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    Piloting commuter aircraft is most attractive for flight simulator fans that like flying according Instrument flight rules (IFR), but have limited time available to spend. Commuter aircraft servicing connections from smaller airports to the big hubs and vice versa and are intensive flying in the real world as well as in the simulator.

    A famous representative of this aircraft category is the Bombardier (nowadays Mitsubishi) CRJ line of 50 to 100 passengers. Originally developed to replace the more uncomfortable and noisier turboprop range in this class, the beautiful, sleek CRJ airliners were of particular interest to airlines wanting to offer jet feeling on short routes.

    Their specific design with the engines in the back, low wing and slim fuselage, allowing only 2-2 seat arrangements, made them look sportive and a bit like the business jets.

    Their avionics and systems have been leading edge at the time of development and highly automated to reduce the work load of pilots in the tight schedules and shortest turn-around times.

    Pilots like to fly them because they are powerful, agile, and a joy to fly manually. They also demand more flying skill than a modern Airbus or Boeing, because the ability to automate the flight is limited. For example, it is not possible to control the airspeed during the flight. In addition, the airports you fly to may require more manual flying due to lack of navigational installation or scenic environments.

    The Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for the current Microsoft Flight Simulator has been built on the experience of the developers from the CRJ family offered for FSX and Prepar3D. Yet the new technology available within MSFS gave all developers involved the opportunity to use the latest in design, system and flight model programming. Therefore, they were reconstructed from ground up to match the new standard in look, function and flying characteristics. This small high-end airliner was created with the gracious support of Microsoft and Asobo, which ensured that the new features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator could be implemented.


    • Highly detailed modeling based on many photos of the original aircraft
    • Covered with high resolution PBR textures that convey virtual reality extremely well
    • The possibilities of the new flight simulator engine are mostly utilized
    • Fluid animations of moving parts such as landing gear, flaps and doors
    • The cockpit shows detailed modeling and animations that provide a realistic look and feel of this popular airliner
    • Support of advanced features, such as rain effects, etc.
    • The flight model is based on Flight Simulator's new aerodynamic model to provide more realistic behavior of the CRJ in all flight conditions. It has been fine tuned to reflect the performance and reactive behavior of the CRJ
    • Included are the CRJ 550 and 700 models with 9 liveries


    • Extensive Flight Management System and Honeywell ProLine Avionics including Advisory and Coupled Vertical Navigation
    • Delivered with February/March 2021 (AIRAC 2102) nav data
    • Navigation data can be updated via NavDataPro and Navigraph
    • Head-up Guidance System

    Electronic Flight Display:

    • Detailed performance calculations based on actual weight and balance and graphical display of actualized load sheet
    • Transfer of weight, fuel and calculated V-speeds into the FMS, if desired
    • Checklists for all flight situations
    • Individual configuration settings for aircraft maintenance, preferred aircraft state when loading and additional options
    • Chart display (NavDataPro Charts and Navigraph charts) with position tracking
      This option will be made available free of charge as soon as the SDK allows it!


    • CRJ 550:
      • United Express/Go Jet N504GJ
      • Private D-ALKI
    • CRJ 700:
      • LH/EW Regional D-ACSB
      • LH Cityline D-ACPF
      • Air France Hop F-FGRZH
      • American Eagle N508AE (New Colors)
      • Alaska Airlines N215AG
      • Delta Connection/SkyWest N608SK
      • Delta Endeavor N391CA

    Simulator options:

    • Eight manuals, including detailed step-by-step documentation
    • Immersive sounds created using Wwise (so full FS standards)
    • Many new options to tweak the product to your likings and your hardware

    Also available


    Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) - fully updated
    OS: Windows 10 version 1909 or higher
    Processor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590
    Memory: 16 GB
    Diskspace: 2.3 GB
    Mouse with mouse wheel
    Controller with throttle analog lever for an optimal throttle control (Throttle control using a gamepad is possible, but only through buttons, not through auto-centering axis)
    Internet connection required for activation


