilots. The on-water performance is refined to match, as near as possible, the actual performance of this specific C172N variant
    • Engine combustion with realistic performance and failures are simulated based on carburetor icing, soiled spark plugs, engine condition or even water ingestion on hard landings or big waves. Due to abuse, the engine can burn or fails permanently; the fire can be extinguish in flight with the proper procedure or on ground, using a fire extinguisher tool
    • Stall horn system is realistically replicated; as in the actual aircraft you can fly indefinitely with the stall warning active
    • Engine smoke and fire effect is included. As well the engine fire emits a sound to warn the pilot
    • Custom sounds for switches, avionics buttons, engine, stall and doors
    • Complex electrical system with functional breakers that affect each system
    • Cabin temp system is included, with a 2D thermometer indication. Conditions like cabin seal (doors, windows, Heat lever and Air lever positions), engine hot, external temp, airstream produced by the propeller and the external free airstream will affect this system
    • Realistic engine performance on the inverted flight
    • Two engines installation and different flaps setting on straight floats models; this result in different performances
    • A tool to keep the flight level (not an autopilot) or helping with taxiing in case of amphibian variant


    FSX: SP1/SP2/Acceleration, FSX: Steam Edition and P3D v1/v2/v3/v4

    880MB hard drive space


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    This is a bit of a hidden gem. There are loads of C172’s around and I’ve had and tried many. Not a lot of C172 Floats or amphibious, and of what I’ve experiences from those few others they don’t seem to behave well or realistically on water or in the air. This developer seems to have a special knack for bringing these birds to life in a way that just feels right. You can practically feel the weight of the floats under the plane and how they impact how the plane moves through the air. For a simulated experience it doesn’t get much better than this. The detailing is really nice and as good as any I’ve ever seen. I am very happy with this.


    Nice model Nice textures. The cockpit feels refreshingly different.Flies nice and it simulates P-factor.
    A wonderful surprise! Excellent floatplane with tons of goodies, fantastic flight dynamic and beautiful textures. A well-deserved 5 stars, compared to all floatplanes in the market.


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