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    Points positifs : - Modélisation détaillée - Les textures sont de bonne qualité - Fonctions avancées : tous les systèmes de l'avion sont présents - Le modèle de vol semble cohérent : l'avion est agréable à piloter à la main Neutre : - L'avion est assez exigeant à piloter, il demande de l'investissement en temps avant de pouvoir réellement en profiter. La lecture du manuelle et le visionnage de vidéos tutoriels sont obligatoires. - Pas de check-lists en jeu : il y a toutes les check-lists sur la tablette mais elles ne sont pas interactives (donc pas d'aide possible), vous devez connaître parfaitement l'avion. - Les raccourcis claviers standard de MSFS ne sont pas implémentés : oubliez la touche B pour recaler rapidement votre altimètre ainsi que le L pour allumer rapidement tous les feux, pas de gain de temps avec cet appareil. - On a presque un add-on du niveau de P3D ou X-Plane, ce qui est plutôt une bonne nouvelle mais il manque un système pour proposer plusieurs niveaux de difficulté : un copilote virtuel pour gérer les check-lists ne serait pas de trop surtout pour les débutants car l'avion est "assez atypique" dans la gestion de ses systèmes. Points négatifs : - Pas d'infos bulles (c'est vraiment dommage, ça aide beaucoup lorsqu'on débute) - Contraintes structurelles fortement exagérées : 1 Nœud en survitesse provoque la fin du vol car l'avion a subi trop de contraintes. Sur ce point c'est peut-être plus un problème de MSFS mais c'est assez pénible quand ça se produit, ça se comprend lorsque la survitesse est importante mais pour quelques Nœuds c'est indéfendable. Je vous suggère de désactiver les dégâts des contraintes structurelles dans MSFS. Conclusion : C'est un bon avion mais il demandera de l'investissement en temps avant d'être maîtrisé.


    - Pas d'infos bulles (toujours sympa pour les débutants) - Pas de check-list en jeu : la tablette ne présente pas une check-list interactive, vous devez connaître parfaitement l'avion - Les raccourcis clavier standards de MSFS ne sont pas implémentés (encore une fois, très moyen pour les débutants) - Pas de pré-réglage pour le décollage ("Ready for take off") - Pas d'implémentation du plan de vol de MSFS (heureusement ça fonctionne bien via SimBrief) - 1 Nœud en survitesse = fin du vol car l'avion a subi trop de contraintes (bah voyons) En fait l'avion est super mais uniquement si on est qualifié dessus dans la vraie vie, sinon pour les débutants il vraiment très, trop, exigeant à piloter.
    BeautifullY made plane, inside and outside alike. I love to fly it because it requires almost constant attention from the pilot, imho ideal for a simulator (else, I would get bored). After the update, the ILS issue was fixed, so the CRJ now behaves as expected. Difficult to master, but pure joy to fly once you do! Highly recommended.


    Enfin un vrai module pour MFS2020 !!! Le prix est élevé mais justifié (Deux avions pour le prix d'un ;-). Il faut un véritable apprentissage pour parvenir à maîtriser le CRJ 700 et son petit frère. La modélisation est superbe et le bruit des réacteurs est réaliste. Bon vol !
    Perfekt für Kurzstrecken. Sieht toll aus, das Flugmodell ist glaubwürdig und macht Spaß. Die Systemtiefe ist im Vergleich zu anderen FS2020 Fliegern sehr gut. Und da könnte das Problem liegen. Für Anfänger ist vieles nicht selbsterklärend und Mouseoveranzeigen gibt es nicht. Wer nicht davor scheut, sich Tutorials anzusehen oder sich einzulesen, wird viel Spaß haben. Klare Kaufempfehlung!
    Love this aircraft! Takes a little time to learn and not one to apply autopilot and head off for a coffee, at times it's like fighting a weasel, but once you get a grip and start to understand the flight model it is the aircraft to keep going back to.


    A very good aircraft. Many details in modeling, a good system depth and very nice features. Wasn't sure about buying but now I'm very happy about it. Finally a high-quality civil aircraft in MSFS.


    A marvelous product. Aerosoft was a little slower than some developers on releasing a SU5 patch, but when they did, they went all in. The plane performs flawlessly for me. I owned this in FSX, and it was ok. I owned the P3D version and it was a significant improvement when Aerosoft took over from DA. This latest version for MSFS is their magnum opus. Truly the best payware jetliner on the market for MSFS at this time. You can't go wrong with a purchase


    The best pulgin-aircraft now in MSFS.( Before Fenix release their A320 and PMDG release their 737). Purchase it and enjoy a detailed and full-functional regional jet.
    A very entertaining aircraft to fly. I think that Aerosoft made a good job with this CRJ. I,m looking forward to the 900/1000 version upgrade.


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